DBXV2:Top 5 BEST Custom Transformation MODS[Villains]

My personal top 5 of the BEST Custom Transformations for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 regarding Villains only. These transformations obviously aren't part of the original vanilla game, and have been modified. To be more specific, the transformations are

1. Cooler Transforming into his 5th Form

2. First Form Frieza Transforming into his Final Form/4th Form, and then his Golden Form

3. Mira Transforming into his Final Form

4. Goku Black Transforming into Super Saiyan Rose, and then SSR KK X5. With different animation

5. Fused Zamasu Transforming into his Light of Justice Form. And even another giant transformation.

In terms of the person responsible for the mods:

Credit to Lazybone
  • Ramiro Avila

    That music sounds so Spiderman like

  • CGR us

    Now get out of my sight ! Kamehamehouuuuaaaaaaa !

  • Oi eu sou Benny!

    Im the only who dont like Freeza english voice...

  • Clash Playz

    Golden Frieda vs fused zamasue a god

  • Emperor Galvatronus


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