The Best Way to Mod Skyrim

The most optimal way to create a crash-free Skyrim.

Mod Organizer by Tannin

TES5Edit by ElminsterAU
  • Righteous Games

    Damn, my plugins were dirty af...

  • Lawrence Gutierrez

    Mine is false and cant change it, help?Ah found it, it was a small bar that I needed to change

  • Angelica Henry

    im to fucking stupid for this lmao everytime ill need to do somthing im going to have to watch the video and do it at the same time lol

  • Dragebein Dragebein

    What i like about mod organizer is that it does not take a thousand clicks to install

  • Princess Dekobi

    The 30sec tutorial for TES5 Edit starts at 3:05... Now i can just click the time in comments instead of rewinding and misclicking on the screen all the time. : p

  • GregGore

    Thanks bud, fucking legend!

  • AdelphiaaGaming

    Thank you so much! this made things so much cleaner for me to mod Skyrim with, subbed :)

  • Enigma

    Bro, no wonder you crash so much. You're not supposed to clean all mods since some require dirty files to work properly.

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