VAULT-TEC SLAVERY - Fallout 4 Mods - Week 47

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Enhanced Lights and FX by Anamorfus
Starlight is Bright Again by greekrage
Drunken Gnomes - The Gnomepocolypse by chucksteel
Swinging Animated Meat Bags by steve40
TheKite's Vault-Tec Slave Suit by Th3Kite and Niero
Nameplates - Floating Healthbars by Expired6978
Power Armor HUD - paHUD by Gopher
  • Hypesauce

    Has Bethesda sold out?

  • Jonathan Morales

    Why does this sound like pewdiepie

  • Lewinham

    The realistic institute lighting looked lovely.

  • Carnell Jackson

    Holy shit ur intro is lit

  • ffirth1

    I wish Sony wasn't such a bitch...

  • GlassDeviant

    That should have been a Fo4 radio song (and Fo3, FNV) ... "Swinging Bloody Testicles"

  • Sherry Shackelford

    how come leafyishere hasn't roasted this guy yet

  • tyren dahley

    13:08 there is a Nuka cola quantum on the shelf

  • Waldy500

    You know what I do with Fallout 4 mods?I DON'T PLAY FALLOUT 4 OMG WATCH OUT I'M AN EDGE LORD


    This guys mod videos are really damn funny. Don't even have a pc that can run fallout 4 and can't use any of the mods. Already watched 4 episodes!!

  • Josh Bloom

    hey mxr i mad a set of power armor xo9 igot it in my load order but wont show up in game:(

  • Sir. Lord Royale

    This guy sounds like PweDiePie

  • Kaleb Daven

    Ha he said 48 but the tittle says 47😂

  • YaBoiEnglish

    The light makes it from a survival to a survival horror

  • Fin Jay

    isnt the projector and film intro that loops already in the gane

  • MJDG

    This nibba sounds like pewdiepie

  • joe dh

    Actually pull a gun on Todd Howard Then pull a trigger

  • mista2244

    nice Hodgetwins shoutout lol

  • un mog

    Oh, I thought this was going to talk about the devious skyrim mods ported to Fallout, oh well :p

  • Michael Gillette

    I know an intro with proper music when I see one, and this, is a proper intro mate! Good job!!!!

  • Jules Boslough

    I don't even notice the power armor gauges anymore because I'm too squishy w/o it so I always wear it

  • CrossbyIsToasty

    Who needs power armor when you can barge in a land full of death claws wielding a Deliverer? :3

  • Eastwood007x

    What's the song playing at 5:30?

  • Allen Walker

    Holy shit these mods are like fucking shit. You bitch, show me real and good mods bitch.

  • Deluxe Miles

    Dance mods I need to see some twerking

  • Mr. Widestmouth

    Why did your intro play again in the middle of the video?

  • Decapitated Monkey Penis

    this game is gunna be sick in 3-4 years

  • Radscoripion8494

    It sounds like Pewds. Is it?

  • nick shaffer

    Ive been trying for two days to get the vault tech slave suit to work and it keeps making me invisible >.<


    that intro and your content are great new subscriber

  • Adrian Carrasco

    Hey dude. Can you make a video that show some badass mods for fallout 4 ps4

  • Sean Mcadam

    Hey bro I'm a big fan of your YouTube channel is wish I could play with mods because I didn't know they were coming out for Xbox one

  • Epileptic Jello

    11:02 whats that sound

  • RedHot Mods

    Does this make the game more needy like power needy? The lighting fx

  • Lewinham

    How do I get this realistic lighting and textures mod? It looks so cool.

  • Infinite Singularity Of Wisdom

    Your video's were way better before the adpocalypse"Me and my penis are exited for this mod"

  • Cadence Wiley

    why does his voice sound like pewdiepie

  • TecTheory

    Hey dude just found this channel and got to say I really appreciate the time in the production and editing and don't get me started on music!! GREAT JOB! YouTube needs more creators like this. I don't even play this game but have been hooked on these vids.

  • Julinator

    Dion hype!!! \(^-^)/ hype hype hype!!!

  • Eric Rogers

    Hey PewDiePie that's who u are

  • XXXwolf green day

    Love your intro good


    im just too horny right now

  • TheGreatGamer

    I can just hear pewdiepie in his voice

  • Bruh Nah

    you sound like pewdiepie?

  • MJ3K

    Don’t you mean week 47

  • Aaron Gawthrop

    by far one of the best intros to a channel ive seen

  • youtube account youtube

    That’s the doppoest intro

  • killer Xbox 100

    What’s the song played at the end ?

  • Cody Cox

    What is the song playing in the background @10:10? Plz, someone has to know!!!

  • Ethonal 2

    Holy shit that intro is amazingI'm subscribing

  • Lewinham

    The character looks much less realistic.

  • Chillbot17

    I actually added a mod that makes the power armor hud opaque instead

  • evan kelln

    What face enhancer are ya rocking dude? I've been seeing it for a while and I've always wondered what it was.

  • Lewinham

    Is the enhanced texture of your character also a result of the improved light and fx mod you mentioned in the video?

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