Skyrim Mods - Apocalypse Spell Package - Destruction, Alteration, and Illusion Spells

To see almost every spell individually, please see the two videos I made below.
Schools of Conjuration and Restoration
Brief overview with commentary/tactics

Mod Description:
Apocalypse Spell Package adds over 130 spells and effects for your Skyrim character to utilize. You can learn the spells by buying spell tomes off merchants, namely the court wizards in Whiterun, Blue Palace (aka Solitude), and Riften. To get the more powerful master versions of the spells, you must go to the Winterhold College.
For those that want to test out the spells without hunting them down, open the console (pressing the tilde key) and type psb (which stands for populate spell book). However, you will be given a bunch of "garbage" spells (like Wisp's Kiss) that do nothing. Most of these useless spells are from Vanilla Skyrim.

Apopcalypse Spell Package by Enai Siaion
If you enjoy his mod, don't forget to endorse his hard work! (File of the month, in my opinion)

The armor set I'm wearing - Iorveth Scoi'atel Armor

Other mods used
Imaginator (Using the Pixar Preset - lots of saturation)

ReAL Sun - my own sunglare mod

Note: I don't have anything against Ulfric Stormcloak. He just looked at me wrong the first time I met him.
  • Xtana Gaming

    8:21 what? he completely slipped past my pescisa. that wasn't a flashstep just now, it was a sonito.

  • ET ec

    get cheat room and u can have unlimited resources increase magic health and stamina extremely high

  • You and Me


  • Rogue

    some of the spell are great at stopping werewolf but not all, the shrink spell is ok, lol,when  a werewolf attack, it knock you to the ground and it wont let you get up, so you need a spell that would stop it dead.

  • StraightGod

    i find the destruction and the teleport one to be the most bad ass

  • ichschwoersosehr

    Is the mod balanced? Seems very op

  • Fear

    Who's house is that at 1:23

  • I sense a mystery

    How is teleporting or slamming someone into the ground an illusion spell? Should be in the alteration school, weird!

  • Hunter Hagen

    I like the illusion spells, they have interesting names as if they actually have history. It would be cool if they did have real reasons for their name. It reminds me of D&D spells.

  • haznil

    teleport with a loading screen? no thanks

  • Rafiq Harris

    does anyone know where I can find Xbox 360 mods

  • batcat dragonborn

    come on attack genar tullius!


    3 things. 1. u got to give the viewer time to read and at the least time to click pause inbetween clips to read. so annoying trying to pause when i have .4 seconds to do so..2. when u display the effects in white run your HUD was so low that u couldnt see the hp or anything of what the effect did. 3. was Pretty sick. favorite was the ice spike in a row infront of you. good vid

  • Semih Budak

    Most of them are overpowered and it makes game boring

  • Aye Time

    can the NPC's use this magic?

  • John Smith

    How are these spells balanced? Throwing enemies with your gaze sounds quite overpowered, unless they don't take much damage.

  • Joshua Seagondollar

    Remember, Sovngarde awaits and Talos smite you.

  • Fearless

    Can I h4x my PS2 with diz m0d? pls. i pay 4$.

  • AchtungFreud

    I really wish Enai'd added a squeaky voice change for the Shrink spell XD

  • Altair Raposo

    0:24 Who is flying now, bitch!See a Giant skyrocket = Vengence

  • dspsx

    The link takes me to the fucking nexus home. FUCK! I tried searching it myself it only came up with non english translations.

  • Rafiq Harris

    Is this for xbox 360

  • Nicholas Watson

    Demonstrating Ice spells on a Nord not the best candidate

  • EternalGaming

    Where do i find the spells?

  • gameplaycleimar

    what is best ,apocalypse mod or midas magic please answers

  • Luis Valle

    SLAM AT 9:31 its the ERMAC from MORTAL KOMBAT iconic move.

  • Manusia Biasa

    is something req here?

  • Caleb Sullivan

    I have this mod but I can't find all the spells I have 100 in all magic schools bought all the spells from the mages in winterhold yet I have less than half the spells seen in this video and the other one, even certain npcs have a bunch of spells that idk how to get, can someone plz explain to me why and how I can get the spells

  • TheRealGerbels

    2:15 scoiatel armor?

  • Meme King

    Why is mine not in English

  • Rafiq Harris

    but they aren't their for Xbox too

  • FunnyMan

    is that iorveth's outfit fron the second withcer game?

  • 2138Dude

    half of those spells are broken beyond balance, the other half is super good.

  • Infallible

    Alad's armagedon reminds me of that mission in oblivion that requires you to sneak in to a party and cast the spell that makes them nearly nude at the queen/prince (I don't remember) and or people partying and dining.

  • MVP6941

    what about the Entomb spell

  • Rafiq Harris

    you what I can tell when someone is a ass hole who don't think of what they say to a stranger on YouTube you didn't have call me a retard all you to say was there were no more for xbox

  • Josh Brightwell

    A lot of those spells seem really useful.

  • Artem Pushko

    4:41 Ulfric StormCOACK XDDD

  • Flavuseme Games

    Is it possible to get this mod through steam workshop?

  • X6800

    OH NO! It's Oofrick Stormmon! AHH!

  • yell0w

    why does it give you bounty for the Reach when you're in the bannered mare? You're in whiterun hold

  • Zach Garcia

    Xbox one does have apocalypse spells but not sure where to find spells like yours. Do I have to be at master level?

  • Cancer Police

    Stop complaining about how its broken. Its fucking magic, its supposed to be broken.

  • J 11

    Which of these spells could work for ps4?

  • P4nzerk93

    The spells remind me of oblivions spell creation, there are so many spells and luckily now they have diffirent animations. Too bad so many comments say they are op or broken.

  • JoeUseres

    unbalanced and bugged magic, i dont like...

  • KWN SquaD LepreShaun

    Ulfric is paranoid and has good reason. Only by beating back the weak imperials (which i LOVE <3 DOING!!!) will he calm down. :)

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