MASTER OF DISGUISE! - Skyrim Mods - Week 180

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Lost Grimoire of Skyrim by Steelfeathers
Master of Disguise
Musketeer Mod by Yurica by Yurica
Dragon Carved Armor Set by hideto84
The Ravens Breezehome by iWilliBlecha
  • Elite Rebel Gaming

    what armor replacer is he using during the master of disguse mod?

  • WASD Fit

    is it just me or does he sound congested as fuck?

  • Edwin Mejia

    Lost Grimiore, Dragon Carved Armor + Master if Disguise = OP 👍👍👍👍

  • Tumult Erudition


  • Cory the Cheeki Breeki

    Haha, chemistry joke.

  • Blue Dragon

    "The Ravens Breezehome" have a high performance impact?

  • Dollar

    I cant find that outro song! Anybody know what its called?

  • lordmatthijs13

    that mask on the tumbnail, what mod was that?

  • bongleberry

    5:42 Trump is president.

  • mario lopez

    there is no more master of disguise in both links uwu

  • BonnieEggs12

    In the Heartfire DLC there is a childrens room you just need to buy that instead of the alchemy room for the children then adopt so its not usless :D

  • Walter Applebee

    you know as much as i like your videos i'd really wish if you'd let viewers know when mods require DLC

  • Smough best waifu

    MXR, why are you not playing league? that shit would be so funny

  • Sunho Choi

    master of disguise is not available anymore...sad

  • The bane of kings

    Can some one make a copy of lost Grimore of skyrim

  • Jackson Pacchiana

    pH over 7 is still basic

  • Drisdan

    play lol with us!! pls and with your new girlfiriend =D

  • Gakaru Gaming

    Page not found for the Dragon Carved armor!

  • The Rabbit

    2 Things, 1 If you wanna resurrect people you type it in the console, or use death thrallAND IF YOU WANNA BE A MASTER OF DISGUISE GO PLAY TF2

  • Schneeregen _

    I think by Ph level of over 7 mxr means that it is a base because on a Ph scale less than 7 is acidic and more than 7 is basic. (I am just putting this out here incase anyone is confused

  • Galactic Obama

    Anyone know what armor replacer he is using.

  • Jonathan Galloway

    Whats the kill move mod he's using? I wanna body slam enemies...

  • Rich M

    1:10 probably meant "a pH value lower than 7" (i.e. acidic and no longer "basic") for that joke to make sense

  • Logan Youneednotbeconcerned

    I remember when I thought you had to pay for mods on nexus, so i only used teh steam workshop.....i was so wrong, plus nexus mods are way better

  • megamanxero

    a pH of 7+ would be more basic.

  • NuclearOnion

    Have ya ever tried a disguise?

  • FelixisRealix

    but PHs that are greater than seven are basic O.o

  • Mark J

    Why would you get "Lost Grimoire of Skyrim" to resurrect people when you can get the resurrection rod mod, or open the console, click the dead person and type "resurrect" and then everything is fine. I used the resurrection command on Rogvir (even though I support the Imperials on Skyrim)

  • John Paul

    Besides modsI pretty much watch your vids for the humor aspect of them lol

  • Salad Thief

    I swear that I heard SUPER familliar music when he introduced the master if disguise mod... I wanna say it was from Bleach, but I don't want to sound stupid...

  • Nuka-Cola

    It's Yurica! as in Yu-Ri-Ca

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