The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Walkthrough - Hearthfire DLC - Part 1 - Cuttin' Logs


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Hearthfire DLC - Part 1
With Commentary

Xbox 360 Gameplay

  • kentucky Fried chicken

    does this guy not no how to edit

  • Weena Bell

    hahaha hold on did he just said 20,000 was alot? Ha..HAHA 20,000 that's funny I HAVE 12,000,000 HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆

  • kurtis donald

    This guy is a fucking idiot.

  • kentucky Fried chicken

    it says buy lumber not cut it you idiot i have not playerd it or seen it before but i think there is supposed to be a person there but it is probably glitched

  • Kevin Neira

    omfg I thought the comments were being assholes but this guy is dumb af

  • Scarlet Kuroyukihime

    Sorry, no hate but this guy is a noob. But no hate man, no hate.

  • king kion

    you idiot it's firewood you don't use the lumber then you use the chopping axe

  • a bagel

    "If you're not gonna make me a sandwich get out of the way" woah what a straight savage

  • Hood_ Guy

    +Kevin Neira wow he played this when it first came out and it's four years later and he's being judged mabey he doesn't know how to do it because he doesn't sit down and play skyrim for 12 hours a day so he doesn't know how to get the lumber

  • Aiden HOBES

    skyrim belongs to the nords!

  • Michael Sanders

    the is a mod for it

  • Lovington Spurz

    I hope you're dead

  • Javen Epperson

    I wish they would add a Dlc where you can be an jarl and decide what your village do but still go on quest

  • Dovah Kiin

    Well we finally made it to Hearthfire Dan yay! I'm looking forward to seeing you build your house and stuffs this will be awesome for sure! ^^ Yeah Dan but the Imperials tried to kill you at the start of the game. Oh dear Dan, I don't know if you remember but back for the Dark Brotherhood you killed the vampires whom ran the mill. :(

  • Bob James

    @kurtis Donald SHUT UP

  • DR. Frankenstein

    holy shit 40 seconds for a loading screen? jesus christ, how can you play like this.

  • Ryan Clark

    stormcloaks for life

  • Q Skyshark

    the courier didnt gave me the letter of that steward what do i do??

  • Zohair Mohammad

    hey i just downloaded hearthfire to get serena

  • RoryTGM

    do i need the legendary edition for it or can i use the normal one

  • It'sEuan

    Anyone excited for Skyrim remastered

  • BIGGUY Iceman

    stormcloaks for the win

  • Jordan Spencer

    u need to bye the lumber from the owner's of the mills

  • Logan Ford

    dummy your supposed to go to the house to buy it

  • Brodie Loucks

    this guy is so stupid

  • BIGGUY Iceman

    stormclocks for life 😂😂

  • A Nobody

    Holy shit your only lvl 29

  • Simply a Fish

    Most of the people in this comment section are meanGive this guy a chance

  • Chaz Williams

    I loved this dlc idk why many people didnt like it

  • Stealth Ninja

    I have more gold 803,913 gold on me droud

  • Frostbite FIEND


  • green lightning gamming

    20k gold is not much after playing the game for 100 hours at one time i have over 200k gold

  • Edgy Gamer

    a lot of gold? LOL I GOT 90 K XD

  • Frying pan gaming

    This doc won't work for me I'm playing playing on the PS3 can you help me

  • Lanyat Ghee

    You might already know this dude i warn you must not. Cross vampirism to stage 4

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