Minecraft - How to Make a Portal to AMAZING WORLD of GUMBALL

We build a portal to the Amazing World of Gumball dimension in Minecraft! Can Darwin, Anais, Nicole & Richard Watterson stop Spikezilla?
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This is a Roleplay series, keep in mind it's a funny parody / comedy, made to entertain! Let us know any dimension YOU want us to travel to, who to craft and which mods to use!

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  • Samuel Alexander


  • Ferdinand Palaganas

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  • Josh Santos

    The amazing world of gumball for me

  • Dhruv Dhruv

    mango tango vs gumball

  • 5103tasha

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  • Josh Santos

    The amazing world of gumball

  • MangoTango

    Can we SMASH 5,000 LIKES for MORE Minecraft How to Make a Portal videos?! Hope YOU all enjoy The Amazing World of Gumball Adventure and lemme know if YOU want to see MORE Gumball videos TOO! Tell us any Dimension YOU want us to go to or any ideas for NEW videos! And check out my FULL PLAYLIST HERE!: http://bit.ly/MinecraftHowToMakeAPortalPlaylistQOTD: Who is YOUR Favorite Gumball Character?! (And what is YOUR Favorite Cartoon / Anime?!)

  • Denton Scott

    Make. a. Portal. to. Liam. Home

  • Pixel-Gamer YT

    I’d rather the amazing world of gumball

  • Putu Vid Erata

    Gumball and the robot and darwin

  • Shadow Flame

    I'm your biggest fan

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