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Blowing in the Wind by sialivi
Vivid Weathers - a complete Weather and Visual overhaul for Skyrim by Mangaclub
Blood of the Nord by Someguy2000
Skyrim belongs to the Gourds by Verteiron
chicken HD by Renthal311

    I have a question. Can i install this mods for my special edition on pc?

  • Scott White

    MXR my absolute favorite mod show, the gourd making out with the npc was absolutely necessary! yes that was freaking funny I can't stop laughing. please please keep doing what you are doing!

  • Gee The Killer

    Did those clouds just challenge Niki Minaj?That's so fucking immersive.

  • James Stone

    I just want to say for anyone who wants to know the crossbow used @2:18 is the FN PDC - Feykrosah Nin the Personal Defense Crossbow. know I'm not the only who goes nuts when they can't figure out what mod is being used

  • Totola

    Whats that racist? - MxR 2016

  • Will Hall

    It's not racism if it's true...

  • Zacdoesnotcare -

    that gourd love scene is still a better love story than Titanic's

  • PulseR HD Gaming

    what mods that crossbow from

  • Squirtzle

    *casually deletes building

  • CanadianDude 13

    3:11 did he... Did he just remove a house so that his sign wasnt stuck?

  • MaskWarlord


  • Tiny Giraffe

    the... signs are covered with iron, all of this is wrong, how could you know if they make there signs metal?you can't there metal, all you did is make it less immersive you heathen!

  • Kazuto Kirigaya

    Your damned right that was racist. It's "tea and crumpets" not "tea and biscuits". Don't be racist, be politically correct.

  • troynov1965

    Installed vivid weathers cause of this video......awesome mod !!! I like it way better than other ENB and lighting mods i was using.

  • Travis Reyes

    I started watching your videos randomly and ive ended up just as deep into skyrim as I was the first time around when it released on xbox 360 - except with mods. I cant get enough of your punk ass MXR I fuckin love what youre doin here.

  • Necro Pro

    can I have your character's preset?

  • NattyC

    That time when the sign on your house gets stuck click on house disable, problem solved

  • Gogreendreamer 123

    I remember when I first got Vivid Weathers. I'll never play Skyrim without it again.

  • Thomas

    a 5 minute ad at the start of the video? Worth it.

  • ELECTRIC cherry

    plz subscribe will start making vids soon

  • Nipple Collector

    Wah di fuck yuh wa yuh trick ass bitch yuh wa fight mi yeah dat a wah mi tink bitch fuck off

  • Musiclover 3169

    Tea and biscuts isn't racist. It's just stereotypical

  • Soupy Wistle

    Skyrim belongs to the wafles!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Banana Tim

    The gourds should have pino legs 👌

  • Pimp of Hell

    Ok,ok this is a racist joke but idc: A black man walks in to a bar with a parrot, a woman comes up to him and says "That's something very special you have right there, where'd you get it? And the parrot says "Africa"

  • The Humble Geometric Figure of Doom

    MXR has such a good sense of humour. I cannot wait when SKSE64 will be released for skyrim special edition. It will revive the series.

  • Teridax

    03:17 mxr's like "yeah i'll just delete this piece of wood deletes the whole house well, shit."

  • Edwin Mejia

    Now that chickens can be modded, is it still edible?

  • Noel Bedard

    uh, mxr, "tea and biscuits" isn't racist. Britain is not an ethnicity, therefor your statement was in fact anglophobic. God save the Queen.

  • takara A

    You know what would make the Vivid Weathers mod better? If the weather would change realistically, like fog in cold areas, a light fog after a heavy rain e.t.c.

  • Cracka-lackin

    Does anybody know what mod mxr is using at 4:35 that makes the mountains etc in the distance much clearer?

  • Sky Josh

    I know it's an old video but does anyone know the name of the armor mod on the thumbnail and at 6:46?

  • LittleBigArt Studio

    I'm waiting for my tea and biscuits!

  • MikePlaysIt

    YES, 50 different weathers..Sunny, slightly less sunny, slightly even less sunny, less sunny, far less sunny, far far less sunny, partially cloudy, somewhat partially cloudy, quite partially cloudy, really partially cloudly, misty rain, extremely light rain, very light rain, light rain, moderate rain, MORE moderate rain, medium rain, medium-heavy rain, heavy rain, downpour, flood, turtles.....I have no doubt he has 50 different weather effects. LOL

  • NameLess2230

    Does he use the special edition of skyrim or the original version?

  • Marybeth Smith

    I use Vivid Weathers cause of this mod review

  • Epic Gamer

    4:04 there is a ass in the sky can you find it?

  • Fenrir

    I doubt anyone will read this but what is the background music Mxr uses in his videos?

  • jacob groves

    And yet you sound so fake

  • Waffle Kitsune

    When you realize he has Ponyo music in the video

  • daisyfairy42

    * hears and I will always love you ** expects a jontron "HOLY SHIT!" in the middle ** is sad *

  • moron821

    chicken hd why god why ?

  • Addonexus TheDeestoyer

    Need HDT for chicken comb

  • Austin Wells

    i want the extended version of your intro

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