Skyrim Mods - Skyrimtastic Modstravaganza #6 - aMidianBorn Landscape 1, Real Girls, Dovahbit

Skyrim Mods - Skyrimtastic Modstravaganza! In this, the 6th edition of Skyrimtastic Modstravaganza, I'll be reviewing 3 mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, including aMidianBorn Roads and Bridges (now called simply aMidianBorn Landscape 1), Real Girls Realistic Body Texture, and Dovahbit of Caerbannog.

Today's video is a multi-mod review covering:

aMidianBorn Roads and Bridges (Now called aMidianBorn Landscape 1):

Real Girls Realistic Body Texture for UNP, UNPB, and SeveNBase:

Dovahbit of Caerbannog:

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  • Draves

    I LOL'd so hard at the dovabit mod thing. Seriously, he just doesn't give a fuck.

  • Hedrox

    Thanks. My apologies for the bombardment of questions, but does SkyRe come with an Uncapper to let you level up almost infinitely, so you don't have to use Community Uncapper mod? And does the SkyRe one (if it exists) or the Community Uncapper come with No Skill Limit NPCs and followers? Or is the No Skill Limit mod required for NPCs? Does the No Skill Limit mod affect player and NPCs? Thank you. And I read on your Facebook page that you think SkyRe comes with the ReProccer feature. Is it true?

  • Dad's Watch

    4:05 dat frame rate

  • Hedrox

    Which mod edits the timescale? And are you using which version of Immersive Armors for NPCs are you using? Are BOSS and Wyre Bash both required when using 255 mods? I'm sorry to keep doing this, but there are so many things I won't know, until I get a computer, without asking an experienced mod user. Thanks for you answers, too.

  • Hedrox

    I value your opinion, so that's why I'm wondering what female skin textures you would recommend. I certainly want to avoid the neck seam. I'm torn between Better Females, Coverwomen, Pretty Face, All In One Face, and SG Female Renewal. Pretty face looks a bit too doll-like, though, but I've seen Saio work wonders with it in ECE. So which would you recommend to use with UNP and UNP Fitness body? And should I use No More Blocky Faces?

  • Hedrox

    One more question, sorry. I know you use Mature Skin, but are you also using the face texture? Or are you still using Coverwomen (look 3)? Because Betty Sweaver's face looks great, but I'm not sure which texture that is.

  • Marqan

    Why did you stop with these mod reviews?It was moderately informative and very entertaining!

  • Juls Token

    I would thumbs up this video 100x if I could!! Best mod review show I've seen in awhile bro. 

  • Juls Token

    Okay this is scary, I'm to the point where i'm watching your mod review shows again just for shits and giggles, and what's crazy is that I'm still laughing out loud like it's the first time seeing them. Very funny stuff, yet you don't compromise on actually showing off the mod and giving pertinent information about them.Once again, great great work bro!BEST INTRO MUSICEVARRRR!!!Please, give us more. MOAARR!

  • DoomZ

    I just watched 4 & 5 and I have to say I'm subscribing, I like the humor and they're definitely helpful! I'm planning to switch from xbox360 to Skyrim Legendary Edition tomorrow, so i'm looking around to see which mods I should install and I got 8 just from you so far. XD Did something happen to # 1,2,&3? or am I just not looking in the right place? Anyway ^^ thanks for the vids, they're great

  • Hedrox

    One more question: I hear there's an optional file for Jobs of Skyrim. I think you know of that mod. Did you hear the voice acting? Is it decent? I don't like the unvoiced dialogue, because it breaks immersion. However, poor voice acting or mic quality is just as bad. Just wondering if you knew. Thanks.

  • Hopping Mad Media

    I tried it, and I didn't have any problems with it, but I just have too many mods and had to let that one go. I didn't have long with it, but from what I experienced, it was pretty well done, and fun, too. I think it had a conflict with one of my other mods. Don't remember exactly.

  • Tdef Bigley

    you have earned a sub :)

  • Swtorfan15

    0:04 :D love ur intro

  • Juls Token

    Ya know, there's a mod that makes you fart your shouts, and then there's another mod that puts rainbows in Skyrim. I'm thinking someone should mix the two and make all our dreams come true...

  • Saruto

    Haha best intro ever xD

  • the gamer guy

    who cares about the body!!

  • RageDrakax

    I think i just gave up on Skyrim,because lets face it:Am i really going to download loads of mods?NOPENot going to rage quit and give up on life?NOPE


    Hey guys not a mod maker but can some one plz make a mod where if you step on rocks with no shoes your character starts to make a ouch type sound and if you do the same with sonw you here a small chatter of your teeth

  • Presty Testy

    Wait kabal from mortal kombat lol

  • Philip Sarmiento

    What's that menu mod @4:50? ANYONE?

  • Talan Lor Roscorla

    i love the freking intro dude always thought it but never said

  • Mikey Hoban

    dont care about the vid i liked it cause of the intro Good job

  • John Doe

    Is there a mature body mod for males?

  • pac razzy

    make more of these video's


    LMFAO! The rabbit...doesn't give a fuck...LOL. 

  • Hopping Mad Media

    Yeah, you can just single out that bridge texture and delete everything else in the aMidianBorn package but that, then install it over the other texture packs, overwriting Skyrim HD 2K with the single texture you've left in the aMidianBorn pack. Or, you can just find and delete the bridge textures in the Skyrim HD 2K package, and then install HD 2K over aMidianBorn, overwriting all but the bridge texture. Does that make sense? Sorry if I didn't explain that well.

  • xNooblz

    I don't know if you have the Hearthfire DLC but if you do can you do a review of the lakeview extended mod.

  • Gergo049

    wow. your videos are fantastic! I haven't played skyrim for months now, and I'm not looking for mods, but this vid is very entertaining.

  • funkimunki135

    I would actually not mind seeing a skin texture pack that includes the extreme diversity of women/men, not just the perfect little cartoon girl. Although the latter is just fine.

  • Gordon Kroman

    wait a second???? intro ever?

  • Jed's Tubes

    I agree these are very well done videos. Here's $10 virtual money. I know I'm a generous guy what can I say.

  • Perry Fulcher

    The bunny like yep idegaf xD

  • Michael Martin

    5:35 I think your torch is just a tad op

  • Hedrox

    Is it possible to use the bridge texture of aMidianBorn Landscape 1, excluding the road texture on top? I like the dirt, twigs, and cobblestone on the bridges, but I agree with your use of Alt. Snow, 2K Snow Footprints, and Skyrim HD 2K for the road stones. By the way, I love your impression of the snobby modders.

  • Michael Martin

    any one see the bug fly through the bridge

  • Leandro Arango

    Holy shit dude!!! You had me spitting water and trying not to choke while loling over the rating at 1:34 through 1:51

  • Hopping Mad Media

    Yes, I don't see anything in what you've said that conflicts with this video or my opinions. If there are beautiful body mods, that lean more toward the fantasy/escapism side of things, or that incorrectly capture realism, while claiming that they do it correctly, the mod authors shouldn't be so haughty and pretentious about the "extreme realism" of their mods. That's the point I was making. I don't mind beautiful women in my game, and as far as I know, I didn't say much to allude to such.

  • Misogyny Smelling Wolf

    wow a mod reviewer who isnt a complete scumbag and actually offers good criticism

  • Merciless Druid

    whats the bikini he uses no the real girls mod

  • N Jobstvogt

    I just subscribed you just have to continue this series its too good!

  • Anthony Wissinger

    i want that fucking rabbit!

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