Skyrim - All Werebear Encounters

Maybe even werebearsharks, with whale-like tendencies?.. Here, I list All Werebear Encounters in Skyrim. Depending on your personality, and what the weather might be like, these could be the hardest enemy you ever face. I also do other Top 5s, like Skyrim secrets. There are secret locations, even secret enemies and quests to be found. Which usually lead to weird theories, amirite?

Since I'm on PC, I love the Skyrim new mods. There are quest mods and follower mods that are very juicy. They make creating new character builds, and looking for rare and weird encounters, or maybe the hardest boss out there, or even stumbling on mysterious deaths a lot more fun.

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  • DivinityGaming

    But what I'd there's a were barrel!

  • Stephen Daniels

    Why don't you ever heal

  • Daniel Maiste

    One times, I stumbled upon a group of werebears. They attacked me. After that, another group attacked me! And then another after that. I think the location was glitched.

  • phantom gamer

    why haters always hatin about him makin videos about the best game skyrim is its name debating with subscribers tryin to decifer why people like him he is my favorite I hate it that people always hatin waitin for him to make a video they are like cicero yo

  • Rachel Sexton

    How the hell am I 6 days late to this? 😭

  • Marko Percin

    What if they were in a barrel?

  • Cathy Moore

    Next, all thief caches, because they are in barrels. OYFUM!

  • Steampunkcraft

    Hey Graenolf, I was playing as a frightening Werewolf near Winterhold when I came to a location with 4 shipwrecks sunken in the deep sea. I instantly thougt about you. Could ya make a video about the top 5 shipwrecks?

  • Shadowrex

    what about the encounter at the werebeast camps? (I know its not technically an encounter but its still worth a spot on the list)(EDIT: This is from a mod I got a while back so dont listen to me.)

  • Justin D

    Its going to take all your greatest weapons and spells, i just turn into a werewolf and slap the absolute shit out out three werebears with little to no effort

  • Jaedric

    I went north of Raven rock I was level 10 and I got raped not even the Guard could help me

  • Dracko Black

    Once I was exploring nearest of the shrack where you find the guy with the unique bow and I found a guy, I thought "who is this guy?" I came closer to that guy and he started to attack me, I think "uhm...ok Im going to kill him" then he transform into a werebear I was "what the hell...!!! a werebear?!, ok Im going to kill it", two mins later I was running away trying to save my life XDAnd something similar happens with two werewolf, I was in the north running to a city in my werewolf form, because I was carrying a lot of things, when from nowhere two werewolves attacked me I thought I could kill them easilly but I found myself running away from them XD

  • RedBlack Ninja 21

    I just turned into I werewolf and rekt them

  • MainMcShizzle

    graenolf oyfum compilation

  • Black Panther

    I first reach Raven Rock I walk only a few steps behind Raven Rock Mine. I saw three shirtless men thought nothing of I'm a Spellword ebony warrior with armor, magic ren, and one handed enchantments. No shirtless men can beat so whatever I'll walk pass them no big deal. Then the start to transform I was like werewolves ok i can handle them. Then boom fucking realize they bears damn werebears. They gang up on me realize I'm getting my ass handed to me. I ran all the way west towards that giant mushroom house. Ran towards the water I switch to my waterwalking boots and started bombarding them with the Incinerate spell. After I got the last one pause the game and went holy shit,

  • Nicholas S

    what the hell is oyfum?

  • Nightshade of the NightingGales

    I really love the way you talk in your videos, you are by far my favorite youtuber

  • Harley Quinn

    I encounter 4 of them JUST WHEN I ENTERED SOLSTHEIM! I was on my way to Mirakks (think I spelled it wrong) Temple and they attacked me.

  • Trey Lohnas

    what armor was he wearing???

  • Gathoblaster

    your performance was just on point

  • EM3 Flame

    actually 3 werebears encountered me but they were in the human form they made no effort to change so naturally i burned them alive while cutting them

  • PikaBear 88

    cough cough I've fought the hardest monster in Tamriel. No, not Alduin, not the Ebony Warrior, not the Werebear. The Werell. Half barrel half werewolf. It was hiding in my room. I went to open my barrel with fish in it... but it jumped up. I saw it's hairy legs. It clawed me in my chest. I then ran away and sailed to Summerset Isle. But it the turned into a barellark. I sailed like my life depended on it. It swallowed my boat whole. Now I'm in it's stomach. Send help. Coughs then dies

  • Angelita Becerra

    I love your humor, story telling, and imagination. Thank you for really enjoyable videos.

  • Jesse Ortiz

    I actually had an easy time with the last encounter on the list. I just fought werebear vs werewolf

  • Haley Evers

    Sorry. I am new here. What's the deal with barrels?

  • ZaX124

    berewears look like dangerous creatures

  • Krzychu

    What's that armor and sword mod you're using? :D

  • Laughing Knight

    Just to say transforming into a werewolf or vampire lord makes the easier at low levels but the vampire lord is easier it has range

  • Owen Willicome

    So, my level 16 rogue (dual swords and light armour) is walking along with Kahjaro. It was his first time on solthiem when all of a sudden three were bears jumped me. Before I knew it, I was flying through the air and landed right in the centre of raven rock. Then Kajaro landed next to. As I tried started to get up the werebears rushed into the town. It was a massicare. Only the dark elf mercanary and I remained by the end. Everyone was dead. Even Glover and the ships captain. I was stranded.

  • Liam Astley

    once I was in raven rock minding my own bizz, then BOOM, 4 of those fuzzy bastards come out if the forest and killed the alchemist

  • Spider_warrior_ 6

    they don't do much damage if you have full Deadric armor

  • Captain Scroof

    What's the name of the armor mod he uses? Thanks!

  • Iced Gamer

    1. barrels. 2. oyfum. a third is required to complete the ritual

  • The Duke Of Dorks

    The coolest lycanthropy case is the the lions and boars strain.

  • Zdoz e

    Snowclad ruins < Bow

  • RyRavie

    I got killed by werebears when I was talking to the smith dude in Raven Rock...

  • Tinkili

    I'm late as shit butO Y F U MDo you even know how much I love this word?

  • reeps from overwatch

    Whats Graenolf's female armor mod on the reaver plunderers

  • Sevoliverpool98

    I feel like graenolf would make amazing playthroughs of quest mods

  • lepelican

    I dunno how, but I encountered werebears literally within the first few minutes of entering Solstheim, it was my first time ever going there. I didn't return for months.

  • roy jacoby

    I love your videos they are very funny and informative

  • Mollei Rose

    skyrim was the first elder scrolls game i played, i didnt know much about the lore or anything, my first visit to that hellish island ended with me getting brutally murdered by a random spawn of werebears. within 5 minutes of being on the island.

  • buttersp00n


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