THE BEST MODS OF ALL TIME - Skyrim Mods Remastered - #1

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Enhanced Night Skyrim by CptJoker
Enhanced Blood Textures by dDefinder
Crimson Tide - Blood by Magus

KenMOD - Time on loading screen by Kenney
KenMOD - Skip Bethesda intro by Kenney
KenMOD - Lockpick Pro - Cheat by Kenney
KenMOD - Loading Game by Kenney
Realistic Ragdolls and Force by dDefinder
The Art of Magicka by Zonzai and Kalell and UKC
Swearing Mudcrabs by Andokool12
Posh Mudcrabs by Maniczombie
  • LemonLore

    Actually, light pollution is the only reason that we don't see milky way sooo... ITS IMMERSIVE

  • Leeroy Jenkins

    Lol been watching those vids and I missed this one and he thanks us 😁

  • James Harvey

    Night sky mod is on console 😂

  • Nestor Castro

    Love the fact that you used the old intro. The new one is cool, but I liked this one better because is way funnier.

  • Caiijj Strrathhj

    does the art of magika mod come in men

  • costly peanut butter

    he sounds a bit like pewds

  • Sydney Deyo

    can I have a cookie?! all 209 have been super funny and dumb in their own ways an I appreciate the work that youtubers like you put into their content

  • ThatRolePlayingGuy

    Bandit 1: look a pansy mageBandit 2: let's get her! chargesBandit 1: why did you stopBandit 2 dribbles at the sight of art of magica clear robes

  • Michael Gusevsky

    Lul console plebs still salty

  • TheDragonKing

    This is Bethesda speaking, a all you $$$$ers who have downloaded the "no Bethesda intro" mod, we will find you, and we will kill you.

  • Lex TwitchBoy

    Bro your really funny 😂. I'm gonna have to subscribe to yo 😂😂😃😃😁

  • Epic Beard Gamer

    DBZ ragdolls + Pretty Spellcasting dual cast animation (Kamehameha animation) = best thing ever.

  • Blake Bauman

    Wft stop showing those half dressed girls XD

  • icecold chris

    is that egoraptor as the voice of the mudcrabs

  • tom202404

    Man, console players still got screwed over with the mod situation.

  • Deep Society

    Zelda soundtrack in the end!

  • Soundbearier

    Your voice is very similar to PewDiePie's voice xD

  • RosiesReality

    He sounded like Felix in the beginning

  • Eyeial

    What are your graphics mods can you name them? because I wanna see legs when I look down plz list em

  • daz bvacl

    bruh i watched u since ur voice so weird

  • genlee44

    worst episode ever, not that I have seen them all, I have one mod and that is the house, and really was looking for an actual best mods video ie. world improvements and facial improvements, yes I know I am years too late but he did title it best mods ever, ( I still hit the like button )

  • Julien Randrianandrasana

    Could you do a video on your Load Order? I'm soon going to build a new PC and your version of the game really takes Skyrim to a whole new level.

  • Edwin Mejia

    If you have the time to spare, then by all means Remaster all your skyrim mods video.and good luck 😎😎😎

  • Elder wind

    are you playing on digital virsion

  • Lobsbirdacis

    You sound like pewdiepie

  • Gil Telvanni

    4 years and i don't now what is this thing following you with this lantern '-'

  • Enchanting Petals

    My brain computes your voice as if you sounded like PewDiePie, What the actual fuck...

  • ruthleshunter

    actually, the night sky mods is realistic, if the lights in a city where to be off you would be able to see something similar to that...puff

  • SageNode

    why is The Art of Magika in this list? I mean, sure it looks good, but hardly worthy.

  • Stephen Whitlow

    I have a question for the remastered Skyrim game which console would you recommend PS4 or Xbox One?

  • Psychicore

    Anyone notice this guys voice sounds like pewdiepie

  • Daddy Dan

    He said a blast from the past but i thought thats not an old intro but then i realized i was watching episode 20

  • LightningStryke

    What are his graphics mods?

  • Anonymous Gamer

    can you actually show some good modsnot slutty armours and annoying shitty voice acted followersbut don't get me wrong the retexture mods and the quest mods, as well as the weapons mods, are greatand some of the home mods too

  • Zachary Trammell

    i have ryzen what is loading screen


    perverted much hahahaha

  • Junis Niemann

    Am i the only one who never played with a female character ?

  • Jedi Walker 101

    love the enhanced blood and the mage robes

  • Georgia Edwards

    I'm going getting a laptop on my birthday in October woo bye bye console

  • NerdyDude186

    Thank God you're not a PS4 player 😂😂😂😂 you'd be salty about e3 and the lack of Backwards Compatible 😂😂

  • DiabeticlySweet

    sad the swearing mudcrab mod isn't out yet for xbox one

  • BlankoPie

    Oh my god, the swearing mudcrabs..... My sides

  • zethidie gaming

    after 6 years of skyrim he still is using the bleach music

  • Rod Ross

    First off, I really enjoy your channel. I play on the ps4 console, and I can't find any of the mods that you have on it. Are these mods specifically for PC?

  • Nef 19

    Can somebody tell me what animation mod he uses please?

  • Rutger Kemperman

    what he says: "Because i love you!" what he probably means: "because fuck you, this took ages why did you make me do this?!?"

  • Iwont Respond2you

    wow... what a shit video.

  • Caeden Mason

    hi I love your videos and only found your channle two weeks ago i have watch 90% and counting of your videos it helps keep bordem away when in hospital (I have been in hospital 9 months now(i have cronic renal Falure)) I just want to ask if you could feture some normal skyrim no DLC mods Becuse i cant afford SE or DLC even if you dont i will still watch you videos

  • neoflo22

    Is this for Skyrim Special Edition or vanilla?

  • george tuttle

    MxR can you do a mod review of luma from beyond please?

  • Account no longer active!

    What's with the emotionless girl avatar staring at the screen while he talks? Is this guy living out his tranny fantasy?

  • Georyx

    Uploaded on my 17th birthday!

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