MOST IMMERSIVE MOD EVER?? - Skyrim Mods - Week 171

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Skyrim Wayshrines - Immersive Fast Travel by Pharros
Animated Fairy Wings by Anton and Sunspot2
WhirlWind V1.1_ DarkFallingGrave_ Destruction_ by elysees with gomachaum
Immersive Immersion Redux by Archon Entertainment
Rigmor of Bruma by Rigmor
  • Skyrim Boss

    what is that running animation..... 8:15

  • 0 0

    what is the armour that she is wearing on that fairy wing review? I cant seems to find it on nexus


    Lol i love mxr reviews

  • Gwen Hardwick

    LOTR background music. Why not?

  • MeNaMeLogAn.

    U mean Im take sun damage.... Damn

  • havoc1230

    Actually in the US, yes I can have a gun without a license.

  • Oakley Delo

    I love Skyrim weekly your mods are grate I think I have seen them all now and yours are the best

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