Skyrim Romance Mod Stream: Extreme Thirst

I've never been this thirsty in my life. YES THERE WILL BE AN LP OF THIS WITH SEX ANIMTIONS. -- Watch live at
  • 01BugLady

    I'll slit your throats if you give me som dîck

  • homeiswonderland

    Oh wow Bishop, new voice! ...It's interesting.

  • Turkish

    so the developer said that someday she will make a version for guys the hype is so real

  • annathecunt

    Has anyone else noticed one of the girls when you try the dresses is called Lexa? I think the entire country heard my yelling .

  • 01BugLady

    My goodness this is so cute

  • Taime

    Mari to Stacy: "I think this would be a let's play that people want. What do you think"Me internally screaming: "THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I SUBSCRIBED TO YOUR CHANNEL!!!!"

  • Ellie Coco

    When you play skyrim on Playstation 3 and you know you'll never be able to experience this mod except for watching other people play it.😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👎👎👎👎👎

  • xRawriix

    what is skyrim actually about.. like gameplay..

  • Yazmarohma42

    Secuce Casavir! Let him break his vow!

  • Prodigy'sDoomedParadise

    dude the way mari acts with this mod is how i act when i play otome games XD or any game for that matter that involves romance lmao :3 glad to see im not the only one :D

  • lazorize

    isnt this the mod that plagiarazed a bunch of shit from Neverwinter Nights 2?

  • KazumiShiunsai

    omg this is the best thing in life!

  • cheeseburgerblox

    "This better be gay", I love you 😂😂

  • Erin Sian Wynn

    I love watching LP's of this mod and it's been so funny watching Mari play it, but does some of the stuff Bishop says make anyone else uncomfortable? It just comes across a little rapey to me idk.. Maybe it's because I'm gay or I'm missing context, but all the 'whether you like it or not' just creeps me out.

  • John Fered

    Lmao, this is too funny

  • Macayla Springs

    I love you😍 your so cool.

  • Yazmarohma42

    I think those NPC's are just there for catcalling.

  • SugaKookies

    lol I subscribe after only watching you for a few minutes.XD I already love you

  • Mad Max24

    Are there bachelorettes that come with this romance mod?

  • Yazmarohma42

    I think you need MODS to have sex with him.

  • Samual L. Sheperd

    >I saw the title of this and thought "this'll go one of 2 ways">"barbs on their penis? even better" regular at bad dragon huh?>not having SKYUI so you can manage your mods in game, not watching MXR Skyrim mods weekly for great mods. are you sure you're not a scrub?>you like tsundere don't you squidward>I don't like how the familiar is always a wolf I thing it should be a dragon if they need it to be default but really should be random or something because I'm pretty sure it's suppose to be representative of you.>gezz even YOUR chat hates furries. I know they have an unusual level of cancer in their (fandom? club? I don't know what to call a group for people that share the same fetish) but dang even SJWs?>really you can play on ultra high, you suck I bought a gaming computer and can't get past medium. It's to be expected I guess I'm on a hard budget and stuff and it was a $1000 on sale for christmas for 500 or so.>Stacy we have a sexy game emergency, call you sexy game police" "mari I'm not playing porn games with you" "come on, we're friends" "this isn't something friends do" "yes it is I've seen it on... tv" "where on tv?" "Porn-" "I'm going home">"would you like something elven made?" "no thanks I'm looking for something a little more Nor-di(c)K>We're changing our channel name it will no longer be know as 'geek remix' it is now 'freak remix' and we will know longer be doing lets plays they will be called 'sex plays'

  • Aitana Parrilla

    the wolf is not amuse

  • C North

    Mari is half scottish and japanese.... bagpipes and you know she's kinky AF! Just don't ask which goes where ;)

  • emmzlyyy -

    Mari's giggling is the cutest thing.

  • ro lynn

    You are such a geek and i love you for it. <3

  • Epic Animal

    does anyone know if this mod is on Xbox

  • TreeThatBarks 101

    yay! I am also a breton. immunnnnne toooooo magicccc

  • Belladona Poi

    I had so much fun with u, even though I've played the mod before ^^ "Hope you play the new version when is out :D New subscriber <3

  • Britteny Kees

    you guys are so cool I think your vids are awesome

  • YT FlashingRedFangs

    holy shiiiit! when he said the l word i litterally lay there screaming with hands over my mouth from half a freaking hour caus i didnt want my brother to run in XDi am WAY too invested in this mod, XDlove the channel btw

  • els ie178

    Am I the only one feels uncomfortable with bishop..?

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