Skyrim Mod Tool TES5EDIT : Cleaning your master files

Skyrim Mod Tool TES5EDIT : Cleaning your master files

This video is aimed at showing Skyrim mod user how to clean the official Bethesda master files using the TES5EDIT tool.

TES5Edit Cleaning Guide :
  • Warrant Officer Rios

    Thank you for this guide.

  • In-Bed Gamer

    woops just did all files at once excluding the ones LOOT said not to touch. Hope I didn't break anything.

  • Lisa Mckee

    What should I do if after I have ran the undelete and disable references and go to save and the box doesn't come up to where I can save?

  • Cryptic Blight

    I did this and I'm still crashing when I fast travel to places. Any ideas?

  • Porterhause Mod Reviews

    Once again Gopher your how to vids have proven to be invaluable. As a mod reviewer myself it's vital that I have a stable clean game and you have made it possible through all your how to vids! To use the American vernacular "YOU ROCK!"

  • WakeUp

    Fantastic! Thank you very much! :)

  • Kureyon

    Can I use this for Skyrim SE?

  • If You Subscribe, A Child In Africa Will Receive A Pair of Man Bewbs

    Why did it delete my master files after the whole process?They're not in my data folder anymore.

  • The Real Dovahkiin Miraak

    Can you do this same thing for mods? or do i need to do another technique?

  • VikingStreamTV

    Important question! (Please answer someone as I am about to add all my mods after a reinstall of my Windows)I noticed that Dawnguard did not need a clean, but what about the other .ESM file; Dragonborn.ESM?A quick answer would be most appreciated!-Dead

  • BitterRoot

    I followed your instruction and I got this when using Tes5Edit: [Removing "Identical to Master" records done] Processed Records: 1194, Removed Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00[Undeleting and Disabling References done] Processed Records: 1194, Undeleted Records: 0, Elapsed Time: 00:00I got this on all my files. Is this alright or should I be worried?

  • Tito_Huanavacoa

    what happens if the names are not with colors?

  • TheZorgonians

    Strange, I undelete and disable, apply filter for cleaning, and delete ITM records, but it doesn't save the results?

  • Kjuzhren

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! <3|

  • Jack Straw

    Straight to the point, all the information in a video that's not 7 hours long. lol. Thanks Gopher!

  • Christopher Skyrim

    Is this still necessary for moding? im new to skyrim and pc gaming so i need help. should i still do this step?

  • Don Towery

    Was cool to see that someone besides me played Vampire the Masquerade on PC lol

  • R.E.D Scorpion

    I hate to break this to you but it didn't work, i did exactly what you said, step by step and when i entered Mod Manager to see what happened, nothing changed plus it said that the following files : " Update.esm, Dawnguard.esm, HearthFires.esm & Dragonborn.esm " are deleted in the process, i even entered the file to make sure of it and yes they were, everything was for nothing plus how do i make the mods arranged by priority like in loot? Please someone help cause this game is driving me nuts and im about to break the CDs into pieces.

  • Nikolaus Kotzinetsi

    Didn't work. Skyrim crashes still.

  • EmDatSavage

    Excellent explanation of this amazing tool! Thank you!

  • Michael Diamond

    Friend i owe you a drink

  • Devallen Primo

    I donwloaded a ton of mod after i delete all my save in the game so that i can start from the beigining with the mod, im done with installing them and lauch SKSE and it crashed. will TES5EDIT help me with this?

  • Youtubeian Leader

    Skyrim crashes to the desktop so LOOT told me that there were issues with the Update.esm. I cleaned it and said there were no more issues. But when i play skyrim it keeps crashing. Would you know how to fix it?

  • VikingStreamTV

    Am I the first to notice that the length of this video is 13:37?? :-DGreat work here, Gopher!

  • TheDead One

    thank you for this video I have been needing to do this for awhile and could not find a very good guide again THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Chroma

    waited half hour and the update.esm doesn't load

  • Osiris Paradox

    what's the deal with dawnguard needing to be cleaned twice, even in SSE?4

  • Liam Higgins

    Hey GopherSo after I cleaned my masters it moved all me .esm files to the overwrite in MO. Is this going to be an issue?

  • Krooked Memes

    it doesnt let me right click on one of the dlcs

  • Ismar Sarajlic

    gdmn, tnx for this but you talk to much. just do whats needed.

  • NotUsingMyName

    After doing this, it works ok-ish now... but the icon for a health potion is purple like the icon for poisons... any way to fix that?

  • Grey Crimson

    I did it right and still crashes....

  • Toxic Phantom

    Hi Gopher. I'm having a slight problem with my Test5Edit program. Every time I load it to check the files for cleaning it takes FOREVER to load up my Extended Slider Colors mod I just don't want to dump out of the program & mess up the loading process for cleaning. Am I doing something wrong? Please, I need your help.Edit: I figured out what was wrong with my Test5Edit. The mod that I had for Extended Slider Colors was in the way & I had to end up deleting the mod.

  • Mosby vlg

    can you help ne please my skyrim have suddenly so low graphics no matter settings . I try everything delete all mods mod organizer and all folders related to skyrim and redownload it and it still don´t help . I´m hopless can you help me

  • Unicorny

    umm i started this program cleaned the main skyrim.esm folder watched this video i gonna die now

  • Neel Suthar

    Worked!!!Thanks a Lot.

  • TDLBallistic

    My Update.esm is GONE from Mod Organizer!! I did everything you said in the correct order! What happened!?

  • Jeezargo

    Thanks for the video, Gopher, you're awesome ^^

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