MOST IMMERSIVE MOD EVER?? - Skyrim Mods - Week 171

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Skyrim Wayshrines - Immersive Fast Travel by Pharros
Animated Fairy Wings by Anton and Sunspot2
WhirlWind V1.1_ DarkFallingGrave_ Destruction_ by elysees with gomachaum
Immersive Immersion Redux by Archon Entertainment
Rigmor of Bruma by Rigmor
  • LarryTheLeopard

    The draugr flamekeeper lmao

  • That Damn Guy Again

    "In order to legally use any type of weapon, you now need to register your weapon for every single hold you wanna use it in." Skyrim Republicans just got TRIGGERED!

  • Nick Soapdish

    mxr, dont u always kick ass as a fairy?

  • Boulderban

    6:25 Epic immersive mod. 10/10

  • TriggerHappyTexan H.

    Jokes on you! In Texas you don't need a license for a gun!

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