IF NORA MARRIED A WOMAN.. - Fallout 4 Mods - Week 58






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  • gogos1073

    mxr pleas stop useing the piracy app mod drop they are despicable pepole is it better than nmm fuck yes butt they are DISPICABLEE

  • Tom Hayes

    Soylent Green is people.

  • Vance Mckeon

    soilent green its people iITS PEEEEOOOOOPPPPLLLLEEEE

  • Lazlo Arcadia

    So i'm noticing that you are endorsing Mod Drop, no hate here, however with all the controversy surrounding it why not do a video about it and clear the air with what is going on with it? Perhaps compare it to ModPicker.com which does almost the same thing but gives credit to the original mod and encourage folks to check out the alternatives? Just saying.

  • Christopher Evans

    This is probably the best YouTuber I've seen in a minute, funny af and has the hottest nora I've ever seen

  • Murasaki Ookami

    Okay for the same sex marriage mod what is you play as a guy and want to be married to a guy?

  • Michael Williams

    @MXR why do you support moddrop?

  • Massimo

    I just saw that you support mod drop i'm sorry but I'll unsubscribe

  • Faze_ Chicken36

    dogmeat looks like a platapuss

  • Aarans8

    thiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthiccthicc... meat

  • Toga Gaming

    Thiccmeat looks like a platapus

  • Ezts Holt

    Mod drop? MOD DROP? This is surely going to get outrage soon.#StopModDrop

  • NecrographerNate

    You need to pull this episode for endorsing ModDrop.They steal and reupload mods without the developers consent and Elianora is fucking pissed about it, dude.Pull this episode, make an episode bringing awareness to ModDrop for mod piracy. Because right now you're on her shitlist, dude.

  • Regan Hughes


  • ulph97

    I have a mod addiction, i must have my fix of mods, I have currently 159 active mods. * cries silently *

  • J. Alexander

    2:35 what weapon mod is that?!?!

  • Reallyfuckingbored likealot

    That ModDrop deal sounds shady as fuck.

  • Justen Steinfeldt

    @Mxr Mods, dude you should really drop and redact mod drop. Seriously, there's tons of heat coming down and I love your channel, I don't wanna see you suffer for being involved with pirates.

  • TostiTostelli

    MXR supports mod drop. proof that anyone can be bought. Unsubscribed.

  • Jonathan Cook

    OMG I was watching sorenova a moment ago and thought "hmm thiccmeat looks familiar... Wait a minute! MxR did a show case! Damn how did I forget!

  • FIVES10

    What is the name of the intro song

  • mahki wright

    Good at drawing good intro

  • Devin Munroe

    i want your characters preset tho lol

  • Nathaniel Dumas

    Thicc meat is a walking welcome mat you could port it into skyrim and call it walking rug

  • serena180

    nora i is glad she is with a girl guys are eww suck and ruin this game

  • Rebecca

    About moddrop https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/comments/6ors8c/moddrop_whats_this_about/

  • Jonathan Pinkerton

    Most of this was good except for the part that me cancer. Good job getting through this MxR.

  • serena180

    how do u get all this on ps4 i want vault girl in my pip girl tp i hate pip boy it should be called pip girl and have pip girl in it wants a ps4 mod for that and id love a ps4 mod where u get clouds buster sword

  • daBImA

    Still supporting Mod Drop? The modding site that STEALS mods from other people without their consent... Disgusting!!

  • Sparro Sereg'Rochben

    fun fact, ModDrop was started by a known and proven content thief, who monetized other peoples content stolen from the nexus on their own site to make money off other peoples hard work and add revenue. but if you wanna attach your name to that shit MxR go for broke son

  • M M

    Thicmeat is just lame. The joke of the name falls flat (the real point of the mod) and it looks completely UNimmersive!Stop non-immersion mods ffs

  • Gregory Wade

    Thick meat was the best and funniest by far

  • Amy Redfern

    Please stop endorsing mod drop. Their intellectual property theft is illegal and will reflect badly on you for supporting them. I'd like for you to not lose face over this.

  • reflectedtooth

    Who is subscribed to Sorenova?

  • GameDuchess

    Due to your support of Mod Drop, I am unsubscribing from your YouTube and all of your social media. Supporting mod theft and the abuse of modders is reprehensible and there is no justification. I'm very disappointed in you.

  • Ri-Man Junkie

    "Thicc meat" I nearly died just then

  • Kaiodenic

    Promoting a service that allows people's hard work to be stolen? Work which allows your channel to exist? Smooth. Real smooth.When's that G2A partnership coming btw-OH WAITEdit: I was finished writing that last sentence before realising he's affiliated with G2A. Come on, this is too easy.


    Come for the thick stay for the mods....And thicc

  • Rohver

    Sorenova getting REPRESENTED

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