BECOME A DAEDRIC PRINCESS - Skyrim Mods - Week 219

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ESO Skyshards by Arthmoor
Spellsword by BusinessGoose
Daedric Princess Nox - Skin Texture for Custom Race by ZwabberdieBo
Apachii Divine Elegance Store by Apachii and Urshi
  • FearPovertyVideos

    you sound like PewdiePie

  • J W

    6:27 what mod are the female stormcloaks using for their armor?

  • Valynaz Valkynaz

    "no creepy but all the homo" someone please make that a quote for their yearbook

  • Hollow Productions

    I love hearing bleach music in random videos

  • J. Corban Murphy

    Meridia is a female prince.

  • Joel Gawne

    "Because you know...women make just as good soldiers as men"Me laughing uproariouslyFor those who don't know, Nox was the Greco-roman godess representing night, a perfect fit for a deadric princess, I applaud the modder's knowledge.

  • Knorbie. exe

    triggeredok, time to watch the video

  • Baron Lam

    i know its all a big joke and all, but the stormcloaks were always racists. its kinda obvious the moment you step foot in windhelm.

  • rax2200

    this bleach music tho

  • Satan of Hell

    Loki God of evil. Freja ( I'm guessing ) is hinting at freya a the God of love, also wife to Frey god of growth extreme tempatures, sailors fisherman and boats, and even more.

  • Cameron Larsen

    "UUNP only has like 4 armors"on nexus maybe. google wtfuun's tumblr and the bodyslide list v3 on LL (inb4 underage make a snarky remark about LL)It has almost as many armors as CBBE bodyslide, and unlike CBBE still has fairly active development.

  • Alduin Paathurnax

    For the DIVERSE SKYRIM mod Jesus Christ i was an orc and sure I got Sanguinare Vamprisim so I don't f*cking get it

  • masked demon

    how can i make my character look like loki

  • Adaept Zulander

    For the Daedric princess, why do you need the Colorful Magic mod?

  • David Forbush

    dude what armor is in the vid pic

  • Big Ray


  • NightRiserX 1

    07:07 you mean who's best to be raped by molag'bal

  • Blazey Kat

    how the fuck did you kill those satanic children?

  • leo

    is he secretly pewdiepie

  • Essex Class

    Came back to say: whats with the comments taking a parody/joke seriously XD

  • Ethan Rolen

    why not a boy no body is a boy

  • Wicked Babushka

    Skyrim is indeed racist

  • Ev Hall

    daedra do have genders because if you have rebuild winterhold then you will meet a daedra woman.

  • Big Ray

    A lot of noobs are spell-swords. Am a rite?

  • Simmrdspice

    By the way, what does YOUR altar to Todd Howard look like?

  • Calvin Flippo

    They're all called Princes.

  • HtheFallenSon 69

    "The Imperial Legion: the appitome (idk how it's spelled) of racism and bigotry" That is 100% false lore wise seeing as the Imperial Legion is the most diverse fighting force on Nirn but whatever

  • Princess Dingus

    I wish there were other kid races

  • Dedicance Archangel

    That Khajiit's big ass personality...

  • Bryn McConnell

    you get perms for your hair not your nails

  • Flaming Spirit

    someone translate mxrs "roll the intro* in the skyrim dragon tongue please

  • lasse espø

    see the funny thing is that daedric princes are kinda gender neutral cuz they can be big titted demon like daedras when they want and big dicked princes when they also want

  • Yuno the Yandere

    I love the intro, does anyone know the song? Or is it personally made?

  • Dawid van der Merwe

    Is it just me , or do you like need a uni degree in modding to get the deadric princess mod to work properly...

  • StyledMoth

    Mxr I hire my lawn mower to use my Mexican to mow my lawn everyday

  • Killer Penguin

    Anyone notice that he didn't say anything bad about Chinese/ Japanese people or whatever he is?

  • Nathaniel McGuire

    fuck you're​ fucken hilarious just earned a new sub

  • xCaptainTJx

    The only thing that triggered me in this video was the fact you used the term daedric princess.... deadra have no gender and are called "prince" regardless

  • gidrix ascension

    and we thought the stones of barenzaih was a bitch (probably spelled that wrong)


    actually eso is canon ;)

  • Harry Ormaechea

    what body slider mod does he use

  • Lauren Wadyko

    Yo, weird question, but what vanilla armor replacer mod does he use? I cannot find it for the life of me =P

  • Ryan Newell

    Daedra can choose to be any gender, they are all called Princes, even Boethia transfers between Dickthia and Bovagthia its all down to their mind, snowflakes will love it cause gender really is a construct for the Daedra.

  • Foul Mood Central

    (downloads Nord's only stormcloak version)......

  • Christian milan

    I really want to know what music is being played at 7:01 plis :)

  • masked demon

    how can i make my character look like loki

  • Michelle Sanctuary

    "yes, jimi, please stay quiet, we want to listen to MxR's darkest & wildest dreams into Skyrim harem"

  • Harley Quinn

    Grab ur vasline how do u spell that 😂

  • vebbsify

    whats the armor mod in the thumbnail?

  • Time Forest

    "Especially Loki, with his long luscious hair" xD

  • Gamer Phantom Bot

    Who the hell is Jimmy?

  • Necrom

    The daedric princess mod misspronounced dremora, I believe.

  • mrmc

    how is eso not canon?

  • Kyle Thomas

    I thought Argonians couldn't become vampires, because it is a disease, which they are immune to?

  • William Mcbride

    wow such a cute woman nice job boi

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