SHE WANTS ME TO DO WHAT?? - Skyrim Mods - Week 224





  • Sbversatile

    what armor mod is that at 0:01

  • BilLChoocK

    1:31 i need that preset !!! where i can find it ????

  • Eddlm

    I see you've living through rough times MxR, know that we appreciate your work and perisistence.

  • Mike Smith

    What ENB is used in this video?

  • Antony Nepgen

    People feel that bringing your girlfriend to this channel changes the way you present it which detracts from what it used to be, don't get me wrong potastic is great, and i love your videos, i have watched every single one start to finish, but the whole feel of your skyrim mods wheneverly has changed because your humor has changed slightly from bringing potastic to all your channels instead of just some of them which might have been what turned some people away.But then again this channel has been up since the beginning of time so i think modders have run out of worthy mods for you to show. You have started other channels and your viewers have shifted to the newer stuff so maybe you might have to end this one off with a bang...This is an opinion, everyone is allowed to believe otherwise.

  • Joshua Seacreas

    soooo, are none of these special edition mods?

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