THE BEST MODS OF ALL TIME - Skyrim Mods Remastered - #1

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Enhanced Night Skyrim by CptJoker
Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder
Crimson Tide - Blood by Magus

KenMOD - Time on loading screen by Kenney
KenMOD - Skip Bethesda intro by Kenney
KenMOD - Lockpick Pro - Cheat by Kenney
KenMOD - Loading Game by Kenney
Realistic Ragdolls and Force by dDefinder
The Art of Magicka by Zonzai and Kalell and UKC
Swearing Mudcrabs by Andokool12
Posh Mudcrabs by Maniczombie
  • Rod Ross

    First off, I really enjoy your channel. I play on the ps4 console, and I can't find any of the mods that you have on it. Are these mods specifically for PC?

  • BlueFire2712

    Dude ive been subed forevr!

  • Enchanting Petals

    My brain computes your voice as if you sounded like PewDiePie, What the actual fuck...

  • tom202404

    Man, console players still got screwed over with the mod situation.

  • Eyeial

    What are your graphics mods can you name them? because I wanna see legs when I look down plz list em

  • C

    What's with the emotionless girl avatar staring at the screen while he talks? Is this guy living out his tranny fantasy?

  • Dániel Gönczi

    Can anyone tell me what body/face/hair mods is he using for his character?

  • Libra

    Back when SKYRIM is set the sky probably did look like that because everything was closer to the earth

  • War Clans of ROBLOX

    I got to say your probably the most enjoyable person to listen to when discussing games, you don't force your humor and most of what you say is on topic.

  • RosiesReality

    He sounded like Felix in the beginning

  • Iwont Respond2you

    wow... what a shit video.


    perverted much hahahaha

  • SageNode

    why is The Art of Magika in this list? I mean, sure it looks good, but hardly worthy.

  • Aiden Alfaro

    love the enhanced blood and the mage robes

  • MickyMehmet

    I formally apologise to the PC gods for being a for being a Sony pleb. I offer 12 sweet rolls and an iron sword for your forgiveness. My 12 year old pleb mind can't afford a godly pic as I am a Sony pleb. Please forgive me.

  • LightningStryke

    What are his graphics mods?

  • SoulAndre

    Sorry, but the ground of dragon ball z its better ;D

  • Rutger Kemperman

    what he says: "Because i love you!" what he probably means: "because fuck you, this took ages why did you make me do this?!?"

  • Nicolás Trosch

    I think that some of this mods are not for Special Edition. I cant make it work

  • Zachary Trammell

    i have ryzen what is loading screen

  • troll gaming

    he sounds a bit like pewds

  • LemonLore

    Actually, light pollution is the only reason that we don't see milky way sooo... ITS IMMERSIVE

  • TH4T 0NE F0X

    that old intro though😂 im sorry

  • DiabeticlySweet

    sad the swearing mudcrab mod isn't out yet for xbox one

  • Chris Mckiernan

    Those blood effetcs are beautiful and those mudcrabs are terrifying.

  • Epic Beard Gamer

    DBZ ragdolls + Pretty Spellcasting dual cast animation (Kamehameha animation) = best thing ever.

  • Richard Tagle

    which mod has that idle animation

  • XHaradorkX

    What weapon mod are you using at 2:24?

  • Samenstein Resurrected

    Is that the lantern from Spirited Away?

  • Snolana

    swearing mudcrabs tho

  • genlee44

    worst episode ever, not that I have seen them all, I have one mod and that is the house, and really was looking for an actual best mods video ie. world improvements and facial improvements, yes I know I am years too late but he did title it best mods ever, ( I still hit the like button )

  • Caiijj Strrathhj

    does the art of magika mod come in men

  • Aaron Haley

    All i wanna kno is where you got the thumbnail picture from cause whatever follower or skin mod or emb that is looks amazing ANYBODY KNOW?MXR PLEASE TELL ME

  • SandboxWars

    Whats with the damn sexy Skyrim clickbait!?!??!?

  • Caeden Mason

    hi I love your videos and only found your channle two weeks ago i have watch 90% and counting of your videos it helps keep bordem away when in hospital (I have been in hospital 9 months now(i have cronic renal Falure)) I just want to ask if you could feture some normal skyrim no DLC mods Becuse i cant afford SE or DLC even if you dont i will still watch you videos

  • James Harvey

    Night sky mod is on console 😂

  • BlankoPie

    Oh my god, the swearing mudcrabs..... My sides

  • Gil Telvanni

    4 years and i don't now what is this thing following you with this lantern '-'

  • neoflo22

    Is this for Skyrim Special Edition or vanilla?

  • icecold chris

    is that egoraptor as the voice of the mudcrabs

  • Daniel Wyaty

    He said a blast from the past but i thought thats not an old intro but then i realized i was watching episode 20

  • Deep Society

    Zelda soundtrack in the end!

  • One Shot One Kill!

    Shit Skyrim Remastered has great graphics, Should I buy it?

  • Holly Burling


  • george tuttle

    MxR can you do a mod review of luma from beyond please?

  • SamPixels Productions

    Your character and attraction to virtual skyrim girls is sad...

  • Psych Master

    Anyone notice this guys voice sounds like pewdiepie

  • Tap Brother #1

    Uploaded on my 17th birthday!

  • Soundbearier

    Your voice is very similar to PewDiePie's voice xD

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