Skyrim: Top 10 Magic Mods

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Deadly Spell Impacts

Fire and Ice Overhaul

Immersive Spells and Light

Spell Charging and Chaining

Wrath of Nature - Path of a Druid

Immersive College of Winterhold



Forgotten Magic Redone

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim

Honourable Mentions:
Immersive Sounds -


Ultimate HD Fire Effects

Intro/Outro Music:
CC BY 3.0 -
  • Mihael Šarić

    how is auto casting mod great a d fun :s? ironically it takes away the thing mages are most known for-thinking. it reduces skill requirement to 0, which is imo the greatest reason to play a mage character

  • Fidelis

    When I saw you block a path in a cave with ice my mind was obliterated.

  • Gaming 4 You

    Top 10 magic modsHonorable mentionsI m m e r s i v e s o u n d s

  • buder5

    now i want those mod for special edition xDdamn they didn't release skse for SE :S

  • SSK I

    i need this mod but in skyrim special edition i need all this mods please give me

  • 38th Meme Time Lord

    What, no Midas Magic?

  • Steve Witham

    Mighty Magick Skyrim - Won't play skyrim without this anymore. I am hoping some of these will be compatible!

  • Aden Grubb

    the fire and ice overhaul mod was removedddd help mehhh

  • Jason Gaylord

    most of them i cant find on the nexus

  • TheLaunchPadder

    mean while im still playing skyrim at 1fps on low settings

  • Logan Morris

    fire and ice overhaul isent on the nexus anymore, is there another mod?

  • Rj Westra

    I wish someone made a mod for a teleport spell, one that u could cast on the ground some distance away. Also a levitate spell would be cool

  • Ian Mayer

    Went to download fire and ice overhaul it's now hidden come on I wanted to download it

  • amir najafi

    Is it possible install all these 10 mods at the same time? Or it messes up the game?

  • Killith Sensei

    colorful magic is still the best for me

  • Colin Buckley

    I wish you could be a half giant in skyrim

  • The NexusVlogs

    One does not simple distinguish fires.

  • Indy Ekpe

    where can i get the fire and ice overhaul?

  • Tanner Lee

    I wish that these all were on special edition

  • hydraulic hydra

    Yay, frozen fans can roleplay as elsa with the ice xD

  • Adoring Fan

    Fire and ice overhaul got taken down

  • MartinoRedX

    ı cant use fucking smart casting

  • Frofets

    I would like to see a magic mod that simply made all magic many times more powerful, but also much rarer to find among people in the game, as well as tremendously harder for players to use.In the vanilla game, as well as with most of these mods, a fire explosion is still not even close to as powerful as a swing with a strong sword. I want magic to feel dangerous, scary and rare – not something you would expect to find among most gangs of bandits. I want magic to be rare enough that you could remember, "Wow. I saw a mage today!"

  • Collin Douglas

    But how do I get that sweet jig at the end, HOT DAMN!

  • Luckybird1185

    9. so i can be killer frost now? that's dope!

  • RogueTrident

    Are there any immersive spell combat mods? it looks boring the way the player model shoots spells from his hands so it would be pretty cool if there were different combat models for magic

  • Lawndre4ya

    someones gotta make a good staff mod

  • Reaper_main_

    Would some of these work on skyrim special?

  • Rodian

    That faggot took down Fire and Ice Overhaul since trump wonWhat a bitch...

  • thesieunissart

    You're the best Brodual

  • Rex Orbis

    Still don't know why empowered magic is not here.

  • xXxAlmightyForcexXx

    Special edition compatible?

  • Daniel Horszczaruk

    if someone want ice and fire mod ,on nexus is taken out here u go!


    How to do this graphics ????

  • Caine Walker

    I don't know of everyone else but I dont understand when people are given the choice to use a mystical force with infinite potential that can create different planes of existence (The planes of oblivion) they dont magic is quite amazing.

  • Caleb Gyolson


  • Carter Pryor

    I personally really like Wind Spells and Water spells. Spectraverse is pretty great as well.

  • Grant Walter

    Where do you go to start the Wrath of Nature trials and where do you get the spells for apocalypse

  • UKFB / Monster

    Apocalypse seems a bit flashy for my liking.

  • TheBig Family

    Nice video thank you my brother

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