Skyrim Mods 95 - Kitiara, To-Dawg, Fire & Ice, Smart Cast, Regal Hunstman

In this week of Skyrim Mods, we don't buy Kitiara a drink, we don't mess with To-Dawg, we set riverwood on fire, and we build our own igloo and learn to cast smartly! (is that even a word?)

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Kitiara - Standalone Follower - Custom Voiced by DashingKnight
Hitokiri Follower Tomoe by borntoraisehell1979
Fire and Ice Overhaul by ApolloDown
DreamBurrows Regal Huntsman Armor by DreamBurrow
Smart Cast by NeoRunek

Tomoe Video by Slothability
  • Discord Overseer

    Can anyone find me that armor kitiara is wearing? (Cant check mod page since it doesnt exist q.q)

  • Lawn gamer


  • ryoendymon1

    sadly Kitiara was taken down

  • Anthony Stubley

    The huntsman armor looks like Assassin Creed armor. Lol. The first one kinda looks like the one that Edward wears in Black Flag.

  • MageRage

    Killed by drunken Imperials ? It sounds so familiar

  • Rogue

    can't get Kitiara - Standalone Follower because your link leeds to The file you requested was not found in our database, get this link fixed.

  • Browsignal

    heavily inspired? more like direct rip off :V

  • Voldebutt

    I honestly thought he called her "Big Toe" because he wanted to bang her on every piece of furniture he owns in his house.

  • Richard Torres

    Dancing bear was my favorite part lol

  • Josh Curry

    Someone watches twin muscle

  • Luke Crowther

    do things burn down with the fire+ice mod

  • Mercury Black

    Rurunoi Kenchin? The Hitokiri Battosai? As far I know that means Manslayer, so seeing that, then Hitokiri is Slayer?

  • Justin Morgan

    Dat HodgeTwins Intro reference though....

  • zack scarborough

    4:11 if u want to to see some pixalates tits

  • Xavi Xavinera

    does anyone know whats the music called in the background at 9:16

  • XPlus Bruno

    Ahah, hodgetwins intro

  • Eddy Girón

    Aaaaaaaahhhh!, this guy HAS to be kidding me!!!, the bear at the end playing the Pulp Fiction soundtrack....... I'm still crying out my laughter.

  • Warmed Pepper

    The "that real good" meme is so overused...but still funny.

  • A Shot of Whiskey

    I'm pretty sure that Tomoe is pronounced Toe-Moe-eh.

  • lawson lee

    kitiara no longer exists

  • Lawn gamer

    KITIARA'S LINK DOESNT WORK I WANT IT FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peri Lee

    The bear shredding on the lute is the best thing I've seen in my whole life.

  • Punky Panda

    now I'm just rewatching his old vids cuz remasterd is coming out soon and I'm hyped af.

  • Walt Man

    You have SkyUi.. just use the control groups

  • TheMaruder123

    4:10 boobs visible :D


    "supposed to be a special cut scene in between these two.."Uses console commands to fix it, nothing happens. 10/10 great review for a Beautiful follower."moving on to Kitiara's slightly less popular..."Gorgeous follower has been fame shamed, 10/10 will download the mod.

  • senksful

    MxR Mods, whi kill girls??? You gey????

  • Sir Senpaimaster

    Can i get Kitiara's hair somewhere?

  • Alex tokki

    of course, she is Japanese character.. she is a hitokiri( lone samurai / without the master) and she has Japanese name Tomoe( tomo-e) LMAObut its awesome.. good job

  • Dorvuzak Uzn

    Damn it man… you got some skillz to make sexy thumbnails.

  • TØP trash


  • Janez Gale

    kitiara isn't on nexusmods lair >=(

  • Rick Woods

    Whats the guitar music at 8:51 I've heard it so many times but idk the name

  • Codie McKee

    The name is Japanese and is pronounced Toe-mo-eh

  • pearfence28

    Tomoe pronounced "To-mo-ee"

  • Kristatos Durgan

    Too bad, Kitiara is no longer available in Nexus.

  • Mercury Black

    Anyone have the UNPBB - Customized UNP Body mod file? or know where I can find the file set?

  • Homer InNC

    Kititara was a character in the Dragonlance series..

  • johnnyblaze78 JJ

    hey how do you come up w your intro for your channel

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