DBXV2:Top 5 BEST Custom Transformation MODS[Villains]

My personal top 5 of the BEST Custom Transformations for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 regarding Villains only. These transformations obviously aren't part of the original vanilla game, and have been modified. To be more specific, the transformations are

1. Cooler Transforming into his 5th Form

2. First Form Frieza Transforming into his Final Form/4th Form, and then his Golden Form

3. Mira Transforming into his Final Form

4. Goku Black Transforming into Super Saiyan Rose, and then SSR KK X5. With different animation

5. Fused Zamasu Transforming into his Light of Justice Form. And even another giant transformation.

In terms of the person responsible for the mods:

Credit to Lazybone
  • Brown 021

    The Golden Frieza Race transformation IS cool, don't get me wrong.... But I would like the other transformations more.... Have us customize each transformation... That'd catch Frieza Races up to the Saiyans number of transformations real quick lol.It'd be cool! Each transformation would have its own moveset! Then, depending on the situation, we could use a specific transformation! For example:Dealing with a running bitch online? The Assault form, or the Xenomorph look-alike. It has increased speed and maybe changes it's ki-blasts to something more rapid-fire. Need more muscle and strength? The Second Form. Need more power? Final Form.I was just thinking...... If a fucking MODDER of someone elses game could make a frieza race transform (Cooler), why can't the original people that made the damn game do the same?

  • Emperor Galvatronus


  • KAIsibs Does Gaming

    Divine Lasso is so hard to land! I can only land five needles while the other two miss.

  • Landon Moss DBZ

    Aren't most of the transformations based off of the cut scenes

  • Future Warrior AMV

    FACT: the "light of justice" of zamasu is not supposed to exist because it did not happen in the manga. Deal with it.

  • Ramiro Avila

    That music sounds so Spiderman like

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