FELLOUT 4 (Fallout 4 Cartoon Parody) в хорошем качестве hd 720 новинки фантастика

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A cartoon parody by Matthew Shezmen
  • CriticalShot 4637

    14:37 GTFO=Get The Fuck Out... really?

  • Sir Sentry

    Bitch why does codsworth have only 2 eyes

  • Wendell Smith

    so many references plz moar

  • Skutzy

    5:26 Back to the future reference and mission name.

  • VesperTiger 720

    sooooooooo many easter eggs

  • Its Harry

    So i guess dogmeats too cool to be killed

  • Efka Prod.

    I can't stop pressing the repeat button, I love this style of animation. Good luck with your future projects. (P.S so late)

  • miss horizon

    Lol after the close the door the robot go nuts then sweared lel.

  • Green Skullz

    4:49 the poster 😂 😂 😂

  • Morgan Radford

    I GOT BEERS!" *holds nuka cola

  • Agentcatfish

    Does this Fallout game take place in America or in Sweden?

  • Benjamin White

    Nice fallout 3 reference... (The part where they are eating Pizza... specifically what they were talking about)

  • King Schick

    13:28 YAAAAY!!!! 13:36 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MsTwinsmama2

    :me use iphone in fallout 4 :ghoul hits it out a My hand :me WHAT DA FUCH!?

  • Mateusz Zielinski

    Who saw a bfg 9000 at 0:25?

  • Surege2ra GT

    Pornhub wtf my 5 years old brother saw it 👿

  • Jeremy Banker

    That was hilarious...

  • Camilo Contreras

    was amazing. thanks!

  • Gloria Christopher

    i saw a eyebot. i also saw a bunch of robots

  • der 10te

    I love the Easter eggs xD especially the Evangelion one xD

  • Iraq Lobster

    I like the ending best

  • Roro-Max-1501

    10:02 Waouh ! My favorite site !

  • MB Bros

    What 10k dis likes this is awsome

  • Tristan Wilson

    Did anyone see the BFG 9000 at 00:25

  • Johnnytube Tech

    Gtfo is get the Fuck out

  • TheH1ttm4n

    haha, dead rising 2 reference!

  • SemperVigilans20

    12m19s I like that Monkey Island reference! Look! A three headed monkey!

  • Exotic Blaster

    Who else noticed the lightsaber at 7:00

  • Corvo Attano

    This is incredible I'd pay to watch this about £10.99 or in the more obvious sense £11.00

  • Sanela Fućak

    Omg look at those trees.......I hate winter worst season ever!

  • Sa nz

    10:10 when my addiction started

  • PrinceLawless

    Now I wonna play Fallout 4 xD

  • Dr. John Zoidberg


  • chewie baca

    The time machine top left corner 5:23

  • Darth Vader

    Technology never changes...

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