Rust in a Nutshell

Just another day in the world of Rust

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Starring Seth McMurry
Music by Matthew McMurry
  • Cole Jordan

    I miss the old rust. People were nice to new guys and didn't kill you on sight. 😔

  • Beast Anime

    when a noob kill a full armoured guy with a rock running around in circles like a RETARD 😂

  • Music2964

    its the old one I miss sooooo much

  • WalkHeart

    Restart and watch the video infinitely for an accurate representation.

  • Njneer

    Fall 2017 ... still in early access

  • Lorf

    Kills pig and makes khakis out of its skin

  • Kryptonian White

    Love it made me laugh I watch a lot of rust vids this is a funny ass one it is rust in a nut shell good shit make a lot more vids

  • Marcus Huusko

    "Back at it again..."

  • Cenezo Smile

    rust is a piece of shit game, all people do is shoot u once u get some resources and steal it and raid you, u cant do shit before they kill u insta, fuckiong pice of shit company go hang urselfs faggots

  • Joshuagonewild

    this shit is just good dam funny and so true

  • Adelia Kaitala

    "Friendly?" - He wasn't... 😂😂

  • TheKnightmare

    So youre telling me that one of actors needed to stand in a field naked and act....

  • Senik Nine

    only thing they got wrong was the blood curdling screams of an injured man. lol

  • Ragnarok

    Yea that about sums it up.

  • The Guy

    Use Stones to chop threes faster

  • thanh Co

    That guy look REALLY like Ronaldo

  • jake gordon

    Another a war without end.

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