JUST LET IT HAPPEN - Skyrim Mods -Week 221

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Zerofrost Mythical Armors and Dragon by Zerofrost Satyr
Widowmaker (From Overwatch apparently) preset by Wasyash
Skyrim Underground by AncientKane
Skyrim Landscape Overhaul - Stone Walls by Xenophobe3

Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim by Enai Siaion
  • R34p3r

    I take offense to u saying widow is from Undertale.

  • sweeety969

    I hope one day MXR reads this. Stop slut shaming and using the slur 'sloot'. I know you think you're being clever but all you're doing is alienating your female viewers. Notice you never say 'bastard' or 'asshole' but you're quick to call a rat a 'cunt' and put boobs on a waterfall and shit like that and you have this mix of misogyny and objectification of women at the same time but in what appears to be a 'no homo' way and you've got yourself a classic case of an armored closet gay. Like you don't personally like women but you pretend to like them for their bodies so no one finds out you're gay. Or you're really just a sexist asshole who doesn't respect women at all. I know if I was a straight dude I wouldn't look at a rat and think 'pussy' though so..

  • Coen Griffiths


  • Sarah S

    The chests that eat you look a lot like the mimics from dark souls 3. Probably where they found inspiration lol

  • JengaMan //

    He sounds and talks like pewdiepie

  • Michael Kaczmarek

    I love all the shire and loz music you use in the background

  • Maria Eileen

    is it me or does he sound like pewds

  • EdenHD YT

    "Can't believe I get payed for this shit" Not anymore my friend not anymore

  • Admiral Rob

    kill nezeem kill kill

  • I'm_a_fork Yea

    Medal of modding he needs a m.o.m

  • Matthew Jacobs

    why does he sound like pewdiepie

  • Bryson _gameplay

    7:32 I don't know if I should laugh or be offended because he said undertale

  • Rex Max

    00:00:17 ............ few months later........... NOT..............

  • Animal Care Wellness Center San Bernardino

    Finally an armor mod that does not make me uncomfortable when I play Skyrim! (I am part of the 5% of Skyrim players who are vagina creatures, a.k.a. Girls) XD

  • TheMysterious0taku

    i'm not gonna lie, i re-winded the video a couple time where the khajiit was slowly walking on water...

  • theyoutubemon 123master

    at first I thought this was pewdeepie

  • iiMuffinsaur

    "Nobody plays male characters."quietly pets my new char isaiah's head

  • Owjars

    Those Daggerfall skeleton sounds for the zombies though

  • Fraser Hounslow

    What is the background music at 1:19? Please somebody help!!!

  • Sheogorath

    those textures are just mad!.. I'm sorry

  • August Beckett

    if only i got skyrim on pc

  • Great Teacher

    I hate the bony faces of vampires. There's got to be a mod that fixes that

  • sonic hedgehog

    Widowmaker is actualy from overwatch.

  • vietfattyxD

    Can anyone tell me which armor mod he is using? I need it to feel immersive.

  • Timothy Parrucci

    Basically Sacrosanct is the vampire version of Moonlight Tales

  • Sharlee Gunther

    why does this guy sound almost exactly like pewdiepie

  • AspiringArtist

    What was that blue-ish dragon-looking armor? o.o

  • Ewan Veale

    is it just me or does he sound like pewdiepie

  • Barokai Rein

    best vampire mod? Nah that goes to Better vampires. You can get all spells from Sacro but still use better vampires with a patch

  • Keegan

    you sound so much like pewdiepie

  • Kori The Dragon



    mxr i think you are the best skyrim mod reviewer on youtube

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