Fallout 3 vs Fallout 4 Comparison (Armor, Monsters, Weapons!)

Exactly 4 years after creating the skyrim armor comparison video, I return with a brand new fallout 4 comparison this time featuring the power armors, a few of the returning monsters and weapons.
  • Gizemli Şahsiyet

    I think fallout 4 guns, fallout 3 enemies better

  • NemyacX

    you dumb fuck the X01 is based off of a power armor from fallout nv not the enclave armor what the shit

  • gentlemen.

    The fallout 4 power armour is a lot larger and bulkier and it gives you a better idea of how heavy they were


    Fallout 3 sucked pretty hard

  • NemyacX

    you dumb fuck you just compared the t45 to the t60 power armor

  • UFO Piloot

    Fallout 3 got way better graphic s

  • Mordecai Stone

    Did you REALLY compare T45 with T60? Fucking REALLY!??

  • Edwinrios Rios

    Fallout 4 has clear sky and fallout 3 dosent

  • Kelio Modliar

    Fallout 3 looks more like a waist land but fallout 4 look better because its graphics

  • spaghetti cunt

    I think sentry bots are cooler in 4 and the ghouls aren't as freaky looking

  • NemyacX

    you dumb fuck both the dogmeats are different breeds which means they are different dogs which means you shouldn't have fucking compared them

  • spaghetti cunt

    I like fallout 3s shit better, except for the revolver, in 4 it looks better

  • ThatOneDerpyDude

    The power armors in Fallout 3 look like they were some sort of homemade costumes.

  • Savini Jason

    My favorite fallout game is Skyrim

  • NemyacX

    you dumb fuck the assault rifles are different models the fallout 3 one is a Gewehr 3 aka G3 and fallout 4 has a bit of a messed up version of the Johnson gun from WW2 what the god damn

  • Mr. Slothy-G

    I miss Fallout 3 Assualt rifle..

  • Mustata

    Am I the only one or does the radroach look better in Fallout 3 than 4?

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