[SKYRIM] Puzzle Guide - Saarthal Ruins & the Second Set of Symbol Pillars/Mouths

Such a long title...but there's no other way to really describe it. For the puzzle, ignore the first set of mouth symbols. Start spinning the four pillars and see what controls what. Do them in order from what has the most control downwards to what has the least control. Puzzle solved!


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  • Christopher Black

    Why are there dislikes on this video? It literally shows how to solve a problem really quickly and correctly. I just got on my Nintendo switch Thanks Nims!

  • Forbidden_Sun

    You make everything look easy!

  • Zientiic

    It still wont work after over an hour : {

  • grimey 5.56

    Nice video. This one had me stumped for a bit.

  • Zientiic

    It still wont Fuckn werk

  • Thomas Nedin

    This really helped,great content

  • 6Q4 Ninja

    Whale, snake, hawk...where tf have u ever seen a seal with a head like that?!

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