BECOME A DAEDRIC PRINCESS - Skyrim Mods - Week 219

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ESO Skyshards by Arthmoor
Spellsword by BusinessGoose
Daedric Princess Nox - Skin Texture for Custom Race by ZwabberdieBo
Apachii Divine Elegance Store by Apachii and Urshi
  • Izula

    What are the different guard armors that keep popping up?

  • Chloe Roberts

    He sounds like pewdiepie

  • FriendlyAssassinVids

    I'm playing SE and it's extremely rare if one of these mods isn't ported to 64 bit already, so I'm not at all disappointed that the SE series is on hiatus.

  • andrew l98

    daedric are basically God's and choose what they look like to mortals

  • MrIhatemakinusername

    I laughed so hard I spat pretzel bits on my screen when he said my mom wasn't immersive.

  • accelink

    lmfao no creepo but all of homo

  • Aidan Paschka

    I can't access the mods pls help I'm kind of pissed of

  • Sharpandpointless

    Damn bleeding heart Imperials! #MakeSkyrimGreatAgain #SkyrimBelongsToTheNords

  • Alarica theCat

    You make me laugh so god damn hard. I fucking love you man.

  • Salem Andrada

    Funnily enough, I've never played a spellsword. Actually, I've barely even touched the magic system. Just stealth and archery for me.

  • Justin McKinley

    I need to know... what armor mod is that in the opening :o I need it for my dashing rogue

  • AncientWolfGirl

    Is that pewdiepie talking?

  • Rathalos Nightshade

    Are there daedric wings to go with my daedric armour and great sword

  • tom

    and then he got the runs

  • Tori Wilson

    where are the "redgaurds"

  • Nagara Miraki

    This sounds like pewdiepie lol

  • juniper._.berries

    Lol you sound like jacksfilms

  • MountainRain

    I know he was joking about 'nord' privilege and affirmative action, but he still annoyed the hell out of me XD

  • kapitan plantageneta

    it's the Daedra, you see

  • kennyp

    unsub. thumbs down for political comments by mxr.

  • bigfriki

    Are you using some kind of "big boobs mod" or sth? (I have no idea)

  • Sam Vrieze

    actually, most daedric princes are actually female. ie. vaermina

  • Derick Cruz

    It's bs that you tube won't pay u anymore this channel is my main info broker lol

  • sonic6714

    wish i could see these on the xb1 or ps4 D: rip console users

  • cuckling

    what armor is he wearing when he is talking about the skyshards?

  • Melonberry Queen


  • Invictus Valkyrius

    What is the song that starts around 2:45? Bitte und danke!

  • Wubbadubdub

    "Easily triggered" You mean.. Tired as fuck of sexist shit? :D

  • Mazewalker

    Actually ESO is Canon

  • Crim Jack

    ur outro reminds me of when i would wake up to my dads loud ass alarm on his phone

  • ejp4959

    LOL 11:35 that guard wants some lmao

  • ACStasis

    Trump isn't racist :^)

  • DEATH WOLF 771

    Stormcloaks why don't you have no black people...I mean uh redgaurds

  • Emp Hirohito

    can you stop with the clickbait ?

  • W. Vilmos

    And what if I don't have vaseline?

  • Singa Heats

    I just realized he sounds like pewdie pie

  • Heero yuy

    i really wish someone besides MXR would make videos like this for skyrim and fallout with out slutty mods being featured,but instead show off new quests,locations,story,dungeons, and good none slutty armor mods

  • Katelyn Wiegand


  • Harley Quinn

    Grab ur vasline how do u spell that 😂

  • Chance Young

    is it just me, or does this guy sounds like pewdiepie..

  • Lap15 La7ul1

    Somebody: No HomoMe: ALL OF THE HOMO!!!!!!

  • Trotem

    There are no daedric princesses because daedric princes are technical genderless

  • BytemeVV -

    They need to mod crystals see through or translucent because those are not immersive

  • Turner371

    Jokes about deleting the video, has to delete the very next one xD

  • Matthew Bryant

    Are these mods just for pc?

  • straightUpspicybanana

    11:05 whats that hairstyle from? mod plz? it only shows for a very short time but stil

  • Raspberry Mint

    What's the robe mod at 12:42

  • DEATH WOLF 771

    Stormcloaks why don't you have no black people...I mean uh redgaurds

  • NoManGamers

    "uhhhhhhh No creepo, but all the homo" - MxR Mods 2017

  • Arbiter arbiter5

    there are "girl" daedric princes but daedric princes aren't male or female they don't have a gender.

  • Winter Wolf

    dadra are genderless they can be male or female

  • Epic Gamer

    May dat butt become fatter and my stomach become flatterAmen

  • Jace Byers

    hey MxR i found a mod you might like it is called Double Diano

  • Gamer Phantom Bot

    Who the hell is Jimmy?

  • Reese Phillips

    I just come here to see the thumbnail lmao

  • Cry0

    Whats that’s armor mod that the box have in diverse skyrim?

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