CREEPY INCEST MOD - Skyrim Mods - #209

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AnimalPajama by Keung
Skyrim Tanker Neisa by Pandea_Work
PC Head Tracking and Voice Type by HHaleyy
Dressed Hearthfire Doll by uni_SL
  • nemi sutton

    just when i thought mxr's vids couldn't get anymore fucked up, jfc....

  • Poision Ivy

    were can I find neisa on the nexus and what page is she on for skyrim se?

  • MegaSuncuT

    what kind of mods are you using where your character walks like that and those clothes

  • William Wilson

    what is the music at 6:50??

  • Static Board

    Ass cleaveage and boob cleaveage is the samething. Just depends which one is firmer. Boobs should never be firmer than ass, or they're probably fake.

  • Gavin Hazan

    The click bait is strong with this one

  • Remy Cajin

    Anyone else lost it at the Panda scene? Lmao I had to spit up my water lol

  • The Marine708

    Does any one know if the pc head tracking is available for xbox?

  • Jason Uchiha

    Ummm, Guys..  Did somebody  forget about my favorite mushroom in Skyrim? COUGH CHOKES  Pino CHOKES COUGH

  • Edwin Mejia

    Hopefully the Abandoned Temple doesn't destroy the framerate.Tanker Neisa seems very capable in combat 😎

  • Makie

    3:51 Hey, that crystal looks exactly like Varla Stone from Oblivion

  • AwesomeVindicator

    why is this recommended to me...........

  • GatedSunOne

    Your reaction to Neisa on the other video and your breakdown of her in this one has guaranteed she will be the one of the first things I download, man.I haven't laughed this hard from a User reaction in AGES.

  • ReadySetPrepper

    Welp im done with your videos, retard using clickbait to get veiws.

  • El Spudman

    She's got huge.... uh, tracts of land!

  • boldbearings

    Heheh, that pig suit. So snuggly.

  • hypernova132

    Neisa = Mommy GF: The mod

  • Gabriel Leonardo

    Did MxR just advertise a Skyrim Barbie doll?

  • Kate Hawkins

    What is the emperor robe mod thing you've got?

  • Jaden Batts

    im trying to download the abandoned temple with the megasync installation and it wont load in game? im so confused, plz help. im not used to downloading with anything but nexus

  • Überfat Kraych

    that shit with the shivers... FUK OFFF

  • River Greystoke II

    So, basically, Neisa is Tamriel's Camilla(FE: Fates). Except she's more like a Hero class instead of a Malig Knight.

  • NightlingX

    when the oblivion music played i was like 0 _ 0

  • Oliver Fidler

    I don't know if it's just me but he sounds a tiny bit like pewds?

  • JWE

    Any one know which mods he used to create the characters in the thumbnail?

  • TickingTime

    5:04 Instructions unclear, dick stuck in center gyro.

  • Tan Turkmenoglu

    4:21 Jesus fuck Neisa's titties are shining brighter than the sun plz nerf the boob lighting

  • IA Gamer

    What's the clothing mod that he's using for his character? The blue dress with the stockings?

  • Purge Rator

    ahhhhh I got the shivers

  • wesam koja


  • PuRe x ZENI

    just a random comment passing by

  • Snow Chimp

    senpi where the incest?

  • powerthunfisch des donners

    the first mod is basicly a more creepy camilla out fe:fates °L°

  • Twych

    hayyy, mxr do you play gw2, cuz ur using some of the music and idk, i wanted to know xD

  • That Damn Guy Again

    Damn.Neisa's milk brings all the boys to the yard..

  • serena180

    I want lesbian incest mod and the pajamas mod i want a working ps4 lesbian sex mod

  • Nate Dogg

    looked like an ass on her chest

  • Meagan Kelly

    i am sorry i am going to draw fan art and there is no stopping me .....

  • The Monkey King

    Can someone please tell me the mod he has to make his character look so realistic like the hair face and body

  • Plutralias

    I want tattoos like in the thumbnail...

  • michael bennett

    Sometimes u sound like pewdiepie

  • OkayxPowerz

    wait how did ur character dance like that bruh xD like is there a mod i can get? i need that xDoh and the poses she does

  • Jesus Mangas

    Skyrim comunity have reached their peak... There's nothing else to see.

  • Jason Uchiha


  • Vatan Kömürcü

    "Except braith, fuck braith."

  • wolfy boy

    where is the incest?? I WAS PROMISED INCEST!!


    incest is the best, give your sister the test

  • zangatti

    that look on her face LOL

  • Emanuel

    Its not incest if its yuri

  • fajtik

    "She has great personality..." - I couldn't take anymore :D

  • TJChaos

    That Panda drop though, damn fine editing. wtb full version.

  • Bozhidar Petkov

    Background music is from Guild Wars 2, no ?

  • Alina Johnsson

    he sounds like pewdiepie

  • WYLLi bAoB tHay mEng

    I'm orgasming because of the abandoned temple mod!!!

  • Michael Angelini

    "I ain't done nothin' wrong" I freaking hate that drunk guy.

  • Christopher Griffin

    Why so many God Damn good mods are nod obtainable on steam workshop! ;__________;

  • Matheus Gomes Medeiros

    When he shows you how many visits your Roblox place has 7:53

  • Freeze

    5:07 Is there a miss that makes it a loading screen replacer? I need that as a loading screen, it's so funny.

  • APhilosophicalCow

    Neisa? Yuriana is better...

  • Tessla

    @MxR Mods Wait, what was with the slutty emperor robes? What mod is that?


    i want this armor mod in real life its cute !!!!!!

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