MASTER OF DISGUISE! - Skyrim Mods - Week 180

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Lost Grimoire of Skyrim by Steelfeathers
Master of Disguise
Musketeer Mod by Yurica by Yurica
Dragon Carved Armor Set by hideto84
The Ravens Breezehome by iWilliBlecha
  • Connor Tremblay

    If you want your house to not be "basic" the ph has to be less than 7

  • Jackson Pacchiana

    pH over 7 is still basic

  • Logan Youneednotbeconcerned

    I remember when I thought you had to pay for mods on nexus, so i only used teh steam workshop.....i was so wrong, plus nexus mods are way better

  • The Elite Rebel Digi

    what armor replacer is he using during the master of disguse mod?

  • Michaela Chytilová

    master of disguise- so if you have dark brotherhood / daedric armor does it means guards will attack you and NPC will run in fear?

  • The Rabbit

    2 Things, 1 If you wanna resurrect people you type it in the console, or use death thrallAND IF YOU WANNA BE A MASTER OF DISGUISE GO PLAY TF2

  • Schneeregen _

    I think by Ph level of over 7 mxr means that it is a base because on a Ph scale less than 7 is acidic and more than 7 is basic. (I am just putting this out here incase anyone is confused

  • Sunho Choi

    master of disguise is not available anymore...sad

  • Smough best waifu

    MXR, why are you not playing league? that shit would be so funny

  • Salad Thief

    I swear that I heard SUPER familliar music when he introduced the master if disguise mod... I wanna say it was from Bleach, but I don't want to sound stupid...

  • Edwin Mejia

    Lost Grimiore, Dragon Carved Armor + Master if Disguise = OP 👍👍👍👍

  • BonnieEggs12

    In the Heartfire DLC there is a childrens room you just need to buy that instead of the alchemy room for the children then adopt so its not usless :D

  • Dollar

    I cant find that outro song! Anybody know what its called?

  • Rich M

    1:10 probably meant "a pH value lower than 7" (i.e. acidic and no longer "basic") for that joke to make sense

  • NoRank_

    "The Ravens Breezehome" have a high performance impact?

  • megamanxero

    a pH of 7+ would be more basic.

  • Cory The Thot Destroyer

    Haha, chemistry joke.

  • Charlotte Savage

    Cant download master of disguise anymore as it has been taken down :(

  • NuclearOnion

    Have ya ever tried a disguise?

  • Jonathan Galloway

    Whats the kill move mod he's using? I wanna body slam enemies...

  • mario lopez

    there is no more master of disguise in both links uwu

  • Galactic Obama

    Anyone know what armor replacer he is using.

  • Dovah Kitty

    Did anyone notice the paintings on the left at 1:19 😂😂👌🏻

  • John Paul

    Besides modsI pretty much watch your vids for the humor aspect of them lol

  • LoneEdgeLord

    5:42 Trump is president.

  • WASD Fit

    is it just me or does he sound congested as fuck?

  • Gakaru Gaming

    Page not found for the Dragon Carved armor!

  • Drisdan

    play lol with us!! pls and with your new girlfiriend =D

  • lordmatthijs13

    that mask on the tumbnail, what mod was that?

  • The bane of kings

    Can some one make a copy of lost Grimore of skyrim

  • FelixisRealix

    but PHs that are greater than seven are basic O.o

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