TALK DIRTY TO ME! - Skyrim Mods: Romance - Part 2

Mmmmmm, talk dirty to me!

Skyrim Romance by Mara:

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"Colorless Aura" Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
  • Carl Gustav Tessin

    I have never watch 50 shades of gray and I will never watch that fucking movie. Those kind of movies and books make me wish for some book burning.

  • Angry Panda

    "Vomit... Mostly." LOL You are hilarious!

  • Alyssa Manning

    I felt like I was watching a porno the whole time. 😐

  • ForemostCrab7

    the game is a troll and trying to force him to stare at bishop's dick xD

  • Kurami Chan21

    I'm dying of laughter!

  • P. E. Jarvis

    Bishop had really want to take bath with Dragonborn!

  • Lexinss1

    Randomly clicked on this video 3:14 in and I'm dying. I love this commentary.

  • Brin Weins

    I'm dying over here... please tell me this series goes through the whole mod!

  • Mitchell Smith

    There goes tanyaaaaa trouble back at it again

  • kindrwolf kidect

    I love skyrim! its one of my favorite games to play.I dont know why but this youtuber kinda sounds like Mr gibbs.not that I am being mean, I think this guy is so his skyrim videos. he is so funny.XD <3but if u know who mr gibbs is and if u also think he sounds like mr gibbs, please coment on this comment.

  • Cassandra

    Jesus, Bishop is creepy as hell... Casavir wasn't so bad except for all the "my ladys" and good lord the voice actor guy needs to move several seats away from the mic.

  • Undertaker Alptrum

    "you shut your fucking whore mouth" *dies*

  • Kim Canavaugh

    You shut your fucking whore mouth! 😂😂😂 I.AM.DYING OF LAUGHTER

  • catherinelink

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I laughed so hard with this stuff! Now, seriously, you're right. First time I downloaded this MOD, just to give it a try, was the 1.0 version and... well, it IS very stereotiped and the male main romance interest was exactly what you said before: a nearly rapist.Serious shit this stuff, huh? I bet you got traumatized, as well as I ;)

  • Becca. B

    As soon as the clothes came off I couldn't stop laughing, his reaction to everything was so spot on 😂👍🏻👏🏻😂

  • Dremora Warlord

    I wish you could just talk to Bishop in that first conversation and ask "Could you just punch her and get it over with?"

  • Afnan Al-johani

    for years on youtube I never thought I'd find a good video like this one. Rip english

  • Adam Astroth

    Wtf I'm I watching

  • Iriska Le

    Pleeeeeease finish it there are bandit in falkreth go there

  • Alex- Does AJ

    i love this mod i have it the new one not 2.0 well have more bad stuff

  • Tessi Tube

    i cant stop laughing. im crying!

  • The Gentleman

    Jesus Christ, with headphones on it sounds like Casavir Is trying to seduce me.

  • C. Sphire

    "And I'm hell of a lot serious! Come here before I force you to come, and believe me darling, that's something you don't want to happen." Yeaaah that kind of threat even jokingly is not cool. This would be the point where my dragonborn would stab him to death, strip his body down for loot and toss his stupid naked ass in the nearest sewer canal.This whole mod looks full of triggers and romance is the last word I would use to describe it.

  • Techno Touhou

    "Oh my gawd...I'm playing Fifty Shades of Grey, aren't I?" XD

  • Lovin' The Chi

    The dialogue is bad.The sexual stereotypes are appalling.I recoil at so much of this mod.But damn if George isn't funny enough for me to get through the whole thing. My flatmates and I have been dying from the commentary.

  • Xaos Bob

    I love that this mod is a thing. I don't care how horrifically cliche and tortured the writing is, I'm just glad that players that enjoy this have it. And goddamn your reactions make me laugh until I can't breathe.

  • Carl Gustav Tessin

    7:35 First time I have been so uncomfortable while playing or watching a mod, in skyrim. This fucking mod!

  • Becca. B

    Bishop: I take what I want when I want-Zero: Rapist...

  • Tamara Carter

    Lol it is like a lifetime network made for TV movie. Love it commentary. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

  • Dat Shieldsy

    When the guy 'raped' my character I just Fus-Ro-Dah'd him and ran

  • Midori1166836 Bleh


  • Thor Klein

    That sexy voice tho!

  • Kurami Chan21

    I lost it when Bishop suddenly got nacked and your reaction. XD

  • Ben English

    1.) This is hilarious2.) Holy shit what is up with your ambient occlusion? There was a rock on the ground by the well in Whiterun that I thought was a corpse at first because whatever ENB you're using makes things so blurry.

  • Becca. B


  • Bleachy Mcbleach

    no your shut your fuckin whore mouth

  • Camira Sonclair

    "There's a much more pleasant way for me to get inside of you... " AAAAAAAGH NOOOOOOOO

  • JurassicGal

    5:38 pause it, and u will be scarred for life...

  • Kiara Wolf

    "Hey you shut your fuckin whore mouth"😂😂

  • Ellie Coco

    This is so cute and beautiful~I love the romance in it!

  • ForemostCrab7

    this mod screams "made by a man who clearly hasnt been with a lot of women"lol

  • Rourko Hana

    Is Casavir, like, swallowing the mic? Straight up ASMR bullshit there...

  • kindrwolf kidect

    I love skyrim! its one of my favorite games to play.I dont know why but this youtuber kinda sounds like Mr gibbs.not that I am being mean, I think this guy is so his skyrim videos. he is so funny.but if u know who mr gibbs is and if u also think he sounds like mr gibbs, please coment on this comment.

  • Superduperscribble

    7:59 LOL, I'm dead.

  • The WerewolfF

    Everyone in this mod won't take no as an answer

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