Skyrim Mod of the Day - Episode 228: Skyrim Beautiful Followers

Regular viewers know this isn't the type of mod I normally take a look at, but God I love some of these. More to be added in updates.

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  • Marin Hrabrić

    the way jenassa looks modde is what i want bethesda to do with elves for valenwood/tes:vi. in skyrim they look so old and dried and wrinkly and sharp chined. and the eyes too could be better. i know elves look the way they do and have eyes (for example dark elves) dark red because of lore but they can look amazing and follow the lore. their faces look to sharp and narrow imo, but the way jenassa looks modded is how elves should look. that is fucking amazing. in this case females

  • Evan Day

    Lol they all look 14

  • Brox Prox

    lydia looks like shit

  • Zheka Repin

    Tell me how to install.(to)PS Sorry for my English)

  • Kazuto Kirigaya

    Janessa is Ariana grande in skyrim

  • byron boles

    yep my vote goes to lydia and jordis and i always love camiila but she is not on here and serena dont even need mods she is perfect even on ps3

  • caleb zitting

    2:30, kid be in the background like "one day ill be purty too!" yeah don't bet on it, ugly little bitch

  • Kimberly Bennett

    Am I the only one that actually prefers the vanilla look? I actually like how each race has their own features. Nord women looked more broad and warrior-like and dark elves look like...well...elves. With the mods they all looked basically identical with some aesthetic variations.

  • Nicholas R

    Vanilla is 100x better. They look like fucking children in this one. Aren't Skyrim women supposed to look sexy, but independent and strong? That's why I love Lydia, she personifies that perfectly :)

  • Polygon Diaz

    To me this makes all of them look like they're between 12 and 14, no thank you.

  • ThoA45

    I gave this mod a try and they definitely looks better for most of them.It's really different from the video,they looks too young in video but looks just like "young women" in game.Mjol in particular is really impressiv.But Aela looks like a virigin teenager at the wrong place.

  • Verdarius Davis

    damm 01:29 she's still look bad ass

  • Otaku chan

    OMG heaven and hell difference...

  • Azrajin

    Aela and Iona look the best imo

  • Ruikee Kaku

    Hell yeah, the beats vanilla in a heart beat. God the old game was ugly as hell. The only real part of the game was the graphic but the faces are unholy.

  • byron boles

    Dam these mods make lydia look good as hell will they work on a ps4?

  • TechnoWarlord98

    Damn now that is a win i personallylike janessa and lona with the mod

  • Jiří Kunc

    not bad, pedofils will be happy.

  • Pandoras Apple

    I, personally, think this mod makes them too young. So we pretty much went from one extreme to the other.

  • Dasha Golubeva

    Мне Эйла и Йордис понравились😍

  • SightingFire

    is this mod available on steam workshop?

  • The Potato

    imagine them fighting with their Cute faces xD

  • InterloperS91

    They all fucking look the same.

  • jack horton

    where do i find them?

  • pedro fication

    Man can i get this on xbox?

  • Lightspeed416

    they turned iona into merryl from mgs... am i the only one who sees it? yes, yes i am


    "Lydia - Vanilla" * cough *

  • Supreme Ameriterran Emperor

    Jenassa really really needed an overhaul. ;P

  • Game Tourist

    They are beautiful but they look like they're 12 years old and use blow dryers


    The new Lydia's whole facial structure changed, not Lydia.

  • Tam M

    Honestly, I like the vanilla faces better. They have character and they fit the world.

  • 2nubgames

    Do they still got all features like u can marre aela

  • Borraginol Ymbk

    Must be photoshopped

  • njgamer69

    that's not anime.did you see naruto mod it's for real anime mod

  • Joep van den Brink

    what is the cheadcode?

  • Dasha Golubeva

    А почему тут Сераны нету?!☹

  • Alberto Mihov

    i cant download the mod why?

  • Echtvergoldet

    Freaking Nord Berzerk Woman turned into 12y/o.Thanks, but no thanks.

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