What it's like to Play Skyrim ONLINE

We played Tamriel Online..

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  • Logan Potvin

    Can someone help me this mod to work

  • Four assassins Gaming

    That's not molag bal it's lord dagon

  • y tho

    ohh yaas it hurts so guud

  • TheLastButtholeDragon

    Imagine....Skywind online :0

  • TrLp 69

    One last thing Bethesta should add to Skyrim is Multiplayer

  • Ivan Coldheart

    Man, that was so enviable

  • The Nerd173


  • PizzaOwl


  • Rath

    I wished they actually played Tamriel online

  • lichmaster kirlin

    not molag bal its merunes dagon

  • Dartanyan

    why is mxr a female solid snake XD

  • AirHead

    Is this The Elder Scrolls Online OR a Skyrim-Multiplayer mod

  • Green Starr

    you two are adorable together.

  • Alpha Blaq

    Why can't I have a girl who plays video games, does adorable voices, super cute, and can put up with my perviness?

  • Zephius The Hallowed

    Still better than Elder Scrolls Online.

  • Ethra Virdi


  • khimi

    This is a mod I would consider paying for if it was 100% polished and finished.

  • chronxZ

    where can i find this mod so I can play with my friend(s)?

  • Miranda Melodie Miller

    She has the most adorable laugh at all time. Just hearing her laugh, makes me laugh.

  • djhsteve2 original

    Did that hurt? YEEES! IT HURTS (In a happy voice)Me: She is happy of being cut by a sword...

  • Anthony M

    interesting video :D

  • Rick Brashear

    WHY do dudes play as female characters? How is that immersive? Bruce/Kaitlyn Jenner much? lol

  • jolanpiep

    17:27 Keep clicking this :'D

  • Ted forgetaboutit

    skyrim on pc= overpowered AF XD

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