Skyrim: 1st Female Created w/ Physical Attribute Mods

I still want to make videos using Oblivion, but now that the Skyrim mod community has produced some excellent female modifications I am going to attempt to craft some bikini babe music videos using that game. This is actually my second attempt at character creation using a Nord base with modifications. I felt that my first was not satisfactory, so I moved on and crafted Wilhelmina (now Erin) here. Hopefully there are many animation mods for posing and movement.

The character creation process is limited to many presets in Skyrim in contrast to the infinite possibilities that Oblivion offered. But it will have to suffice...
Caliente Female Body Mod BBE v3-1-2666
Calientes Vanilla Armor
Official CBBE Face Pack 1-2-2666
Edhildils Skimpy Clothing and Armor
  • NexzītevO

    proof that majority of Skyrim players are horny bastards XD

  • eddie20haskell

    I do not create the mods that I use so I would not be able to help you out there. Sorry.

  • surreal

    Her jugs are bigger than her head.

  • TiitanKun

    Did anyone else hear the Predator that was watching her? >_> I think the video ended right before he ripped her skull out.

  • VideoQuestEx

    I was hoping to see more of the adjustable custom sliders menu, but still a nice looking female character.

  • Cara Stagfel

    DarkStar Armor - Bigger Breast Bigger Butt -CBBEthats the mod i got, i think its the same as this one, if it is does the amor get delivered to you by a courier?

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