THIS MOD IS TOO MUCH - Skyrim Mods - Week 216

Christmas Pino here!

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Elvenia by gutris1
Palaces and Castles Enhanced by Sette
Equipable Misc Item by Diode kyrim/mods/80123/?
Sea of Spirits by SpikeDragonLord and jboyd4 and AerynnRavanna
Wet Function Redux 37
  • Dylan Reed

    Ah yes the beautiful nakedness of modded armor

  • Reaper Gt500

    Has SKSE been cancelled for special edition?

  • Beilly Zhu

    1:43 Waarom is dat Nederlands?

  • CyreTrice

    What's that toga thing your character wears in the beginning

  • Trenton Miller

    it really sucks you can't buy the original anymore. I just built a PC and got stuck having to buy special edition.

  • RoundRobin0

    MORON, why don't you try TALKING to Braith and totally ignore Lars (BREAST)Milkdrinker.

  • Suck Dauce

    Slutty armor with Caprice playing in background ? LOL

  • Casper Ko

    The old Skyrim is honestly better for PC. Mods do all things that the special edition does and more. The script extender means that most mods won't work. I honestly think that special editon won't be a big deal for PC except for new people that don't want to mod.

  • Kuaren Windcatcher

    That musicfrom hobbit. İt is really good

  • MarvelTrash

    I feel like I'm wrong but I feel like the song playing in the background is the Dragon Age:Inquisition Theme

  • Joshua Laaissaoui

    Narwhals are lore friendly because the live in northern cold areas like skyrim

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