Dark Souls 3 - The Glorious PC Master Race™

The Collector's Edition is one hell of a drug.

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Main Theme - Fallout 4
Can Can - Offenbach
Friends! Friends - JoJo's BA: Diamond is Unbreakable OST
  • George

    in the end customer support still didn't help us in any way

  • hüseyin balci

    3 time watching still good :D

  • Miguel Lemos

    And there i am......i somehow managed to buy this Shit Trilogy on 2 Plattforms....and now i have to choose...........between a bullshit Operating System plus Shit Optimization and locked 60 FPS for the Casuals..........or Shit Hardware resulting in good old Fashioned 15-30 FPS for the "Pros"?Still wait for "Soulsborne Anthology - Linux Master Race Edition" including Demon's Souls and Bloodborne. Now with Optimization resulting in Native 2160p 144 FPS on even the most Potato Hardware.A Man can Dream.A Man can Dream........

  • The Royal Arkus Knight

    7:23 R.I.P dragged to hell by Customer Service.

  • Ash4bomb 0

    That fire at the start looks so cool like a Fairy or something

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