The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (PC) Review

My review for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the PC. I didn't have any mods installed. The bright colors are from the color correction during editing.

  • dragon rampage

    once i reach around lvl 50 my game crashes on xbox and i cant play it any more


    I've got the problem on PS3 where my game is so laggy because the save file size. It's so annoying!

  • Empire State Subies

    Since its almost 2017 have most of the bugs on the PC version been fixed?

  • Mike Bara

    Can not believe this game has been out three yrs and I still have yet to play it.. Must save up for a new pc.

  • Unkip

    I'm waiting for your fallout 4 review

  • frank nb

    That was a very good retrospective review. You brought up just about every point, had visual examples to prove your points and showcased some really cool features. This is my first TES game, and one I will play for years to come. Btw, I don't understand why people suffer so many bugs, I'm on my 08 Mbp using wine and have yet to see a character chopping invisible wood or floating npcs. It runs great.

  • Leo Drayton

    70 voice actors my ass......i hear the same 3 males and 2 female over and over and over

  • TomDeBomb101

    Just letting you guys know he tweaked the colour to make it look all bright happy and awful the graphics are NOT this bad.

  • jefferson HU3

    essa musica mim lembra legend online

  • AssaultSpam

    so why the fuck are you giving a review of 3 different elder scrolls games when I came here for skyrim? literally I could give less shits about how well morrowind and oblivion did fuck em Ive played em.

  • Nice Guy

    Getting it for the PC today, i'm so excited

  • Free kekistan

    The more I play skyrim the more I realise how lazy it sometimes is. Like half the time when I sneak attack something it glitches and that enemy does not die. What?

  • fucken potter play's

    guys did you know that the empire is the good side and the stormclockes are bad because ultric is working for thalmor

  • HDTrailers

    The only thing I thought of when I saw the dragon was  Emmet from Lego Movie yelling "DRAAAAAGOOOOOON!"

  • kathrene lazarev 2.0

    100% agree with this guy

  • Shadsters

    How Much FPS?GTX 980 4GB Hybrid GDDR5 Intel i7 4790k 4.0 GHz16Gb of Corsair Vengeance Gigabyte Z97X Gaming 3 Atx Motherboard(Ultra)

  • Jason

    wow this is the best review on skyrim as opposed to ign and gamespot and game trailers... but not too many people have seen it. That's too bad, it should have way more views than those guy's because it's a more comprehensive review.

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