Season 15, Episode 11 - Belly of the Beast | Red vs. Blue

Blocked by the Reds and Blues, Dylan decides to try and seek answers on her own. Sarge finally gets a shot at stardom. Join FIRST to watch episodes early:

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About Red vs. Blue Season 15:
A horrific string of violent attacks across space has triggered a galaxy-wide manhunt for the Reds and Blues. One intrepid reporter sets out to expose the truth, determined to find out what turned the Reds and Blues from hapless heroes to cold-blooded criminals. The investigation sets off an adventure filled with familiar faces, unexpected twists, and the exclusive of a lifetime.

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Season 15, Episode 11 - Belly of the Beast | Red vs. Blue
  • Rainbow Dash Cloudsdale

    "I was a oldman when your oldman was a youngman, youngman!" how old does that make Sarge?

  • Sgt. Johnson

    8:10 No wonder they're evil, they use bing!

  • Sky E.

    Sarge- “ I always fantasized Griff dying”His shipping Griff x Death

  • AntagonistChan

    Everyone who called that her AI was Vic, pat yourselves on the back for me.

  • N4N0 Axe

    4:57 what's that game called? im interested BTW

  • David Bradley

    Your a wizzard Harry

  • jx592

    Its a tactical military simulator...That's a videogame tucker

  • DeadVictory

    "Personally, ive always seen myself playing the thirty-something CEO of some exciting internet startup."jesus christ

  • Pedro burtet

    man i Love this! i from brazil and a great fan of halo! this is best web série of halo of all times!

  • aqua cat

    I'm late pant pant what I miss whoa this is getting real

  • Craig Cowling

    6:03 how many references did sarge just make?

  • MN-14

    VIC: It's me! :OVIC: Look!VIDEO: This is Church from...WAIT...Church?..."it's me!"?Is/was VIC a fragment?

  • Dirtbrothers inc

    Wait now it’s really red vs blue.... well kinda

  • Cozmic Pretzel

    Imagine if Temple realized he forgot the freeze remote thingy and got the the shit beat out of him

  • bossashark

    did anyone notice the preview of halo wars2

  • Janette Goff

    Halo wars 2... on the Monitor. Very clever.

  • Pedro burtet

    man i Love this! i from brazil and a great fan of halo! this is best web série of halo of all times!

  • Nitronixus

    waiting for a season to finish before watching it is so worth it on this one.....

  • The Gaming Animator

    That fucking Patton quote lol

  • Thomas Godridge

    Lights. Camera. Sarge.

  • Spider Doctor

    Temple:Dylan? What were you watching?Dylan:I was

  • George Woolverton

    Sarge is my favorite character

  • Mykaela Farrell

    6:10 Is that one star marked off because they blew up Florida?

  • Ryan King

    I loved Sarge's Patton reference

  • abdel rahil

    the missing ai from project freelancer is vic

  • gengi main205

    "LAZER TEAM 2!!!!!"

  • GudGamerGuy Gaming

    Sarge- I've got a Boner for murder

  • Kevin Worytko

    What if this was somehow Grif's plan to finally get out of adventures, his double was there earlier in the season, but now he "never existed".

  • Zeta The Ai

    Xd the searches on temples computer!

  • THE sherman guy

    Ah that patton quote

  • Connor Richard Garnett

    make a red vs blue witch character are you

  • Mr Roboshadow

    now thats what i love about Tuckerhe may not be the best and brightest but hes not a complete idiotif you tell him something is wrong with convincing arguments to ithe'll trust youhe said himself, he had no reason to distrust Temple but after hearing Dylan out he trusted her, he might not believe her entirely but he trusted her enough to give her helpful information and say "let me know what you find"

  • Camilo Blanco

    Loco(Caboose 2.0) sounds like idaho from the triplets short from season 14. That is the guy who blew up like 12 mongooses right?

  • Ash

    You know I was terrified that Dylan could've been talking to Bucky instead of Tucker but then then I saw Bucky with temple... still didn't make that ending cool man...

  • jx592

    His name, is Lynard Church... And he is my frend

  • Oscar Hegarty

    Locho and caboose are savage like if u agree

  • Inol 'Nebulai

    5:58Advanced tactics simulator? I'm pulling that one on my mom now for for sure.

  • diamondtron01

    Was that Halo Wars he was playing at 4:55? Also, Sarge just referenced so many movie quotes. lmao

  • IanXPikachu

    a/s/l? What does that mean?

  • commander cody

    Their only 43 stars on the flag not the USA 50 star flag yes I did count all of them

  • Slim Shots

    6:20 the one star is colored in because florida is destroyed

  • Anonymous Person

    did... did they take the star for florida off the flag?? erased it? sunk it into the blue?

  • diamond rank gaming

    I get sad when i find out about freelancers dying😔

  • Tisor Morris

    Laser team 2! Yep I think that's made up

  • Jacob Bielski

    This is something that felt weird since the beginning of the season, and is even more relevant now. The armor everyone wears is worth billions. Does it really not have a recording device in the helmets? Why can't Dylan just present everything she sees and hears as archived evidence, instead of just DESCRIBING it to Tucker?

  • Yum yum and Gab Gabs

    G 'llTxiyzgegsjslxdcykuyufhu

  • Kaitlyn Applegate


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