The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Angry Review

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  • Kris Weber

    Still playing skyrim in 2018

  • 548hawkeye

    Back in the day the dragons (Wyverns) scared the hell out of me, but now the dragon that makes me crap my pants is Darkeater Midir from Dark souls 3 the Ringed city. Compared to Midir these dragons are puppies. lol

  • Michael Hannon

    I can't believe anyone disliked this video.... You fucks...

  • I am Sindearyin

    Would Angry Joe still give it the same rating for it now?

  • TheHeroOfLight

    You had no gamebreaking bugs? HAHA what game were you playing? Aela the huntress stuck on the outside of the whiterun map and I had to find a way to break out of the map and nudge her all the way back in... The Skyforge losing its stairs, goodbye master smithy.... Getting stuck in walls, NPCs dying out of nowhere... Despite some of the most frustrating glitches of all time I still love Skyrim... But it is a shit show of bugs...

  • Luis Torres

    Glitches and bugs prevented me from finishing the game. Boring enemies dialog is trash.

  • iiElysium x

    Bethesda you’ve betrayed us!!! 😭😭😭

  • Rich Eherenman

    Playing on my switch now...

  • Speedy McGee

    You can tell the hype got to him. Once you get to know the true Skyrim you see how shallow and unfinished it can be. It's a great game for sure but it's not a 10/10.

  • Key Ruin

    Im so happy i bought skyrim when it was summer, started in june and didnt stop until September after playing everyday for more then 6 hours. SO much fuking fun nothing has compare to that moment as you walk out that cave and the music comes on and you see that huge mountain it was a scene to be hold.

  • wesley ross

    Played skyrim for three years, and for TWO of those years I didnt even finish Bleak Falls barrow, i was too busy exploring whiterun, finding the perfect modded house etc. Man I fucking love skyrim.

  • onyx 100

    It's snow elves not falmer the falmer were after the war

  • ReillyMixSavior

    I'm guessing that your a prisoner in the skyrim games so you have no relation to the land if that's the character you decide. Like if you're a high elf and your a shopkeeper you can't really feel like you can become a warrior or you have the ability to do anything the Elder Scrolls has to offer. Just a thought.

  • Bigoun Big

    Who is still playing Skyrim in 2018? :)


    Who is still playing Skyrim in 2018?

  • Bert439

    This game has consumed my life on the Switch

  • Rashaun Causby

    Or turn into a werewolf angry joe

  • cory cianci

    cutscenes make a game better

  • GeneralEric123

    So.... I played well over 6000 (you've read right, six thousand) hours of this game, and through mods it's actually still interesting. (I'd also like to add that I'm the person to fiddle around with the console and game data itself, also, I'm mental.)

  • TourStar Productions

    Zup Angry Joe, I love Skyrim and I agree with you, but I think an update is nessary, because ive found that there are alot alot alot of bugs, some of which are very close to game breaking, both pre and post DLC, makes you jave to play on your toes to get your game to work right, but other than exessive bugs, its the best game in the world

  • nathan urban

    On my first play through I got max level and completely forgot about my perks lol


    When playing Dawn guard Serana or Serena broke

  • Lilly white

    2018 AND STILL PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sareth Eldair

    60 hours huh? I like this game so much,I played 60 hours just the first day. XD

  • Randy Rogers

    “I PUT MORE THAN SIXTY HOURS INTO THIS GAME”Lol I had around 1700 when I stopped playing

  • xXFlying_CowsXx

    I give it an 8/10...The sword play was okay, and there was no real challenge. I like challenge, I like that the pressure builds up and you get that sigh of relief and victory like in sao Hollow Fragment. ( granted, it usually happens when I go into high lvl zones )

  • Scotttjt

    I’ve been playing this about a week... and I can already say without a doubt that Skyrim has become one of my all time favorite games. Like shooters, open world games are a genre I haven’t been able to dip into previously; I rarely have the time of day to sit down in front of my tv and devote the hours necessary to make much headway in a game like this. Then came the Switch, and that excuse went flying out the window and died on impact. Now, I can chip away at the game in increments during my free moments throughout the day, while also devoting entire days off from work to make some REAL progress. I dipped my toes into the open world genre with “Breath of the Wild”, and while that game is addictive in its own right, Skyrim offers so much more freedom and content, while not being as repetitive as Zelda could be at times. The graphics, while definitely beginning to show their age, are nevertheless breathtaking, especially when you get the chance to look out over the expansive, mist-shrouded mountainsides and plains. And while the combat aspect of the game is kinda simplistic, the variety of races, enemies and weapons helps to keep things interesting. I’m an Argonian. I run with the Companions, mostly focusing on one handed melee weaponry and heavy armor, though I also have a knack for stealth and utilize Destruction and Healing spells to supplement my options. The first time I fought a dragon was probably the most epic video game experience of my life. I watched as it swooped in and out of range, striking at it with arrows and Spark bolts until it was forced to land. Fighting it up close allowed me to deal some real damage with my Skyridge sword, yet also exposed me to the full force of it’s fiery breath. Eventually, we were both beat to hell, and it came down to him or me. I was left with a desperate choice: I could take a chance with my underutilized Werewolf form and see if the added brute force would win the day, or I could favor brains and strategy. I decided to gulp down a health potion for a  quick pickmeup along with a resist fire potion, poisoned my blade with some Frost Spider venom, and gulped another potion to momentarily improve one-handed combat. Ultimately, that combo proved successful, and before long, there I stood, Skyrim’s newest Dragonborn, all while the most epic of epic musical scores blasts in the background, making it feel like I was the star of a big budget fantasy adventure flick. This game is every bit as addictive as it is fun, and I highly recommend people to play it in moderation; if you don’t force yourself to put it down every once in a while, it will swallow ALL of your spare time. THAT is the power of Skyrim. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna disregard my own advice and play Skyrim nonstop for the next several days... for that is the way of the Dragonborn!

  • Ryan Tabor

    I already bought now, yes!

  • batcat dragonborn

    AngryJoeShowman fuck the empire! ulfric is where it's at! all hail the rebellion!

  • Michael Mlejnek

    at the start "fus ko dah!" Joe its "fus RO dah!"

  • Radical Walkthroughs

    I thought I was finally over this game and now I've found myself putting another 20 hours just this week alone on it. And thats after replaying Oblivion for a month


    Over 1000 hours between 4 characters on Xbox, and I still play to this day! Thank you Bethesda Game Studios for Skyrim SE and mods for consoles! Can't wait for Elder Scrolls 6 in like what seems will be 10 years from now haha

  • D o

    I spent hundreds of dollars on countless remastered of this game lol

  • Mr Fontaine

    Still playing it in 2018.

  • max martin

    been playing this game for 4 years and i know most of it like the back of my hand i love it so much

  • Josh Rhoden

    After playing the Witcher 3 for the first time this year, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to play another Bethesda RPG. They’re noting in comparison to the detail and thought put into the Witcher

  • Matthew Hanimov

    The intro alone warrants a huge like

  • Angelo Foote

    60 hours welcome to my word

  • Sirhc Hajile Nosiner

    2018 and still playing.

  • Finding Owen

    Who else gets really pumped when they hear Skyrim's theme song?

  • SpyArch Employee

    Well you can do all that and more in The Elder Scrolls II:Daggerfall

  • Reece Maxfield

    First "who's watching this in 2018?" Comment?


    does he always get a boner when he really likes a game?

  • Yarib

    Loading times on the xbox 360 are what prevented me from dropping any more than 1 hour into this game

  • PenguingamingYT

    I actually love the glitches, they can come out hilarious and sometimes strange, or maybe helpful.

  • Shreyan Wankavala

    "like some of these other games from EA" how about now lmfao

  • TheBlueGhoul

    just reached lvl 90 in my xbox 360 some minutes ago lolol

  • Darth Sandrus

    i might get the special edition

  • al fwwarbic

    They should do a review on skyrim vr

  • Aubrey Nesbitt

    think this is the sequel to oblivion in the beginning choosing race can be fun such as dark elf human etc. leveling up was rewarding and i remember when this game came out it was talked about a lot from memes and word of mouth i heard from forums magic users could be fun to play and i tried that though i remember there being opportunities for smithing and warrior skills such as using weapons, from axes swords etc even to bows

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