Skyrim Mod: Succubus Race

Link to the mod on Nexus -
Hope you enjoyed the video!
  • 2-Cousins

    can anyone help me??? I've been having problems for months now: the mod doesnt show up in MCM. Tried un/reinstalling, reorganising, etc. everything else is working. On the forum the only reply I got was that someone else had the same issue and the mod author only referred me to the forum.As a result of this i almost never turn into a succubus, because I cannot turn off hate, while I spend a LOT of time in cities. Not only that, I cannot even try out different appearances.... PLEASE can anyone help me????

  • Jon Newland

    What is that armor and where do you get it?

  • Viggo Forsberg

    The tail is really weird, all disoriented and shit like that :l, does anybody know how to fix this, new skeleton or something ?

  • skinny jason

    can she fly with those chicken wings?

  • biggydx

    Kinda would of liked it if they looked more demonic rather than a regular human with some devilish ornaments.

  • rami735

    She looks like lady gaga with Wings!

  • hypnodance

    "The ladies are making this room too hot." Totally! :D

  • King Crow

    The idea for it is great, but the wings are a real turn-off. Also, though I like the fact that there are custom skills for the race, I feel that it would be better suited as a racial skill, rather than an addition to the Conjuration tree. That's just me though. The mod is very well made. Kudos.

  • Primexp

    what is the succubus form id code

  • Derpazu

    The horns and wings don't show up for me. What could be the issue? :(

  • iceninja565

    if she was even hoter, she would make skyrim hoter then hammerfell

  • Jon Newland

    To late! Lol, just a little bit to late.

  • RedDragon8998

    Its a spell or a power cant remember it allows you to change form from human to succubus :3

  • lolololololololtoast

    The Elder scrolls, pinup

  • iceninja565

    that is its true form, the hidden form is the same, but with no horns, wings, of tails

  • Taiyi

    So what's their daily skill? A sperm sucking ability that drains target's stamina and restores your own?

  • Erico The 1st Osigwe

    its comes with the mod

  • Sviaveldi

    They're not really Succubi if they don't have wings, silly buns.

  • King Crow

    I understand that, but I mean, the actual model the mod maker uses for the wings are aesthetically displeasing to me. They look kinda fake to me.

  • Admiral Homura

    where the fuck do i find this outfit ingame????

  • DemonsSaviour

    give it this mod for Xbox360 to?

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