[Skyrim] Stream Highlights #3 - "With a twist"

Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/empyriangaming
Twitter: https://twitter.com/empyriangaming
Discord: https://discord.gg/CrWw3MW

I kinda like J'zargo.

Outro music:
Vanilla - Too Much
  • Kajetan G ̇ ͜ʟ ̇

    Forgot about this game, i'm installing skyrim right now...

  • Darkmass

    Even wild animals are richer than me..

  • GeX223

    YOU HAVE BEEN VISITED BY THE ISLAMIC TRUCK OF TOLERANCE____________¶___|religion of peace ||l “”|””\__,_|______________|||__|__|__|](@)@)*******(@)(@)**(@)POST THIS IN ANOTHER VIDEO OR THE PEACE TRUCK WILL COME TO YOUR COUNTRY AND KILL YOUR MOTHER IN HER SLEEP!

  • Donavan Cargin

    I ask for it to be longer and it's shorter 😭, haha na amazing stuff as per usual


    That mage got no chill

  • O o

    Damn, i died on the jihad moment xDRemind of 'who do you fight for, exile?' by eruerufuno advertising, but if you haven't seen it- find it on youtube :D'

  • hergendy

    That's why you don't go to crazy mage chick's dorm on the first night... You never know what will you become

  • NoReXx

    how dare you make me laugh so hard, my sides hurt xD

  • Empyriangaming

    If I offended any jihadists with this video... good. Bad ideas are supposed to be ridiculed :D

  • MrShroomed

    lmao the music when you suicided bombed the skeleton was on point.

  • Tomm666Y

    this video was a plesure

  • David Stridh

    Download skyui Kappa

  • Morina xD

    Yes i mean america created isis and all the wars in the war blame them

  • Melon Army

    just do what every skyrim player does... sloooooodefy it! with "big titteeee statue" mods, slut folowers and girly animation and body mods....... be a man! men


    Stop horsing around Brelyna

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