Red vs. Blue Season 15, Episode 11 - Belly of the Beast

Blocked by the Reds and Blues, Dylan decides to try and seek answers on her own. Sarge finally gets a shot at stardom. || Ever wonder why we're here?: || Join in on the conversation at:

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  • Jose Brothers

    Temple is Felix come on the voice

  • Gamer Out Of Roblox

    I just realized that the people that bombed that building in the first episode were temple and his gang.

  • Evan Eaton

    good damn it vic LOL

  • Matheus Kyro

    I wonder if "This is my boomstick" is a reference to Army of Darkness (shotgun) or to Death Battle (well.... boomstick...) =

  • Edgardo Alegria

    imagine is temple was felix but hes dead

  • Gohario FTW

    Ahh so I've rewatched this series again. Time to go rewatch Arby N' The Chief

  • Gavin Duke

    I know I am an episode late, but can we agree that Temple is almost as sadistic as Felix? If not more? I mean, he YELLED AT A CABOOSE SPINOFF. Felix was insane, but he never went THAT far!

  • DJ dan in NYC

    ahhhh just release the rest of the season so i can binge watch it!!!! i need longer episodes lol

  • Crazy Boy

    im sorry if you like this season, but go see seasons 6-10 and you will remember what it was like when rvb was really good. i liked 11-13 too but the best ones was 6-10

  • Laminate Slinky

    What I'm about to say is not really anything about this video but i just realized that Epsilon/church's memory never said "Goodbye" in his speech. It was a goodbye speech but the word's "goodbye" was never used in it. (if anyone remembers how epsilon and Tex had a conversation about "Tex hating goodbyes" Before she was dead or turned off really.)

  • GalaxyDubGaming

    it should of been lights,Camra,Shotguns

  • Xur

    What if at the end of the season the b&r escape but the r&b don't go after them cause they need help. Tucker says he got help and grif comes through the door, but he isn't alone right behind is Felix. And it ends right there.

  • Hexenbiest73

    hey can anyone tell when they upload or if they have a upload schedule

  • EndreDaShadowKing 3

    4:59 They play Halo inside Halo! I'm so Done! XD

  • JR2Awesome3 Furry

    when does RoosterTeeth/RedVsBlue upload episodes of this series

  • Ragnar Death hand

    Guys I'm blind. Why did Vic stop talking?

  • MrBerg4ever

    I want to see the Reds and Blues along with Wash and Carolina "Hit the Quan"...😁😥

  • xSilverDracox

    anyone notice how the "video game" was halo wars? XDDD

  • Agent Washington 154

    temple is like hitler he starts out good then he turns evil

  • Eternalx Spacey

    firs C.Tnext Metathen Felixnow templefuck...

  • John Camp

    Flowers/temple is such a jerk

  • iSnipeChickens

    These damn shisnos......

  • ArdouseJet17

    its probably the boyfriend to Connie

  • Tyler Bemis

    lol they took out one state on the flag! i bet that was for Georgia.

  • Daniel KNight

    Who else wants put a very large amount of money on that fact that that was not the second wish?

  • Yukie Chan

    Why doesn't church take over temples body then temple gets shot and he takes another body of one of temples soldiers over and over till temples army is dead

  • Sam K

    I wonder if Temple could be Idaho. The freezing/starving thing would mirror the way the Triplets most likely died on the frozen planet. Wash tried to cut ties with the the three right before their "mission" and they could very well just hate Carolina by association. I just really want S14 to have had some reason to be when it was.

  • Keola Pascua

    Crazy theory: Temple is O'Malley

  • UnstoppableBullShark

    no no nooooooooooooooooo ep 12

  • Terry R.

    Advanced military simulator, Halo Wars 2.

  • Sam K

    The theme for this season is supposed to be "consequences", but I'm really struggling to find the connection.

  • Deus Vult, Infidel!

    Temple uses Bing? Ugh, fucking gross. At least Felix might have used Google. Worst villain in the history of RvB

  • Damian Berens

    I wonder if grif will come save the day

  • Phoenix Amaku

    They should've just called this one: "Busted" Cause she got busted Get it!

  • Da Liang

    I have a theory that Temple is actually York. York stated he would lose to Carolina in a fight, which has already happened. Plus, York said he was afraid Carolina would recognize his voice. Besides, he has access to freelancer technology. His suit was also retrieved instead of being destroyed. He is angry that Carolina abandoned him, and that Wyoming and the other freelancers led to his death.This is an unlikely possibility but I would love it if it was an actual twist.

  • Jonathan JMS

    alguien que hable español?

  • siahnara Decrosis

    Dammmmmmmmm you AA Batteries!!!

  • Alex Davis

    a great big bushy beard- hot fuzz

  • Hthegreat12

    Can somebody list all the references that sarge did and what movie they came from

  • Maxwell Brown

    I love how they crossed out one star on the flag because of Florida.

  • LoganBoomer112 •

    Wait. I'm confused who's Temple like my mind thinks it knows but I can't trace it. Can someone please tell me?

  • gaming with caboose

    I hope they will bring church back

  • Dark Myrrah

    omg !! xD , en netflix vi desde la seassion 6 hasta esta , en mi lista esta es una de las mejores series

  • Brendan Cheah

    I think temple is church

  • Mr Teessider

    I can't stand these cliff hangers 😩😂

  • Francisco Laureano

    Last episode... Wash and Carolina holding hands??? Game changer??? Im so hyped to see what happens next 😱

  • Lawrence Valiquette

    Love the Hot Fuzz reference, it's my favorite movie.

  • Anshul Ghatge

    What's wish number 1?

  • Elijah Rodriguez

    someone please help me I'm running out of things to watch

  • Yanma Studios

    "How to evil"

  • Jacob Fisher

    A great big BUSHY BEARD!

  • Joseph Frattone

    The sarge thing is a parody from the movie Patton. Love that movie?

  • Javier Mora Estevez

    i think temple is church 😦

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