VAULT-TEC SLAVERY - Fallout 4 Mods - Week 47

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Enhanced Lights and FX by Anamorfus
Starlight is Bright Again by greekrage
Drunken Gnomes - The Gnomepocolypse by chucksteel
Swinging Animated Meat Bags by steve40
TheKite's Vault-Tec Slave Suit by Th3Kite and Niero
Nameplates - Floating Healthbars by Expired6978
Power Armor HUD - paHUD by Gopher
  • ShadowCat

    Gnome place like home,

  • Josue F

    Why aren't these mods in the damn game from the start!!

  • DLCShadowHeart Lord of Domination

    To everyone who thinks the Vault-Tec outfit is not lore friendly, you clearly don't know about Vault 69. I guarantee that that outfit was standard issue for all 999 female inhabitants, however the single guy in their had a different, more standard design because "reasons" (not that he would be wearing it all that often wink-wink)

  • Unprofessional Live Streaming Khajiit

    I downloaded the texture pack for Skyrim, and it either doesn't work for me, or it's just useless.

  • Exsert Writer

    He almost sounds like PewDiePie

  • ChickenGaming

    We all know what we came for....... Animated meat bags!

  • FerrisAirsoft

    Jesus, why is pewdiepie narrating.

  • TheGreyGhostGamer TGGG

    At the Starlight Drive In there already is a projector at the top of the stairs it's in the vanilla game

  • Nimbl

    If i use Enhanced Lights and FX is an ENB still necessary? or recommandable?

  • Vortex GAMING


  • WetDogBed

    ya thats what i want in enhanced lighting mods, i want to be forced to get a shitload more mods to fix the lighting that guy fucked up with his one mod.

  • Deutsche Hierarchie

    The power armor hud mod made me facepalm a bit. "I might be missing vital items on the corner of my screen." You know an easy way to fix that without using a mod? Just slightly turn your head in the correct direction dumbass!

  • Hernan Iturriaga

    I'm living in the US and it doesn't let me register with paypal. It won't take my debit card otherwise I think. Suggestions?

  • Red Wyrm

    Is it just me, MxR sound super tired in this episode, like: "why am i even keep doing this?"

  • Mason The Fighter

    Drunken Gnomes more like KillerKeemStar

  • Si1ver Acc.

    You sound alike Pewds lol

  • Maggie Jøseph-Dun

    who is he and is he swedish

  • Angelo Sena

    2:32 my eyes are having an orgasm right now

  • RedeyedCobra

    youtube doesnt pay mxr for being family friendly but they pay pewdiepie when hes not family friendly.>:(

  • Phantom SWE

    "thats right the best SKYRIM mod" wait though I was watching fo4

  • Jaythan Newby

    do you have the version of wanderer (intro) available on music platforms?

  • dundundada

    wish xbox had enhanced lights

  • Eljar Kalland-Berg

    you sound like pewds

  • Juber777

    Some solid mods there..

  • Lonny Moore

    several of those mods ill have too check out once i get a slim form vid card for my computer. sadly fallout 4 has grapics gliches if i try too run it on this built in card on my i7 system.

  • silvercrow

    Why are you trying to talk like pewdiepie?

  • Kris

    1:12 Introducing a mod for Fallout 4 "The greatest lighting that Skyrim has ever seen" lol.

  • Thisbro707

    Lol "slooty"

  • AirHead


  • El Bandito

    I watch this channel regularly, even though I never played Fallout 4.

  • Domestic_K9

    He likes to mention kinky shit and fetishes a lot.Maybe he's telling us something.....

  • Ryan O

    Did you call Vault Boy Pip-Boy, MxR? Pip-Boy?! NOT immersive!

  • C A Craft

    Hey MxR how do I get these Mods let me know thank you

  • coolgold157

    Okay, I love the intro! Great job!

  • vinny sorrell


  • Shocklates

    swallow your spit dog

  • Frances Santana

    you sound like pewdiepie

  • Titus Bruticus

    Still haven't finished this god damn game!

  • stephen lee

    why do you sound like pew die pie

  • Spongebabule TM

    You sound like Pewdiepie sometimes.

  • Parker Lavanway

    "lore expert"

  • Clayton Paepke

    yes finally subscribed

  • OmegaFart

    This was immersive as fug.

  • Retro Gaming

    that vault slave suit damn thats sexy wish i had it for new vegas

  • Rogue Ross

    Did pewdiepie make a new channel?

  • bog 77

    9:08 nice hodgetwins reference

  • Nayuko

    9:49 The kids "Wtf is there a almost naked lady in our classroom"

  • Windoge8

    This guy is fucking awesome

  • ork warbozz okazz

    still waiting for keemstar OH SHIT

  • JayIceColdD

    That thumbnail of Piper tho...

  • Orange Zipline

    There are "hi-res" lighting/ graphic mods in every one of your videos

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