THE LUSTY ARGONIAN MAID - Skyrim Mods - Week 196

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Darkend by JKrojmal
Pale Marsh Manor - A Unique Player Home by Kiriavark
Lusty Argonian Maid Skill Book
Proper Torch Wield - Hold your torch away from your face by skyrimaguas
Yennefer of Vengerberg - The Witcher 3 Voice Standalone Follower by Levionte
Triss Merigold The Witcher Voiced Follower CBBE by imAarwyn
Ciri Standalone Follower - With Playable Race - Witcher 3 by Rakul
  • Noah Chandler

    As long as the proper torch wield keeps me from t posing with the vanilla torch

  • Wellington McSkellington

    How do you download mods?

  • Togdch-isτ Khαjiiτ

    What’s your intro song? :P

  • survivaltest 370

    Is this argonia maid mod... can it be.... is there a... Gosh Dragon Maid it looks so fukn like miss kobayashis dragon maid!

  • Anvil Films

    I just notice that the background music for the "Darkend" mod is from Dragon age 😂 great modeling video still MxR

  • MeMyself and I

    She's cum for fowlplay.

  • Lazy Calf

    U can find the lusty argonian maid vol 2 in the soul cairn portal room lets say u get backed if u read it

  • Gxinva nill

    Wow you can see his spear in that first shot

  • Marik

    "Where all that blood comes from? No one knows. Use your imagination" why would you do this to me? xD

  • Profile

    One handed increased to 21 I'm dead😂😂😂😂

  • SuperN0va

    "Say goodbye to your framerate, cuz it's about to leave yo ass".

  • Archangel 09

    Am I the only one that heard dragon age inqisition music??

  • Space Kek

    But why the don't starve music?

  • Defender

    the title is clickbait af but oh my Christ the windwaker music brought back good memories

  • Jomackson

    Ending each section with amusing blips of humor is funny af. Also lusty argonian mod should've been vanilla. That "lucky" guy crushed by a tree in his cabin must have been a one handed master, his copy nearby XD

  • Epic Gamer

    use ur imagination?THE SOULS OF THE INNOCENT!!! >:D

  • Spray&Pray

    What is the name of the mod to get that big booty?

  • mcpl99

    For Redguards it should increase two-handed.( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Elramos 325

    The opportuniTITYS are endless thx to mods! :D

  • Lauren Hays

    Dragon Age Inquisition music during mod showcasing? The immersion levels are....fucking vanishing.

  • Chara The Karma Medic

    Downloading Mods Is Easy As Pressing A Button

  • TheEndIsNear

    Instructions unclear, does anyone know how to get your dick out of a toaster while it's on?

  • consider the following

    How do you download mods?

  • Feral Wolf

    2:53 girls periods....just....periods....lots and lots of bloody periods

  • quinnwithagrin


  • Mellyw Gajeel

    Nice Dragon Age Inquisition music at 7:57

  • Kaaz

    6:10The reason you're here

  • navigator ofnone

    hahaha that one handed skill book is truly useful 😂😂 awesome voice actors btw 😅

  • Haley Nicole

    What body is Triss using?!

  • HDeppix_101

    Use men more often in your mods

  • Jomackson

    I just say your explanation on how to download mods, but on step 4 to consimate with a turned on toaster I did not get it. How did I go wrong?

  • Arekun2000

    "No one knows ... use your imagination" Me : oh i know ... yennefer's period

  • Fannamedjacob

    (At that argonian maid part)Me: W.T.F.!

  • IraqI GaMer

    The blood is there, because mother nature is probably on her period.

  • Sep Egal

    This guy is reaaaally horny...

  • Viktor W.

    lol dat darkend mod remeberd me on demon souls not dark souls xD

  • Jacob Crawford

    How can I download mods for xbox 360

  • Kyle Lacharon

    is that d.a. inquisition music?

  • Bayleif Carson

    I appreciated the Dragon Age music when you were talking about Darkend

  • Clorox Bleach

    You only read number 2

  • Ju Tsubasa

    the Argonian part was just on POINT!!! ahahahaha so good ...

  • Vash the Stampede

    It's so painful to see how idioticly they walk

  • Epic Gamer

    So i accidentaly pressed skip 5 seconds and when he said white the next word that came out was D@#$

  • iAresFPS

    This guy has no life

  • Poofbomb - Minecraft & More!

    the character walks so.....shmexy

  • SuperN0va

    How do you muhfuggas get turned on by a giant lizard? I mean, sure, the story is good because you can envision in your head that she doesn't actually look the way she does. So do you get a Woodrow Wilson when you see Komodo dragons, iguanas, or monitors?

  • DeadBythe - zalgoKing you not know what a female argonian sounds like? time you play skyrim, go to riften. there's one at the docks and one at the bee and barb.

  • Fuzzy Slippers

    Does anyone notice the ice monsters animation in Darkend is a deathclaws

  • Jason Voorhees

    Hahahah you could use team

  • Sorcerous Kitty

    He does realize that immersion and lore friendly are not necessarily the same thing...

  • White Dog

    В США все извращенцы?

  • RobloxMaster23

    The lusty argonian maid sounds like dobby!


    Do you use skyrim original or special edition

  • Kota Sloth

    mmm I need me some Yennefer

  • Benbebop

    huw due u gut an mood

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