Skyrim vs. Dark Souls в хорошем качестве hd 720 новинки фантастика

The hero of Skyrim journeys into an unknown land in search of an ancient relic.

Made by Tim Senzee and Cody Reader of Half-Light Studios.

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Special thanks to:
Breanna Reader, Ryan Martinez, Shreya Carey, Josh Quick, Ed Bruno, and GenericTVChannel.

Edit on 10/28/13: We're enjoying the responses and debate the video is receiving; for the record, we here at Half-Light are big fans of both Dark Souls and Skyrim, and consider them the two best RPG/fantasy games of the last console generation. Dark Souls for the rich world and combat, Skyrim for the expansive world and variety!
  • mid Knight


  • The MADGamer

    Dovakiin Vs The Nameless King.

  • KingOliverG

    Where's the skyrim

  • Klaus

    Novo Canal, Primeiro video de Skyrim:

  • Lucas Benard

    3:41 ...FUS RO DAH ?

  • Payton P.


  • HadesMj 12

    When he saw chest, he could use Thu'um to don't get damage

  • Spiral Core

    i honestly thought this was a comparisn video between skyrim and dark souls but i got this

  • zero max

    May the flames guide you Ashen One

  • DisgustingDragon

    Dark souls vs. Bloodborne

  • Meriadoc Brandybuck

    what the hell is going on!?

  • J Toons

    Skyrim<Dark Souls

  • sdr93

    Solaire should have mentioned jolly cooperation, combatants should have rolled, and the chest should have been a mimic 😂

  • ǝʎqpooƃ

    Why is he wearing hide armor with an iron helmet? Specialize!

  • A-RYZE Gaming

    I have never played Dark Souls but I heard it sucks

  • random guy

    10 percent of the comments:go play skyrim10 percent of comments:go play dark souls80 percent of the comments:the chest is not a mimic :-(

  • Pickle V

    Should have found a horse to climb the cliff

  • Adam Davies

    I hate you, I translate the daedric and its fucking latin, I had four years of latin, NO MORE

  • Andrew Rossi

    That Dragonborn must have been beast at Skyrim to kill Alduin in iron armor.

  • emaster met

    Dark souls monsters are obviously way more dangerous

  • Avner Vaner

    Lmao bullshit I'm sorry this video is so wrong Dragonborn would fucking own this game

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