Skyrim Mods - Whiterun Mansion (Amazing House Mod)

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Whiterun Mansion by nTr4nc3:
  • Yanisleidys Enes

    Is this mod for Xbox one ?????

  • Xohetzal

    Is this mod compatible with open cities? What about hearthfire?

  • Silent Zoner

    this is the mod i was looking for on ps4... but when i look up the same name i get some crappy copy of dragons keep outside whiterun it looks terrible lol

  • iiAmFrosty

    how do I make the house mine? :)

  • Doi

    i think this mod is good with the mod "build your own guild" suits the size :)

  • Uchi Maki

    Exactly.. multiplayer, that's what I've been saying for a while. At least some 4 player like Border Lands or something. Phases couldn't be that hard but I doubt they would want to dedicate the servers. They probably never will add a multiplayer feature since they came out with ESO.

  • Kuks Heilen

    Hello there! I have a problem, I install the mod Mansion Whiterun, and perfect ... but I'm married and have an adopted girl, you know how I can move to this house? because the dialogue does not leave me to move to this house. Regards and thanks!

  • Mute Plays Norsk Gaming

    ik the comment im writting now dosent have so much to do with the video but hes character is like japaneese or somthing and 90% of moders of skyrim is using that japaneese mod. what im saying now is, WTF is the point with it.

  • FaTe Revelation

    Can you move in your spouse and children? I'm just wanting this confirmed and I'm going to go download it if so.

  • Kozzy Kay

    Wow this actually looks sick!Thank you for the nice preview.I like your calm tone.

  • andreasm1

    The bodies of the owners are missing in my game, as well as the outside chest. so therefor no key to get in...

  • Drouge AaShuharu

    will this work on xbox 360 ??

  • Cal Schaeffer

    Is he playing on an Xbox? How does he get the mods?

  • Silver Spork

    i cant search youtube for "skyrim mods" without having atleast 2 thumbnails that have nude women in it. like really people

  • Daniel Bright

    Does this mansion come on one of the dlc's ?

  • NorwayBall

    Ohhh please say that i can move there with my family

  • Alexander Schott

    Finally, someone who can review Skyrim houses correctly. Thank you.

  • john dwyer

    There is an online mod 

  • Grean Hare

    It's a shame that it's not compatible with my other favorite house mod: Elysium Estate.

  • Siebe Cools

    Mmmmm in my version some rooms are different

  • Shadow_Link

    Woah this is better than any of the houses of the jarls.

  • KickFude

    theres a mod for multiplayer

  • Crunk Playa69

    Don't get me wrong, you can identify as whatever you want, but guys who like to roleplay as a buxom vixen always have me scratching my head, it's like, so you find it easier to imagine yourself in the shoes (or heels) of a buxom vixen then? Fine, then. Whatever you want. To me, it's like playing with He-man, GI Joe, and Thundercats action figures like when we were all children and you decide instead you want to be a barbie doll to take down the combined forces of Cobra Commander and Skeletor. But like I said, whatever you want....

  • darchena

    just a question, but what is it about the different field of view that some people like?  I've tried it and it feels weird and distorted

  • inkywolf

    can you put this on xbox360

  • MIA

    this needs to come to ps4!!!

  • Xiavania

    Look at my house my house is amazing.

  • John Harrison

    I am always amused by the squatters mods of Skyrim. "Hmm, nice place. Looks abandoned. Well, there are a few corpses here & there. No worries, I rolled a corpse & found the key. Looks like I live here now. I'm sure no citizens of the hold had any interaction with the couple living in the sprawling mansion just outside the walls. I wouldn't bother reporting their demise to the Jarl. I doubt anyone wealthy enough to afford a place like this would keep a will." Seems legit.

  • Knight fire

    is this mod going to before xbox one and PS 4

  • Ned Nowland

    So I got married to Ysolda, how can I get her to live in this house? She doesnt recognise it as yours.

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