Skyrim: Top 10 Magic Mods

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Deadly Spell Impacts

Fire and Ice Overhaul

Immersive Spells and Light

Spell Charging and Chaining

Wrath of Nature - Path of a Druid

Immersive College of Winterhold



Forgotten Magic Redone

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim

Honourable Mentions:
Immersive Sounds -


Ultimate HD Fire Effects

Intro/Outro Music:
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  • Logan Morris

    fire and ice overhaul isent on the nexus anymore, is there another mod?

  • buder5

    now i want those mod for special edition xDdamn they didn't release skse for SE :S

  • Jason Gaylord

    most of them i cant find on the nexus

  • Thadiun Okona

    Almost all of these aren't on Xbox one ;(

  • Nemo Cat

    Will other NPCs will use magic from apocalypse?

  • Steve Witham

    Mighty Magick Skyrim - Won't play skyrim without this anymore. I am hoping some of these will be compatible!

  • Zer0

    Are these mods compatable with each other?

  • TheJediDoc

    Woah woah woah! Watch the magic!

  • Indy Ekpe

    where can i get the fire and ice overhaul?

  • Adoring Fan

    Fire and ice overhaul got taken down

  • Frankie Duke

    Warning: Immersive college of winterhold requires the dawnguard, dragonborn, AND hearthfore DLCs ;-;

  • Sheep TV

    Man, Skyrim is so near and dear to my heart but mods make it 10 times better

  • DiScoStuR9

    Is there replacement for fire and ice overhaul?

  • BjaZ

    What was the name of the spell here 8:42

  • Tuke

    My skyrim keeps on crashing once i have downloaded these mods

  • nobody important

    Just so you know, the ice and fire mod author is an upjumped drama queen who constantly started fights with his users, and demolished the gameplay because balance would clash with his artistic vision.He removed all his mods because hillary didn't win the election. If you still want the mod, get it at the modpiracy subreddit

  • Caleb Gyolson


  • to stupid for a Name

    your spells look so good is it the texture mod? 8:30 for example the charging in your hand

  • RogueTrident

    Are there any immersive spell combat mods? it looks boring the way the player model shoots spells from his hands so it would be pretty cool if there were different combat models for magic

  • tahlia Meier

    ice can be used to walk on water

  • Jerrynn Greenblade

    The Fire and Ice mod is hidden on nexus, does anyone know how long it has been like that and when/if it will be back?

  • The NexusVlogs

    One does not simple distinguish fires.

  • Frofets

    I would like to see a magic mod that simply made all magic many times more powerful, but also much rarer to find among people in the game, as well as tremendously harder for players to use.In the vanilla game, as well as with most of these mods, a fire explosion is still not even close to as powerful as a swing with a strong sword. I want magic to feel dangerous, scary and rare – not something you would expect to find among most gangs of bandits. I want magic to be rare enough that you could remember, "Wow. I saw a mage today!"

  • UnwrinkledRadar

    the last mod was badass

  • mojo123

    does this mod ONLY work on special edition or can you also use it on legendary edition? pls let me know.

  • steven ostrander

    what is the spell at 849

  • Lawndre4ya

    someones gotta make a good staff mod

  • T.J. Fountain

    I need help I can't stop modding but I don't stop watching Brodual. My computers starting to slow down...

  • Aden Grubb

    the fire and ice overhaul mod was removedddd help mehhh

  • Rj Westra

    I wish someone made a mod for a teleport spell, one that u could cast on the ground some distance away. Also a levitate spell would be cool

  • Addonexus TheDeestoyer

    Fire and ice overhaul got removed :(

  • Colin Buckley

    I wish you could be a half giant in skyrim

  • From Above

    the Fire and Ice Overhaul is hidden or blocked for me to download it... any fix for this?

  • Plox

    Some awesome spell mods are also the Shadow Spell Pack and Spectraverse(tied with a Quest or spell version)

  • عبدالله الشمري

    i need this mod but in skyrim special edition i need all this mods please give me

  • LowRig Gamer

    The animation sucks it kinda prevent from delving in to fantasy. I think the animation needs work.

  • Autistic Reign

    when Are they going to add more basic spells like water, earth, air, light and darkness... make a skill tree with them too

  • xXxAlmightyForcexXx

    Special edition compatible?

  • Imalil Scamp

    To bad their isn't a mod where u cast and a huge volcano erupts

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