The Great Battle of Skyrim

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  • magic mooney

    Damn that was epic.

  • Joaco L

    Epic God of War soundtrack

  • Daboss Circuit

    The great battle of Skyrim: destroyed raider camp.

  • toolb714

    Why the god of war soundtrack instead of Skyrim dragon fighting soundtrack

  • AshwinKennethSantos

    That God Of War soundtrack, so fitting.

  • cupcakegineer VC

    Spooky scary skeleton vs This Is sPaRTA!!

  • Borotalko

    i want that meteorite spell not the raining meteorite one but the hand meteors

  • TheGold Wolf12

    So why are they wearing Dwarven Armor?

  • Scott Blankenship

    Iron swords...? Why didn't you give them dwarven swords...?

  • StoneBrix

    I heard keyboard clicking

  • Brad Munro

    While i was watching this all i could think of is "fuck. What the hell is his computers stats?"

  • nicholas beversdorf

    Is this a mission or something

  • DeathChaser 21

    What spells did the knight used?

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