Skyrim Mods: Moon And Star - Part 1

Welcome to our glorious city, Little Vivec! It sure is... little.

Moon And Star by Gan Xingba:

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"Village Consort" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
  • Zachary Tan

    A child (Lone Wanderer), and friend meat (Dogmeat) go on a quest to find three dogs (Three Dog)

  • Sheogorath Daederic Prince Of Madness

    This mod seems amazing. Time to download another mod!

  • Jutland Angel

    Question, are you guys gonna do a let's play of Legacy of the Dragonborn?

  • Jakob Ryan

    Where's M'rissi? She was the latest mod you just did. Is she in Breeze home?

  • MikePlaysIt

    Is this the mod where you are hired to kill the Nerevarine, or something like that? I remember Cam and Seb played that mod, and they actually killed him, lol.....

  • Leo Wolcott

    All hail Rathvasi!All hail Communism!

  • Laat Dovahkiin

    I can't wait for Bruma to come out. I have to complete Maids II first on my main character lol

  • Delimbiyra ღ

    I don't think anyone follows paths

  • Shaharyar Siddiqui

    for some reason this mod crashes my skyrim. every time I go near the new location the game crashes.....does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Fábio Rubens

    You alredy did play this mod in the skyrim modded playthrough (at least the main quest line of this mod).

  • Starjokerx

    geroge you got a problem with the stormcloaks stormcloaks for life fuck igmund

  • the guy under your bed

    What is your outro music?

  • UWannaDieUCameToTheRightPlace

    the "three dogs?" reference(Fallout )

  • abigail rocks

    Does anyone know if Skyblivion actually exists?

  • Gil Telvanni

    Looks interesting, I not going to watch, because I never played Morrowind and I gonna play, so let's wait.


    I'd actually really like to know the names of the mods that crashed, just wanna know what they were about and stuff. I don't really comprehend how that could count as throwing shade at the mod authors tbh.

  • James Parker

    25:00 I believe Beyond Skyrim: Expedition to Atmora, has a tentative release date. The head developer said it would probably come out early 2018.

  • HaskiD


  • Sarah Wagenfehr

    I would love to see you play Skywind, ya know after it comes out in 8 years


    Ah Moon and of my favourite quest mods ever. So short yet so charming and intriguing.

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