Skyrim Mods 95 - Kitiara, To-Dawg, Fire & Ice, Smart Cast, Regal Hunstman

In this week of Skyrim Mods, we don't buy Kitiara a drink, we don't mess with To-Dawg, we set riverwood on fire, and we build our own igloo and learn to cast smartly! (is that even a word?)

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Kitiara - Standalone Follower - Custom Voiced by DashingKnight
Hitokiri Follower Tomoe by borntoraisehell1979
Fire and Ice Overhaul by ApolloDown
DreamBurrows Regal Huntsman Armor by DreamBurrow
Smart Cast by NeoRunek

Tomoe Video by Slothability
  • Rogue

    can't get Kitiara - Standalone Follower because your link leeds to The file you requested was not found in our database, get this link fixed.

  • Dorvuzak Uzn

    Damn it man… you got some skillz to make sexy thumbnails.

  • pearfence28

    Tomoe pronounced "To-mo-ee"

  • Rusty Runner

    if only i had a great computer and skyrim on the pc... but no Q.Q im stuck with a lv 130 badass character that deserves more advanture and has still not beaten dragon born or the main story line quest cuase i know the advanture ends there cause ps3... enough said... wish for more advanture(dawngaurd and mostly all the other quest have been abused so much that im running out of ideas, eventually ill have no choice but to finish the last two story quest)... maybe someday ill get the pc i want get all this great mods and move my save file to pc and continue the badass advanture Q.Q.... need hardcore quest legendarys no longer good enough

  • Mercury Black

    Rurunoi Kenchin? The Hitokiri Battosai? As far I know that means Manslayer, so seeing that, then Hitokiri is Slayer?

  • handsinthefire

    Tomoe could be from Akavir...I mean...the snake people have an Asian style weapon and armor fetish.

  • ryoendymon1

    sadly Kitiara was taken down

  • Justin Morgan

    Dat HodgeTwins Intro reference though....

  • Alex tokki

    of course, she is Japanese character.. she is a hitokiri( lone samurai / without the master) and she has Japanese name Tomoe( tomo-e) LMAObut its awesome.. good job

  • Janez Gale

    kitiara isn't on nexusmods lair >=(

  • TØP trash


  • Anthony Stubley

    The huntsman armor looks like Assassin Creed armor. Lol. The first one kinda looks like the one that Edward wears in Black Flag.

  • Sir Vixsa

    when i saw kitiara in the description, i thought it meant from dragonlance lol

  • Kristatos Durgan

    Too bad, Kitiara is no longer available in Nexus.


    "supposed to be a special cut scene in between these two.."Uses console commands to fix it, nothing happens. 10/10 great review for a Beautiful follower."moving on to Kitiara's slightly less popular..."Gorgeous follower has been fame shamed, 10/10 will download the mod.

  • Sir Senpaimaster

    Can i get Kitiara's hair somewhere?

  • Voldebutt

    I honestly thought he called her "Big Toe" because he wanted to bang her on every piece of furniture he owns in his house.

  • Lawn gamer

    KITIARA'S LINK DOESNT WORK I WANT IT FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Punky Panda

    now I'm just rewatching his old vids cuz remasterd is coming out soon and I'm hyped af.

  • DragonHeart

    Tomo-e you always speak all vocals in japanesse names/words ;)

  • Mercury Black

    Anyone have the UNPBB - Customized UNP Body mod file? or know where I can find the file set?

  • Browsignal

    heavily inspired? more like direct rip off :V

  • Elijah Schuyler

    I can't help but feel like you copy the HodgeTwins sometimes.

  • Luke Crowther

    do things burn down with the fire+ice mod

  • Homer InNC

    Kititara was a character in the Dragonlance series..

  • Discord Overseer

    Can anyone find me that armor kitiara is wearing? (Cant check mod page since it doesnt exist q.q)

  • Charana Mandarins

    You watch too much hodge twins man

  • Lawn gamer


  • Varsam Grey

    Serana totally sat in the fire and died lol

  • Eddy Girón

    Aaaaaaaahhhh!, this guy HAS to be kidding me!!!, the bear at the end playing the Pulp Fiction soundtrack....... I'm still crying out my laughter.

  • lawson lee

    kitiara no longer exists

  • Xavi Xavinera

    does anyone know whats the music called in the background at 9:16

  • johnnyblaze78 JJ

    hey how do you come up w your intro for your channel

  • Rick Woods

    Whats the guitar music at 8:51 I've heard it so many times but idk the name

  • zack scarborough

    4:11 if u want to to see some pixalates tits

  • My Figures PT

    Ahah, hodgetwins intro

  • Warmed Pepper

    The "that real good" meme is so overused...but still funny.

  • TheMaruder123

    4:10 boobs visible :D

  • MageRage

    Killed by drunken Imperials ? It sounds so familiar

  • A Shot of Whiskey, formerly TessaFowler 4Wife

    I'm pretty sure that Tomoe is pronounced Toe-Moe-eh.

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