Skyrim Mods - Week 139 - Sabrina and Growing Up in Skyrim

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Intro by Fancypants:

Skysight - Simply Bigger Trees by fadingsignal
Sabrina-A stand-alone Mage Archer Follower by ilikeawp and qqending321
VioLens - A Killmove Mod by Reko
Growing Up in Skyrim - Alpha - WIP by MimiTheAlchemist
Gwelda Armor Pack UNP - UNPB by Deserter X

Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Sydney Eakins

    one of the tattoos is from Assassin's creed she is an assassin

  • Verona Bianchi

    You should review the ART collection by spookcrates on steam, and also thee merchants, class, and kill move perk mods.

  • Rodri Moir

    poppin bones everywhere

  • Ben Gurnett

    the lotr music in the backround is messing with my head

  • Nick Hart

    bounced on my boys d to this for hours

  • Eddy Girón

    hahaha!!!, this guy kills me: "Look, domestic abuse guys!" That's what happens when you try to jam your mouth into your mother's breasts; 99.99% of the time, you're gonna get the knife for doing that... so don't be an axxx.

  • MiYeon Kim

    I died at Paarthurnax's reaction

  • Nephi Henry

    3:25 so much blood! what mod?

  • Sodamnawesome

    if you saw some gamer poop,you would be traumatized by braith,I know I am...(in the video braith was basically, a Sloot,nothing more,nothing less)

  • Alex Elizabeth

    hell yeah i belong in the kitchen. its where the food is and the knifes... you know what I'm saying, knifes to cut you.....r food up and make you a hell'a nice meal. A meal which i poisoned........... with my love........... my love which is hate.i don't know where this is going... but my bet is its the bedroom, where you know what I'm going to do ;3 ......... sleep.

  • Royce Mydler

    Anyone else see the assassins symbol on Sabrina

  • CDR Simmons

    The farts thing was fuckin great.

  • Cameron Werner

    hey what graphics mods do you use

  • Yellow Fox

    The tattoo on her left arm is the symbol of the assassin's

  • Paul Smith

    not fus ro duh its fus ro fart

  • Sanguine Phantom

    Fartborn the one they fear- I'm Dead

  • CommunistSpyware

    wait did you just fucking shoot the annoying fan with a bow to a mammoth?. Fuck, time to sleep

  • lomhow1234

    hashtag before Henry's balls dropped and he moved to LA

  • Brooke Westermann

    Thats guy is his brother i think not hiS dad

  • Cody Volpe

    listen to this then listen to how mxr talks now...he was faking a deep voice in this video........

  • Emo Pikachu

    the "I yield, I yield" killed me at the begining

  • jade boswell

    how do u get the hot girl mods

  • Majin Majora

    holy shit I love when parthurnax just fuckin noped out XD


    But forget...tree size doesn't matter

  • Matthew Milliken

    I want that fart mod

  • Rhys Archer

    what is the spell mod at 2:52?

  • Josiah Ross

    yeah, one of Sabrina's tattoos is the Assassins Creed compass

  • Jonathan Carrillo

    "What's so special about Sabrina?" She has that Okami thing on her forehead

  • kairyu amin

    the little guy mod made my day XD

  • Modernoh - Gaming & More!

    Is that the adoring fan lol 7:56

  • TB Ninja

    5:53 best reaction XD

  • Ryan Temple

    you are the best mod reviewer and i hope you continue

  • Tony Hamilton

    Could you let me know if there is a console mod for Bows and Arrows and mods for different ladies clothes/armor that involves Heels and stockings/pantyhose.


    put sammy on the basket. and fly

  • RadiatedDalek

    I saw some Assassin's Creed tattoos on Sabrina.

  • Indestructible Gamer

    Guard might get nervous man approaches with his dick drawn (from the intro)

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