TES5Edit How to clean master files in a few step! Check the description

1. Loot and TES5Edit downloaded & installed already.
2. Open Loot and find out which .esp files need to clean.
3. Launch TES5Edit - Select Non - Choose the files you wanna clean master files due to LOOT reporting.
_In TES5Edit
1. Apply Filter for Cleaning
2. Remove "Identical to Master" Records.
3. Finish!
Enjoy guys!
Note*: Somehow, my voice I recorded didn't went through probably. I will try to add it.
  • khaled rahman

    do i use the same methoed for Update.esm?

  • JamesMorningstar

    A quick, easy and helpful tutorial on how to fix ITMs, but I must admit I had to pause and backtrack frame-by-frame to make sure of what you were clicking on. You did right-click >> Remove ITM and click in less than 0.5 seconds, so it may be a bit difficult for some viewers to catch.Thumbs-up for everything else, though.

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