The Great Battle of Skyrim

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  • Chris Buttino

    Everyone crying. Don't forget the armies mean nothing. The real threats to each sides are the leaders. The magic they know and their skill make them gods on a battlefield of weeds


    Its a very good vedieos

  • Ant Orta

    Lol That Guy Said UGH AHH UHHH 2:01

  • Phantom Assassin

    What spell mods you use in this video?

  • Noboddy Player

    How i can do that battle with my sky rim? :O

  • Julien :D

    Pretty cool, but the end was too sudden in my opinion :D An epic Mage-Battle would be nice 😂

  • alan schmidt

    I want to know what spells were used for the meteor shower and whatever that second fire looking spell was 2:25 and 2:55

  • shandon122

    Can you post your pc specs?

  • Alvin Ditya Renata

    Different from the original game

  • Jaster Mareel

    Clicked on this video for shits and giggles was not disappointed and want to play skyrim again haha

  • Kagan Seymour

    This is like a mini move for skyrim

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