Mana "Tanks" ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) - Skyrim Mods - Week 193

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Archery Gameplay Overhaul by DServant
Witcher 3 Yennefer and Triss armors by zzjay
Ciri's Outfit (The Witcher) UNP-CBBE-Bodyslide by Oaristys
Hunterborn by dragonsong
Mana Tanks 102
SpiderManFollower by m
  • Dangerosu

    Archery gameplay overhaul is actually quite game breaking. It is way too overpowered because it cuts in half the drawing time making you into a Hawkeye on steroids. The elemental enchantments also make the bows much more powerful. So, if you wanna feel like an Archer Superhero (aka Hawkeye) then get this mod, but if you wanna hunt immersively, don't.

  • TØP trash

    warning for Hunterborn: it takes a long ass time to harvest, so with iNeed you start starving to death p fast

  • theMrTJF

    This video tricks you into masturbating to spiders. Not cool bro.

  • Exce roam

    With mana tanks everyone is just gonna put all skill points towards mana so the tittehs get huge

  • O', Moonlight

    Do not go god mode with the manna tanks horrible don't do it ... halp no room

  • The Senate

    2:18 Katniss Everdeen everyone

  • Greyrest

    whats the mod for the ears?

  • Cormag Moonstone-General

    What armour is shown at the very start of the video?

  • clare dunn

    Damn I keep meaning to watch the entire video but the clickbait in the recommended list gets be every time...

  • Atomic Megalodon

    that first mod was all NOPE!!!

  • Shatteredhorizon

    I know this is an old video but the two super immersive mods is something that should have been in the vanilla game come on bethesda

  • DaiNoShoujoNoYami

    That Spiderman mod set off my arachnophobia so bad xD

  • Terrable Lost Memes

    the character never blinks.

  • Magus Apex

    Whats the armor/clothing in the intro? o.o

  • AngryZebesian

    Yo what body model is that for the Mana Tanks demonstration?

  • Gensolink

    fun fact chaurus pie is a legit recipe in the elder scrolls there is a book about it

  • Random Citizen

    Looks down Apparently, I am full of a lot of mana. :o

  • Luke Wahl

    How do you get the mod to work with clothing

  • Sora Okamichi

    I'd burn down and nuke the shit out of that house from the first mod. (Shudders)

  • Levi Ackerman

    what's labour day?

  • The Bull Moose

    I am the Senate. Feel my lightning!

  • Leo Razor Valdez

    you start "quivering". nice pun

  • Chiz Kin

    Does this mean investing level ups into Magicka is pretty much a breast size increased?

  • allthingshyper

    Hunterborn is one of my all-time must-haves for modding. 100/10 would recommend.

  • Sean Downey

    ...what...what had a ring...that added 100,000 magika...

  • Toastie

    what 3rd person mod does he use?

  • sir cartman

    Hi yall I'm gettin' a job soon and I was wonderin' if yall can help me make the ultimate gaming computer. Something along the lines of" douche bag youtuber" I'd really appreciate some specs to look out for.

  • Logan Kory

    Lord of the Rings music👌

  • beril şevval bekret

    whivh hair mod is it?? please answer

  • Cole Huddson

    those are immersion tanks.

  • hjgfehfaf gdsghgh

    Can someone please tell me what the race of the character at the beginning is?

  • Toa Kamar

    I lose it everytime at the spiderman part especially when he's says "Woah!" look right at the Spiderman's face when he says that. 😂💀

  • JookaBits

    Feminists should not watch MxR.

  • Faylinn MystiqueRose

    Well that's a...novel idea, and here I was thinking of shield spells that allow you to absorb damage with Magicka instead of health...I wonder if anyone's made a 'mana shield' spell yet...

  • AndreZB

    All i can about is how the background music is giving me a nostalgia boner

  • Canadian slav

    how does one go about downloading a mod through nexus

  • PurplePumpkabooYT

    What face mod do you use, Mr MxR? I need immersive beauty! The vanilla female faces are... meh. Female imperials have resting bitchface times ten...

  • Global Trite

    Spiderman Follower what the shit :DDD

  • Mizu Productions

    "Applause for healthy testosterone"

  • sneezy feathers

    Heres a game: take a shot every time he says immersive or immersify

  • Tommy Dang

    In Skyrim, tits Calm you.

  • Ztin

    ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Epic Gamer

    What mods and what does one have to get and do to make alexstraza

  • Jasper Muis

    Almost done with this school year (fuck this shit i am out)

  • [Void]beewyka819

    Angi looked fucking impressed after you showed off Hunterborn

  • heinzl3596

    7:26 Gawain Hadron Cannon :o

  • 재기찡

    6:23 I was waiting for something like "There might be a mod for you" 😂😂😂😂

  • MrSpaceMarine

    I'm a simple man..I see tits...I click..

  • Rei

    Last Mod is just the best I wish I have a pc and skyrim downloaded in it and install that mod damn what a masterpiece

  • Faking Genius

    Soooooooo... How do you aim? XD

  • LessTHEKING001

    Casting fire from boobs? Too many mods downloaded for today. I'll be back another day...

  • Dedicance Archangel

    Wouldn't it be, Manspider?

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