CUTE RAGDOLLING - Skyrim Mods - Week 159

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Sotteta Necromancer Outfit UNP - CBBE by Deserter X – Mitosuke
Balloon (with Havok physics) by Anton
Immersive Idiots - Roderick Redbeard by Someguy
Noir ENB -- Fogbound by Rusey
Cute Female Ragdoll by boogibogie
  • Artem Korsun

    In the balloon mod the voice is saing"Haw you dare!You will be punished" on russian language.

  • Pedro Santa Ana

    fucking bleach reference

  • Rizal Faizin

    Holy Talos,,,,, Who make this mod ?

  • chixieme

    im literally in love with ur vids im dead hahahahahaah subscribed so fast dude ur hilarioussssssssss

  • F4t N3wb

    I remember somewhere you reviewed a mod with some badass magic bows that shot spell effects but I can't find it. I've seen it in a few other videos but I'd like to know the name if you can remember

  • James -Metapod- Harden

    modding noob here i wanted to know how you get you face beautiful im playing a male character and i want him to look like sasuke cus i got the uchiha mad if you could help that would be great

  • werewolfgal1

    I personally prefer desaturated, darker, slightly blurred ENB's. Not pure black and white but definitely less colourful. To be fair though, I wear a lot of darker clothing, and bright colours actually hurt my eyes. The blurring just hides some of the shittier base graphics, lol.

  • Hone Mackey-Pasene

    please list music used 😕 really want that song that plays while cute tag dolls is on, someone help please???

  • Harri Lahtinen

    how do I pepper my angus

  • Matthew Sawpaul

    That Noir ENB needs to come to fallout 4. Plus some new detective cases to do with Nick.

  • leoric21

    Roderick looks like the main wildling from Game of Thrones.

  • TheGamingBats

    The only question is are these mods... IMMERSIVE!!!!!

  • Thorstein Norman

    Nori ENB - Fogbound seems to be inspired by the game Betrayer, when in the spirit world

  • Daehawk

    That wrapping paper armor is DAMN sexy.

  • PiperTheos


  • Harri Lahtinen

    Fuuuuck. my vid started on 240. rage

  • Seanohaha

    thank god we have MxR

  • Jostabeere

    So what's the armor your follower is wearing?

  • Mystikarp

    "pepper your Angus's" -mxr

  • Anonymous person

    holy shit skyrim combat is jest like sex

  • PinkDovah

    Roderick Redbeard is like skyrims Deadpool. Obsessed with mens balls.

  • The silver Shoe

    I got a elder scrolls ad before this video about skyrim. An elder scrolls game.

  • Shotsof762

    "soula society" i fucking died

  • silver23768

    Anyone know what ENB he's using?

  • Phoenix Pulse89

    I've tried so hard to find the miners clothes you are wearing on the video and i can't what mod is it?

  • Dangerosu

    "No necro" I DYED! XDDefinitely one of the funniest episodes ever :)

  • Matthew Smith

    "preper your anguses" is what I heard at the start.

  • Ryan Derpingsøn

    Fucked up Humour and Slooty Mods, You're sick. Subscribed.

  • Papyrus the gaming skeleton 123

    The Dwemer balloon animation reminds me of the first skylanders game

  • brandon anderson

    just starting creation kit today and want to be known for asome creations I will make nice holiday creations etc and even pirite ships and empty islands that will let you build like you would in harthfire I will make alot of items static to be allowed to be pick up in game and even make them emersive for the more emersive people my idea is to bring more creative ideas to be made by the game player to build in game

  • PheckZ

    Can't forget the balls man, these balls are so mystical and magical, that I can just keep touching them. When you touch them, they sort of just retract and then expand, it's just so awesom, ah man, I can just stare and touch these balls like every day.

  • Ginny Weasley

    Does mxr stand for something?If it does what is it?

  • dragon doesgaming

    i cant get the balloon mod for me it claims now all the data is in the main file so it wont run

  • Mateus Deathbringer

    Rewatching the entire series, cuz its fun

  • EpicTrollolol 69

    90% of skyrim users pick female characters.Hottest girls. Big boobs and asses.omg boobies. 🎥😋

  • Bisqui 비스뀌

    Roderic the ballslover

  • Sk8er Of Bodom

    Holy shit the animation on that balloon control thingy or whatever that is... How is that even possible?

  • Sunshine Archlight

    This was Russian language 😆

  • SevaBlue

    Yep, definetly russian. Someting about... "How dare you? You will be punished!".

  • Oleksandr Zelentsov

    This message in language you don't know it's in Russian

  • TØP trash

    6:57 "GOOD DAY SIR!"

  • ArkFiya

    LF> Modest cute/poofy dress/ lolita mods for in game cosplay reasons

  • AlcorZeta

    LOL "No pedo- no WTF no necro"

  • Creeper Bowman

    I have an x-wing mod

  • kenny Dude

    wht is the mods u use to make ur character?

  • Phoenix Pulse89

    Could someone please tell me how I could get those clothes?

  • Bmo144 White

    did any body get an boner when they saw the ragdoll part?

  • Hone Mackey-Pasene

    hats the cute ragdoll song???

  • Landon Yazzie

    very great job! aesthetic! amazing! immersive!

  • beril şevval bekret

    well dwemer had flying airships so...I am pretty sure there is some hot air baloon diagram out there in some dwemer ruin ;)

  • Cherry Cream

    8:23 SIN CITY MOD :D

  • Devlos Marona

    happy 3-4 years of fun and mods

  • Arianna Valentine

    love your videos so great and your commentary hilarious.

  • Nikki Bay

    MxR it has been 1113 days and 26712 hours

  • jake winchester

    i just spent like 30 minutes trying to go through all your videos trying to find the noir enb i couldnt remember the name

  • Water cat

    "i can stare and touch these balls every day" - MxR 2015

  • Teresa Owl

    who here is a stormcloak

  • cory leonard

    the noir enb kinda reminds me of limbo

  • jarl dragonborn

    what's the intro song called

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