How to install UNP for Skyrim


If you want UNPB (new link updated sept 2014)

Make sure you install this UNP from this video first.

How to down load and install UNP hd maps and latest version.

Thanks to dimon99 for this mods all rights are hers.

I was asked for a few recommendations for mods

just a few I love
Dandelion Armor Set - UNP Mashup by brokefoot
Vicky Armor Set - UNP Mashup by brokefoot
Leah Armor Set - UNP Mashup by brokefoot
Temptress Race by Psychos1s and Brokefoot
Talos Greatsword by anotherrandomperson
DreamBurrows Sage Outfit Retexture Standalone by DreamBurrow

Old version NMM installer.
Click spoilers option to show old version.
  • RussyMeister

    So when I had to paste meshes and textures into data they didn't replace anything and it doesn't work. Any ideas?

  • skateaman

    i Cant unzip the 2 body type filesany ideas

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