The Body of Alice - Fallout 4 Mods - Week 11

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The M9 Standalone Pistol by FF7CloudStrife and Moniterman
Extended weapon mods by Akhanami
Bobble Girl - with Slooty Vault Suit by Justice
Animated Bobbling Bobbly Bobbleheads by DDProductions83
New Craftable BobbleHead Displays - Shelves and Animated Skulls by DDProductions83
Macho Claws by AronaxAE and FancyPants
Armorsmith Extended by Gambit77
TBA - The Body of Alice - CBBE - BlodySlide Preset by ZerGsiX
  • Swimming Pools

    Where the fuck is the mods from the thumbnail

  • opalthunder

    Come on Captions. SYNTH Not civ(?)

  • GameBoy

    is it me or does he kind of sound like pewdiepie

  • FarStepper

    I love how you do those focus clips and the music you use with them it makes it feel epic.

  • Emanuel Filip

    What armor is he wearing?

  • Finn 199

    Bobble girl needs to be console

  • DM Rogers

    Really wish bobble girl was on XBox.

  • Mighty Viking

    You're videos are good but why is every thumbnail some sort click bait for some delicious looking body mod?

  • GhostlyBuns

    your a pervert how many nude mods do you have installed.

  • McGuire Reid

    What is the mod with the strap clothes he always has on his character?

  • M Smith

    Nude mods are the best aren't they?

  • Rashaan Simmons

    I liked that pink outfit how did you get it

  • Drink Me

    That's the reason all you thirsty fuckers play as her, to see her half naked, there are even mods where she's fully naked, man fallout fans almost make me hate fallout

  • Dominick Miller

    The body of Alice looks like the character is about to snap in two under the weight of her tits

  • james cerdan

    man if only there was good mods for ps4

  • James Cassidy

    OMG!! A League of Legends reference at 7:25!!!!

  • Austin Adams

    Does he use pc because I'm on ps4 and I can't find any good mods

  • Kanda' Eirsie

    More proof that no one at Bethesda has ever owned a gun. I mean besides Fallout...Seriously, pre-Bethesda Fallout was really more about the "Dark-Humor" than realism. Once Bethesda got their greedy pork juice soaked hands on the game, it suddenly turned into fantasy-gun-nuts... Notice that there isn't even ONE Ruger in the entire game. Arguably one of the most, if not THE most prolific firearms manufacturer on the planet. I mean OTHER than the U.S Government of course (pssst! Ruger makes most of those too! but you didn't hear that from me!)

  • Sean O'neal

    if any modders are out there please make an m9 mod


    I'm from the future... Mod is fixed and you hold it better now :D

  • star killer12

    Dam bobble girl is thiccccccc

  • Sebastian Bartolomeo

    hey bro i love your videos and they make me laugh mxr

  • j m

    Mxr needs dr phill hlp lol

  • Tobes Tobe Tobe

    I was asked who my favorite Greek God is in my Mythology class. I said God Howard, and my teacher said "That's not a Greek God, you can't choose him" and I said "Shut up, it just works."

  • poopleman krumpet

    1:24 "This is for offering me that shit gun, Dick-on."

  • O_O

    What armor are you wearing in the beginning?

  • I did more than one combo

    Bobble girl, more like vault thicc

  • bewcannon gamer

    well never will become a you tuber but if i do m.x.r id do it for fallout 4 and new games in your name as a shout out have a wonderful day my bro plus i like your content cause cough cough i'm Asian

  • Cressy Cresitonia

    your friends youtube doesn't have any content but almost 30k subs. i'm confused

  • GrizzlyTV

    Hahahaha that "Skyrim Mods" Slip up at the end had me dying lol

  • Why Tho

    10:05 The most random shit I’ve ever seen

  • st3v3cR0zz

    his voice sound like pewdiepie?

  • Psycho Ryder

    All these mods have me wondering why weren't they already in the game?

  • Christopher Stonecipher

    damn it we just got done with the Macho Man Randy Savage dragons, now Macho Man Deathclaws

  • Northstar

    thats such a nice intro holy shit man

  • LemonLime Mems

    This guy is like PewDiePie but with quality content

  • DumbknockerLP

    bobble girl gives us fat bobbleheads

  • Greyvion Talks

    "you're basically fucking teemo" hahaha

  • Agustin Castro

    did i hear titi sluttys titi sluttys with those bobbleheads?

  • ravioli ravioli

    What the fuck with nexus page it takes so fucking long to load

  • Edwin Mejia

    That Macho claws was hilarious hehehe :D

  • Josh Martins

    can u combo the mods any mod any weapon and weapon mods expanded?

  • The Realist

    lmfaooo macho man deathclaws have the most disturbing crotches XD

  • Whisky Gordon

    If macho claws gave you a bunch of death claw jerky when you killed them that would be hilarious.

  • sssssasssaaassasaas

    I'll never understand this. Why do people like playing as half-naked girls with unreal body proportions? In a multiplayer game I'd understand they do it to get free stuff from the virgins but why in a singleplayer game?

  • My name jeff instead of Paladin

    Did it say Big fat boobies in the song with the vault girl bobble head XD

  • Prydwen Gaming


  • One Sad Furfag

    disgusting perverted trash

  • Mr. Widestmouth

    Body of AliceSo immersed I am

  • TheSilver312

    Mxr, I downloaded the m9 standalone, I know this video is old, but the 10mm pistol still exists in game... Where do I find this gun?

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