Skyrim Mod Tool TES5EDIT : Cleaning your master files

Skyrim Mod Tool TES5EDIT : Cleaning your master files

This video is aimed at showing Skyrim mod user how to clean the official Bethesda master files using the TES5EDIT tool.

TES5Edit Cleaning Guide :
  • NotUsingMyName

    After doing this, it works ok-ish now... but the icon for a health potion is purple like the icon for poisons... any way to fix that?

  • Cryptic Blight

    I did this and I'm still crashing when I fast travel to places. Any ideas?

  • Toxic Phantom

    Hi Gopher. I'm having a slight problem with my Test5Edit program. Every time I load it to check the files for cleaning it takes FOREVER to load up my Extended Slider Colors mod I just don't want to dump out of the program & mess up the loading process for cleaning. Am I doing something wrong? Please, I need your help.Edit: I figured out what was wrong with my Test5Edit. The mod that I had for Extended Slider Colors was in the way & I had to end up deleting the mod.

  • If You Subscribe, A Child In Africa Will Receive A Pair of Man Bewbs

    Why did it delete my master files after the whole process?They're not in my data folder anymore.

  • Robert Rios

    Thank you for this guide.

  • MAzing87

    Excellent explanation of this amazing tool! Thank you!

  • Kjuzhren

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! <3|

  • Michael Diamond

    Friend i owe you a drink

  • Osiris Paradox

    what's the deal with dawnguard needing to be cleaned twice, even in SSE?4

  • TDLBallistic

    My Update.esm is GONE from Mod Organizer!! I did everything you said in the correct order! What happened!?

  • Jeezargo

    Thanks for the video, Gopher, you're awesome ^^

  • Mosby vlg

    can you help ne please my skyrim have suddenly so low graphics no matter settings . I try everything delete all mods mod organizer and all folders related to skyrim and redownload it and it still don´t help . I´m hopless can you help me

  • Porterhause Mod Reviews

    Once again Gopher your how to vids have proven to be invaluable. As a mod reviewer myself it's vital that I have a stable clean game and you have made it possible through all your how to vids! To use the American vernacular "YOU ROCK!"

  • Devallen Primo

    I donwloaded a ton of mod after i delete all my save in the game so that i can start from the beigining with the mod, im done with installing them and lauch SKSE and it crashed. will TES5EDIT help me with this?

  • Nikolaus Kotzinetsi

    Didn't work. Skyrim crashes still.

  • TheZorgonians

    Strange, I undelete and disable, apply filter for cleaning, and delete ITM records, but it doesn't save the results?

  • WakeUp

    Fantastic! Thank you very much! :)

  • The Real Dovahkiin Miraak

    Can you do this same thing for mods? or do i need to do another technique?

  • Ismar Sarajlic

    gdmn, tnx for this but you talk to much. just do whats needed.

  • Elie Adaime

    I hate to break this to you but it didn't work, i did exactly what you said, step by step and when i entered Mod Manager to see what happened, nothing changed plus it said that the following files : " Update.esm, Dawnguard.esm, HearthFires.esm & Dragonborn.esm " are deleted in the process, i even entered the file to make sure of it and yes they were, everything was for nothing plus how do i make the mods arranged by priority like in loot? Please someone help cause this game is driving me nuts and im about to break the CDs into pieces.

  • Chroma

    waited half hour and the update.esm doesn't load

  • Jack Straw

    Straight to the point, all the information in a video that's not 7 hours long. lol. Thanks Gopher!

  • VikingStreamTV

    Important question! (Please answer someone as I am about to add all my mods after a reinstall of my Windows)I noticed that Dawnguard did not need a clean, but what about the other .ESM file; Dragonborn.ESM?A quick answer would be most appreciated!-Dead

  • Neel Suthar

    Worked!!!Thanks a Lot.

  • OverlordAsch

    For those who are experiencing their master files being gone from their data folder using MO, it is because the new updated MO today is different than the one shown in the video. After cleaning the masterfile with the tes5edit, they are placed within the overwrite folder alongside their back up. Just create a mod out of those overwrite and name it like, "Dawnguard Esm - Clean" and place them all the way at the top. In otherword MO will be managing those clean esm. As long you have them in the MO it is fine to see the data folder without those esm. If it irk you that much, you can drag the back up esm rename them and place them in the data folder. TL;DR: When finish cleaning the masterfiles with tes5edit in MO , the files will be placed in overwrite, make a mod out of them and place them above in load right on the left pane.

  • Kureyon

    Can I use this for Skyrim SE?

  • Liam Higgins

    Hey GopherSo after I cleaned my masters it moved all me .esm files to the overwrite in MO. Is this going to be an issue?

  • Grey Crimson

    I did it right and still crashes....

  • VikingStreamTV

    Am I the first to notice that the length of this video is 13:37?? :-DGreat work here, Gopher!

  • InBedGamer

    woops just did all files at once excluding the ones LOOT said not to touch. Hope I didn't break anything.

  • Lisa Mckee

    What should I do if after I have ran the undelete and disable references and go to save and the box doesn't come up to where I can save?

  • Don Towery

    Was cool to see that someone besides me played Vampire the Masquerade on PC lol

  • BitterRoot

    I followed your instruction and I got this when using Tes5Edit: [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 1194, Removed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00[Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 1194, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00I got this on all my files. Is this alright or should I be worried?

  • Youtubeian Leader

    Skyrim crashes to the desktop so LOOT told me that there were issues with the Update.esm. I cleaned it and said there were no more issues. But when i play skyrim it keeps crashing. Would you know how to fix it?

  • TheDead One

    thank you for this video I have been needing to do this for awhile and could not find a very good guide again THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Unicorny

    umm i started this program cleaned the main skyrim.esm folder watched this video i gonna die now

  • Tito_Huanavacoa

    what happens if the names are not with colors?

  • Krooked Memes

    it doesnt let me right click on one of the dlcs

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