SKYRIM ROMANCE MOD - 2 Girls 1 Let's Play Part 5: Suck It Casavir

In which we gain a sugar daddy and take all his money then dance with another guy.

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In all its astounding beauty and the creation of its innovative modding community, how can Skyrim still have an area that is lacking?
Romance is present in the form of a 3 line Bethesda “marriage” where your spouse becomes a hermit who makes you pies, and where mods have dabbled in it. For the female audience, however, the creation of a lore friendly and fleshed out companion is a subject that has gone untouched for too long.
Have you ever wished you could explore the land with a ruggedly handsome ranger? For a dashing knight to whisk you to a Grand Ball? Ever fantasize about capturing the heart of a Forsworn Chief? Do you want the men of Skyrim to recognize you for the beautiful, powerful Dovahkiin that you are? If so, you have come to the right mod. Skyrim Romance 2.0 provides that and more!

Over 100 new characters, 17 of which have their own unique voice actors.
Over 3000 lines of fully voiced dialogue.
Multiple choice dialogue. Feel like your character wouldn’t take Bishop’s sass so easily? Return it with your own!
Fully developed story.
High quality audio.
Exquisitely composed soundtrack.

River Kanoff — Voice of Bishop
Christian *Aranas* Gaughf — Voice of Cael
Daniel Pierce — Voice of Casavir
Hena Garcia — Voice of Neeshka
Ivan Causey — Voice of Darren (This character not included in 2.0 Release)
Justin James — Voice of Thomas, Marin and Frodo
Andrei Saar — Voice of Thorn
Aleksandar Ivicic — Voice of Arias
Brandon Kennedy — Voice of Raven
Mir Weiss Najibi — Voice of Anomen and Darian
Melissa Fabregas — Voice of Rose
Cary Crandall — Voice of Daniel the Bartender
Mara — Voice of Arie, Victoria and Tallia

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  • xNarttu

    In games and stories I always gravitate towards the asshole who hates everyone except you lol.I honestly have no idea why I love the bad boys so much, because in real life there's no way I would tolerate that kind of behaviour ¯\(ツ)/¯

  • marco benvenuti

    mari is a liar and a scammer. she loves robbery. and fraud. she's a real messy bitch who lives for drama.

  • Polar Sine

    I do not like Bishop, like every phrase he says I´m like "Wtf do people like this?" xDD And I´m glad Stacy said something about it, I do not feel wierd anymore. I mean, everyone has there fantasies but I´m pretty tired as a (queer?) woman to see this type of "I dont care about nothing just wolfs ans sex" sexy men everywhere xDD

  • Chronic Yawn

    Umm after the sex parade... why are her hands bloody?

  • Alumit Galaxy

    Yes! Take all of the cool stuff! All of the cool stuff! ........I have a problem.....

  • quazary 917

    I think the wolf is just tired of taking care of Bishop and wants to relax, any-means-possible...

  • Nero Farron

    Whats the song thats playing when their dressing up?

  • Nalaya Prince

    love it and love u💯✔😂

  • DuckyZu

    We need an uncensored version of this somewhere, I'm 29, I wanna see teh sex!

  • Raymond Aloskko

    26:40, what's the soundtrack name? I've looked through the whole Skyrim soundtrack list and I can't seem to find it

  • Camille Perry

    casavir is honestly the ideal sugar daddy while bishop is like angsty teenage boyfriend who never really grew up

  • valerie

    i think the "edgy moody guy" "fantasy" kinda depends like, i LOVE fenris so much but he feels way more human bc he has reason to be that way since he went through a lot of shit so you end up being drawn by him and wanting to help imo (not like he doesnt have his flaws) whereas bishop is just... hes a grade A forceful asshole who i just really hate BUT i love geek remix and i love skyrim so here i am

  • postin17

    lol Duh fuck is with Raven's voice?!

  • Tom Allen

    soon as he finished that third sentence I was like BAD TOUCH! BAD TOUCH!!!

  • ricky koch

    Women gamers have no chill.

  • KayseePlays

    "Have you seen her?! I'm rock hard 24/7" Mari, you made me almost wet myself!!!

  • marco benvenuti

    YAAAAY A SUGAR DADDY! i'm gonna buy three gowns: one for my entrance, one for cocktails, and one for the dance, then i'm gonna buy three pairs of luboutins to go with the gowns, then an armoire to storage the gowns in, then a villa to host the armoire and then a yacht for when i need to reach my villa (the villa is on a private island obvi)

  • David Tanner

    Can we get and uncensored version somehow here please!!!

  • Quinn Silvercloud

    Anyone know a simple way to get SexMod? Please help if you know anything. Thank you!

  • #Useless

    ayeee i luv when bishop is jealous ;d

  • Nicolas Gomez

    Raven really sounds a bit like leafy

  • DuckyZu

    No but seriously, I know you have underage followers, but at points it's pixellated so much that it kind of ruins the experience. :(

  • katerinaFM

    Yeah I'm really not into the bad guy that treats you like crap but OH what a twist he was only being that way because he likes you. Ugh. I'd actually rather have Casavir, at least in that regard :P.

  • Salt Hare

    dump Bishop for Cas, do iiiiit.also in these mods is there like 1 guy that like a you per hold?

  • Aya Night

    first time i met raven i was like "why is mclovin trying to mug me"?

  • Hannah

    sees raven in the pdf guide hell yeahhears his voice you know what nvm

  • Hannah Judges You

    Raven's fucking voice sounds like one of the winiest teens I've ever heard. Give him a guitar and he'll be the classical douchebag at the party.

  • #Useless

    19:31You guys are loving this too much...

  • Boobey Doobey

    Why make a big deal about the sex scenes then c e n s o r e them so we can't enjoy also (not in a sexual horny way). I understand there's rules but cmon, how would we know what you're laughing about?????

  • smooothiebomb

    casavir obvs lost his virginity to bishop and then they had a super messy break up like LET'S BE HONEST

  • Carl Laude

    This is one of the most sexual Skyrim playthrough I have ever watched lmao

  • Edmund Ray Valentine

    Oh goodness , I really wanna watch the uncensored gay sex scene XD

  • ronald4349

    The only Skyrim with more corn than the Jolly Green Giant.

  • LeggoMyWaffle

    Stari: world class coin cooter shooter

  • Azura BlackHeart

    haha 😂 I totally want to get high with you guys

  • Fiona S.

    important question though: does bishop top or bottom?

  • Concerned Geek

    how do they have the wedding wreath if they haven't done the quest?

  • SirthOsiris

    At this point, after your videos and finding the existence of this mod from another let's play, I'll just stick with Inigo and vanilla.You only ever need Inigo.

  • GreyFox

    Lmao these blurred pixels are making my imagination run wild.....and i'm totally cool with that.

  • Concerned Geek

    Man, I love this series. It's super hilarious. My one thing would be that I wish you guys would fix the sound level for your commentary. Sometimes your laughing can be a little sharp to my ears and if I turn it down I can't hear your commentary...

  • Euworkers Stuttgart

    I watched this Video in my Room when my son came in to the room and looked on the screen...He asked If i watch some porn again...xD Omg I really hate this boy some times D:

  • Laowa de Lune

    Ahhhh... what if you animated that beginning talk about coin dispenser though....?

  • Son called Sol

    Raven's voice gave me cringe cancer. RIP

  • Riachanai

    22:24 Bishop & Casavir stop hate banginGuard: "staying safe, I hope" LOL

  • BlackLotus30

    First it was Neverwinter Nights 2, then Skyrim...... Bishop and Casavir do have it for each others.

  • Gaunjee Major

    raven would  be hot if he didn't sound like a kid whispering into a microphone in his moms basement while erping in Goldshire inn.

  • Kevin Li

    My sex/romance fantasy is someone who cares a lot about something, and it's something I would agree is worth caring about, but I don't. And that they choose me instead of that thing when the ultimatum comes up, leading us both to regret and ruin.A tragedy, in other words.

  • PrincessAnime01

    "hold on let me bend over and cough lol" dear lord that killed me.

  • OFools

    im literally 30 seconds in and I want to fucking rip my retinas out I hate Raven

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