JUST LET IT HAPPEN - Skyrim Mods -Week 221

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Zerofrost Mythical Armors and Dragon by Zerofrost Satyr
Widowmaker (From Overwatch apparently) preset by Wasyash
Skyrim Underground by AncientKane
Skyrim Landscape Overhaul - Stone Walls by Xenophobe3

Sacrosanct - Vampires of Skyrim by Enai Siaion
  • キュベイ 『uwu』

    "Apparently she's from a game called.... 'undertale?' "

  • Bob the Alien

    Hmm u sound love like PewDiePie

  • Adam A

    1:39 Oh boy this is just pure comedy. I LOVE how he explains the modding community

  • SkulledCobra

    Wait wtf i new here and MxR sound like pewdiepie? But im just crazy

  • Blue-Jay Animations and Comics

    I was just browsing thru pornhub (as someone does) when i happento go on a skyrim porn vid and in the commets i saw you, yuo said something about immersion

  • Bigmudder 24

    I was click baited. I thought there was a rape mod lol

  • Derpy Loser

    He sounds like pewdiepie

  • little ninja

    i played male character all the time i need a slutty follower thats all

  • Quillan Jacobson

    this motherfucker is like pewdiepies cousin

  • diabolik killers

    He sounds like pewdiepie

  • Darathu

    Seems a bit exagerated, seems like ure closer to a daedric god than a vampire, when you can fucking stop the sun from moving....

  • Techno Musico

    Im-PECK-able. kills myself

  • Roosa Kallio

    Anyone told you. You sound like Pewdiepie....

  • Dawson Retter

    You sound so much like Pewdiepie.

  • Dr. Jay

    What happend to week 220?

  • Stoßtruppen

    this makes me want to buy Skyrim for PC

  • Sans The Skeleton

    I looked at the thumbnail and literally said"Oh look! Murder! Let's watch this!

  • Michael Oxford

    Bahahaha i cant believe i get paid for this shit

  • Graeme Hamilton

    You sound like leads


    U sound like pewdiepie

  • Blake Benji

    He kind of sounds like Pewdiepie.


    what Armour is your character wearing?

  • Extoryer

    Whats the name of the mod that changed the emperor's robes shown in this video? I need it for ... research :c

  • Landon Langford

    Float in people with powers just like it

  • Catsune Calamity

    Dis. Guy... he sounds like pewdepie

  • Nino

    I love the World of Warcraft music in the background.. 😂

  • TheAccidentsGaming

    What is that the hobbit music

  • Darth Vader The Hater

    please stop giving me stds

  • Cakeofhonor

    "I can't believe I get paid for this shit." RIP MxR, quote of the century.

  • MrPeterGoldman

    You don't get paid to look at virtual titties. You get paid to produce quality fucking content for everyone's entertainment. It's a shame Youtube is being a bitch now... :(

  • White Earth Gamers

    Roses are redViolets are blueI just got click baitedSo did you

  • Titanium Fish

    0:54 that clipping though


    Peaceful music dragon Savagely Lands in the background

  • TheAccidentsGaming

    What's the music in your intro

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