Zelda vs Peach

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Zelda and Peach settle their differences in a battle of the princesses!

Zelda - Olivia Wells

Peach - Raven Duda (http://instagram.com/arkade_blues/)

Assistant to the director - Elise Redding

Music - Pete Wells (http://goo.gl/ysTlgM)

Sound desgin - Matthew McMurry

VFX breakdown: https://youtu.be/34qE9DtyuV8

Zelda costume design: Alchemical Cosplay (https://www.facebook.com/AlchemicalCo...)

Light bow and arrow by Termina (https://www.facebook.com/terminacosplay)
  • Leona Ohai


  • Caleb Butler

    Fuck all you Zelda lovers mario is gooder bitches!!!!!!!

  • make up girl

    nooooooooo Peach!!!!!

  • kawaii girl YT

    Gana peach no zelda

  • Julia R.B

    Ni se metan Con la princesa Zelda porque es re bruta y aún hci link la ama y se casó Zelda y link

  • David Wilkins

    I was going for peach

  • That one guy

    4 years ago : Peach is going to win Now:Peach has no chance against Zelda

  • so crazy!

    The best theing about zelda is that she can turn into shealk

  • Schmidt Raimund

    Thats To easy its Zelda whit magik

  • Zuzu 132

    go zelda the zelda game roll!!!!!!!

  • Ty Rubedor

    2:54 What did Zelda do

  • らつみ Ratsumi

    2:45Goomba : oh, another princess ! I can capture her and give her to Bowser !Zelda : what is this crappy mushroom ?Goomba : om nom nom nom oh I love this breakfastZelda : stupid little crap get up the way !Goomba : aaaaah !Peach : OH SHIT

  • Damian Neirynck

    should make Mario vs Link as the sequel

  • TheGoldenWolf_ 76

    Their both hot girls who agrees and 2018?

  • Rosioh Conde

    Zelda always wins.Yas.

  • Eva Chase

    #teampeach Princess Peach is the best ❤

  • FrEeThInKeR

    Anyone else who just really wants that umbrella?


    The Goomba is so sweet

  • asasyn 777

    Why mario didnt save her?

  • Skyrim Mascot

    top ten saddest anime deaths

  • mrsbasia122

    I feel like Peach should have won, it was an accident!

  • Hydrem 56 #enfant

    Peach ! NO !!!!!!!!!

  • TheodoreTheRabbit

    Where's Mario when you need him?

  • The Crazy Boy

    Yeah Zelda is the best!!!!!👍👏👌

  • Dreamz


  • Dark Soul Deity

    To be honest, I thought Link would have to interfere and step in for Zelda. His entire purpose of life depends on keeping her safe, so I expected him to drive the Master Sword right through Peach’s heart, and to drive it right up her body through her neck and skull. Link takes more risks than Zelda ever did. So he would’ve have Peach bleeding out in under a minute.

  • Kennabees

    Zelda Is so much better than Peach. SORRY NOT SORRY

  • Midnight Luna

    Yeah way to go Zelda tell Peach who's the princess boss!!!

  • Toon Peter

    Zelda from Hyrule Warriors.

  • Jane Ghost

    Zelda You're So Mean. Princess Peach Should've Won.

  • CyanNetherSaurus

    I'm on teamZelda all the way

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