Skyrim Mod Spotlight| Body mods

The first episode of Skyrim Mod Spotlight, in which Tom looks at four body mods for females.
WARNING: This video may cause trouser tightening

Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition

SeveNBase body mod

UNPB body mod

DreamGirl body mod
  • 99magick

    if do more skyrim mod shows you have my sub

  • The Geeks Guild

    Guys, just to let you know that the teaser at the end of this video is now useless. I've decided to ignore the fetish mods as there is fucked up shit on the internet for this game (one made me physically sick). Instead the next episode will be armour mods

  • MessengerOfTruth

    First used CBBE when I got Skyrim.  Then I went to ADEC (Caribbean) ... which you don't feature here.  I tried the 7B because of the Tera armors, but, it lacks the Caribbean "assets" so I went back to ADEC.  Been happy with it all this time, but I like that fact that Tera armors are for male AND female.  Like to dress up my follower to compliment what I wear ... but 7B lacks the curviness of ADEC Caribbean.Think I messed something up because the EYEBROWS do not show on my main female chars.

  • ShadowStep 715

    Is this for all NPC???

  • Quinn Howard

    You finally get around to one that doesn't have freakishly large breasts, and it's got monster feet.

  • Jhon Reik

    This video may cause trouser tightening

  • AlintheBAWS73 bruh

    "WARNING: This video may cause trouser tightening"I died laughing XD


    This guy sounds like TheGamingLemon!

  • ironmonkey349

    today, you just download bodyslide 2 and you got all the bodies ever made, then chose for normal/bbp/tbbp/hdt and you are ready xD as simple as that, just take armors and skin texture that work with the one you took and its gg

  • KittySuger Bell99

    Excuse me can someone tell me if I can get the tbbp animation on steam? If so what is it called?

  • AcceptMePlz

    You gotta tell me the name of the music. It sounds beutiful.

  • skullz blue

    how do i get mods for free if there is a way i would love to know

  • Mistysprings

    its more fun to have them btw ;)

  • Monkology

    b***h this is a game

  • Dude Pakas

    Is that a gore mod at the start? What is its name?

  • Potato R

    It's Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition.

  • Emanuel1l

    I actually preferred dream girl over cbbe. Might try out unp

  • Jackson Vladimir

    "trouser triggering"

  • Florisjan Vanderlast

    are you playing this on a potato

  • The Geeks Guild

    Channel will be back soon, so keep your eyes out!

  • Emanuel1l

    How to get the movement

  • The Geeks Guild

    Hey guys, no videos recently, so here's one. should tell you why hopefully.

  • Cleo Tsavan

    hey, you said this mods apply to all npc, are they gonna be all look the same like facial features,hairstyle? is there newer version of these mods that disables the older female to change? just asking..tnx

  • JennyLucy BooBoo

    if you want to use the Dream Girl Body Mod then you also have to get Texture or hi res texture mods 

  • Jacob Frye

    The mod sevenbase body mod Included are sexy movement

  • Kid Mushroom

    "Breasts hiss hiss"

  • Sashi Lemtor

    plz upload the files.....cnt download frm nexus cos of adult contain.

  • Jessica Jewell

    You should stop giving your opinion on realistic looking breasts

  • GoombaJames

    what is the mod for seeing your body in first person

  • jskull1986

    That music is way to loud.

  • Daniel Zonneveld

    they all dont work ( the link )

  • mark dawson

    hey fella hows it goin could you poss provide a link/name for the player abode you mention during the 1st body type section it isnt that clear what you say...great review all in all though better than some of the robotic script reader reviewers out there....thanks

  • Marvin Schenker

    the first thing i see is laaaaaaaaag

  • Patrick Waldeck

    could you make a video with better picture quality please

  • The Geeks Guild

    ATTENTION LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: This is coming back! I know, Fallout 4 has come out now so the whole Skyrim modding scene is pretty redundant now. However, I think it would be nice if we gave the old gal a good send off. Coming at the end of this week (hopefully) is THE GREATEST SKYRIM MODS OF ALL TIME

  • Zxylo 5

    Seven n base + HDT fisics = Clap clap clap fap fap fap

  • multifandom______

    do you think you can do a tutorial on how to properly install these? they never work for me

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